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Author: Kane, Remington
Pulp Thrillers
When murder suspect Vincent Caine jumps bail, Blue decides to hunt him down for the ten-thousand dollar bounty.
However, when Caine’s guilt comes into question, Blue keeps searching for the man, but not just for the money. She wants answers. Who really killed Vincent Caine’s wife? Was it her lover, or is Caine far more devious then even the police suspect? In the end, Blue discovers the truth and learns that the human heart holds many secrets.
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Author: Alan, KB
Contemporary Romance

Rose never really expected to return to Wildlife Ridge after she graduated high school, but here she is, sixteen years later. She wants to spend some time focusing on her new life as an entrepreneur, away from the big city rat race, and her quiet hometown in the mountains seems like the perfect place to do that. She’s excited to spend some time with her parents, and has barely given a passing thought to seeing Ethan again. Really. Hardly at all.

Ethan hasn’t seen Rose on her infrequent visits home. He’s never forgiven himself for cancelling out on taking her to prom at the last minute. His life hasn’t panned out the way he expected, but he loves his town and he’s hopeful she’ll love it enough to stick around for awhile, give Wildlife Ridge a second chance.

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Author: Eden, Sarah M., Ashworth, Heidi, Lyon, Annette, DiPastena, Joyce, Hatch, Donna, Moore, Heather B.
Regency Historical Romance

Ireland 1864. Alice Wheatley walks each weekend into town, accompanied by Isaac Dancy. And while Alice finds herself falling in love with the gentleman, unfortunately he has his eyes set on the belle of the town, Miss Sophia Kilchrest. Alice must find a way to turn Isaac’s eyes toward her.

England 1812. Luisa Darlington discovers the man of her dreams, Percy Brooksby, isn’t in love with her as much as she thought he was. When Percy’s friend, the mysterious foreigner, Mr. Flynn, visits for the twelfth night holiday, he promptly sweeps Luisa off her feet, quite literally. Luisa is left catching her breath in more ways than one.

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Author: Robins, Tudor
Equestrian Sports Fiction

Starving, starving … Grace is always starving these days.

But Grace is also strong, and determined, and skinny. For the first time ever Grace is as thin as she wants to be – nearly – and there’s no way she’s giving that up.

Except, what if she has to give up other things to be able to keep wearing her new “skinny” breeches?

What if it comes down to a choice between all the horses she loves – Sprite, the ferocious jumper, and Iowa, the sweet greenie, and Whinny, the abused but tough mare – and the numbers on the scale, the numbers on food labels, the numbers always running through her head?

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Author: Painter, Kristen
Vampire Romances

Shadowvale isn’t typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

No one knows this as well as raven shifter Deacon Evermore, who, like everyone in his family, has a curse. While his position as Shadowvale’s peacekeeper lets him use that curse for good, he’d rather live anywhere else. He stays for his family, but doubts he can last much longer.

Fledgling witch Emeranth Greer is determined to escape her past and make a fresh start in Shadowvale with the aunt she’s never met. Her aunt and the town prove to be far better than she imagined. There’s no way Em is leaving this magical place. Especially when staying means more time with the handsome Deacon.

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Author: Robles, Luigi
Space Fleet Science Fiction

Humanity has lived in fear since the destruction left behind by the first alien scouts, knowing they will not survive the next attack. World governments scramble to develop ESAF, a program that hopes to secure and prepare Earth against another attack.

Fain Jegga was just a boy when he witnessed the devastating alien attack firsthand and lost his parents. Now fully grown, he has trained relentlessly in a top-secret facility as part of ESAF’s search for Earth’s best answer to the alien threat.

As one of the few who had successfully completed his training, he was led down a path in the facility only a few had seen before. That was when he discovered that Earth was in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Want to Know a Secret? (affiliate link)

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Author: McFadden, Freida
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Suspense Action Fiction

Everyone has secrets.

YouTube baking sensation April Masterson knows the secret to the perfect gooey brownies. Or how to make key lime squares that will melt in your mouth. But if you keep watching her offline, you may find out some other secrets about April. Secrets she’d rather you didn’t know.

Like where did her son go when he snuck out of the house? What was she doing with the local soccer coach behind fogged windows?

And what’s buried in her backyard?

Everyone has secrets. Some are worse than others.

April’s secrets are enough to destroy her.

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Author: Lageschulte, Melanie
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Humorous Literary Fiction

A faded farmhouse, a devoted dog. One special season.

Melinda is already at a crossroads when the “for rent” sign beckons her down a dusty gravel lane. Facing forty, single and downsized from her stellar career at a big-city ad agency, she’s struggling to start over when a phone call brings her home to rural Iowa.

It’s not long before she moves to the country, takes on a rundown farm and its headstrong animals, and lands behind the counter of her family’s hardware store in the community of Prosper, whose motto is “The Great Little Town That Didn’t.” And just like the sprawling garden she tends under the summer sun, Melinda begins to thrive. But when storm clouds arrive on her horizon, can she hold on to the new life she’s worked so hard to create?

Unthinkable (affiliate link)

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Author: Parks, Brad
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Psychological Fiction

Nate Lovejoy is a self-proclaimed nobody, a stay-at-home dad who doesn’t believe he’s important to anyone but his wife and their two daughters. So it’s a shock when members of a powerful secret society kidnap and spirit Nate away to a mansion at the behest of their leader, Vanslow DeGange, who claims to know the future. He’s foreseen that a billion people could die—unless Nate acts.

It seems improbable, especially given what DeGange says will set this mass casualty incident in motion: a lawsuit against the biggest power company in Virginia, being brought by Nate’s wife, Jenny.

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Author: Dempsey, Ernest
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Action & Adventure

Former Special Forces operator Dak Harper needs a job.

Out of work and on the run after a shocking betrayal by his brothers-in-arms, the ex-Special Forces commando hasn’t stopped moving for months. He can’t. Some of the same soldiers who left him for dead in the Middle East still want his head. And as long as Dak’s alive, they know they will never be safe.

Fate intervenes when an eccentric young millionaire offers Dak a gig hunting down stolen artifacts. The catch? His first assignment is to recover a priceless item that’s in the possession of the most fear cartel boss in Peru.

This cartel doesn’t just smuggle drugs, though. They have diversified into illegal gold mining, and human trafficking.

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Author: Jackson, Lisa
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Psychological Thrillers

A prostitute lies strangled in a seedy French Quarter hotel room. Miles away, in a rambling plantation house on Lake Ponchartrain, late-night radio host Dr. Samantha Leeds receives a threatening crank call. But who would think to link the two?

As more dead bodies turn up, Samantha’s ominous caller persists, along with someone claiming to be a woman from her past—who’s been dead for years. With Detective Rick Bentz convinced that the serial killer prowling the streets is somebody close to Samantha, she doesn’t dare trust anyone. Especially not Ty Wheeler, her seductive new neighbor who seems to know more about her than a stranger should.

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Author: Reavley, Betsy
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International Mystery & Crime

Imagine nine women meeting. Tea and cake are on the coffee table. They’ve come together to share their love of books. They are friends. They trust each other. It’s a happy gathering. What could be more harmless?

Then scratch the surface and look closer. One is lonely. One is desperate. And one of them is a killer. When the body of a woman is discovered on a Cambridge common, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called in to investigate. But the motive behind the crime isn’t clear—and it all leads back to a book club. As the lies, volatile friendships, and tension among the group rise to the surface, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer must work out the motive and track down a cold-blooded killer. But just when they think they’re on the right track, a twist in the plot throws them off course . . .

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Author: McGinniss, Joe
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Violence in Society

The electrifying true crime story of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, the handsome, Princeton-educated physician convicted of savagely slaying his young pregnant wife and two small children—murders he vehemently denies committing…

Bestselling author Joe McGinniss chronicles every aspect of this horrifying and intricate crime and probes the life and psyche of the magnetic, all-American Jeffrey MacDonald—a golden boy who seemed destined to have it all. The result is a penetration to the heart of darkness that enshrouded one of the most complex criminal cases ever to capture the attention of the American public. It is a haunting, stunningly suspenseful work that no reader will be able to forget.

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