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Author: Kwak, Jessie
Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Willem Jaantzen didn’t ask to be a hero. He just wants to keep his family safe in the shifting sands of Bulari’s underground—and to get the city’s upper crust to acknowledge just how far he’s come since his days as an orphaned street kid. With his businesses thriving and his dark past swept into the annals of history, it looks like he has everything he could ever ask for. Until, that is, his oldest rival turns up murdered and the blame—and champagne—begins to flow.

It turns out Thala Coeur died as she lived: sowing chaos. And when a mysterious package bearing her call sign shows up on Jaantzen’s doorstep, he and his family are quickly swallowed up in a web of lies, betrayals, and interplanetary politics. It’ll only take one stray spark to start another civil war in the underworld, and Jaantzen’s going to have to pull out every play from his notorious past if he wants to keep his city from going up in flames.

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Author: Noble, Olivia
Holiday Fiction

Have you ever been dumped right before the holidays? It sucks.

Luckily, my handsome, hockey player roommate steps in with a plan. He’s going to volunteer his services as my personal trainer, so I can get a revenge body and make my ex regret leaving me. But during our long, sweaty sessions at the gym, I find myself becoming more and more attracted to Sven.
His muscles are enough to make any girl swoon. He is sweet and caring with a panty-melting smile.
Did I mention he’s my ex’s brother?
Ignoring that, Sven might manage to save my Christmas from being an utter disaster, after all.

Poly (affiliate link)

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Author: Richardson, Lesli
Bisexual Romance

Love isn’t always neat and tidy.

I love my husband…and his boyfriend.

And he loves us. Love isn’t always neat and tidy.

Unfortunately, there are those who don’t understand. When we finally decide to be a family together, it means we have to fight to keep what we love before others rip us apart.

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Author: Moon, Hermione, Woods, Serenity
Cozy Witch Mystery
When cakes and pies start going missing in the Avalon Café, kitchen witch Gwen Young is convinced someone is breaking into the shop. But why did the security camera only capture static, and how did the thief circumvent the magic ward she placed on the doors? The answer has an unusual festive twist in this heartwarming cozy witch mystery.
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Author: Wynn, Hollis
Coming of Age Fiction

For the first time in my life I’m free and in control. This cross-country trip is my chance at a fresh start.

A chance to live without limits.

Whit Barklay certainly lives life on his own terms, and crossing paths with the mysterious stranger, embarks me on the ride of my life.

We are both running from paths we didn’t choose, but while my past was behind me, his is chasing after him. And you can’t ride the high forever.

I have to choose.

Follow my own path towards happiness or allow myself to be detoured by a man who made me feel alive… a man who saw me as bent. Not broken.

Will it be enough?

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Author: Tate, Valerie
Cozy Animal Mystery
There are times when the truth invites evil, and there are times when the truth can get you killed. Few residents in the secluded mountain-town of Winston, Colorado, have kind words to say about local troublemaker Sean Coleman. He’s a bully, a drunk, and a crime-show addicted armchair detective with an overactive imagination. After a night of poor judgment, Sean finds himself the sole witness to the unusual suicide of a mysterious stranger. With the body whisked away in the chilling rapids of a raging river, no one believes Sean’s account. When his claim is met with doubt and mockery from the people of Winston, Sean embarks on a far-reaching crusade that takes him across the country in search of the dead man’s identity and personal vindication.
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Author: Jackson, Lisa, Bush, Nancy, Noonan, Rosalind
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Mystery & Suspense

As fear and distrust spread through Prairie Creek, soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets—and suspects. A killer has been honing his skill, feeding his fury, and waiting for the moment when the Dillingers come home—to die . . .

Ira Dillinger, the family’s wealthy patriarch, has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son, Colton, and his siblings don’t approve of their father’s gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways, setting fires just like in the past. Only this time, there will be no survivors.

Back in the Burbs (affiliate link)

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Author: Flynn, Avery, Wolff, Tracy
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Marriage & Divorce Fiction

Ever have one of those days where life just plain sucks? Welcome to my last three months—ever since I caught my can’t-be-soon-enough ex-husband cheating with his paralegal. I’m thirty-five years old, and I’ve lost my NYC apartment, my job, my money, and frankly, my dignity.

But the final heartache in the suck sandwich of my life? My great-aunt Maggie died. The only family member who’s ever gotten me.

Even after death, though, she’s helping me get back up. She’s willed me the keys to a house in the burbs, of all places, and dared me to grab life by the family jewels. Well, I’ve got the vise grips already in hand (my ex should take note) and I’m ready to fight for my life again.

Kitchen (affiliate link)

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Author: Yoshimoto, Banana
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Family Life Fiction
With the publication of Kitchen, the dazzling English-language debut that is still her best-loved book, the literary world realized that Banana Yoshimoto was a young writer of enduring talent whose work has quickly earned a place among the best of contemporary Japanese literature. Kitchen is an enchantingly original book that juxtaposes two tales about mothers, love, tragedy, and the power of the kitchen and home in the lives of a pair of free-spirited young women in contemporary Japan. Mikage, the heroine, is an orphan raised by her grandmother, who has passed away. Grieving, Mikage is taken in by her friend Yoichi and his mother (who is really his cross-dressing father) Eriko. As the three of them form an improvised family that soon weathers its own tragic losses, Yoshimoto spins a lovely, evocative tale with the kitchen and the comforts of home at its heart.
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Author: Sagara, Michelle
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Action & Adventure Fantasy

Multiple races carefully navigate the City of Elantra under the Dragon Emperor’s wing. His Imperial Wolves are executioners, the smallest group to serve in the Halls of Law. The populace calls them assassins.

Every wolf candidate must consent to a full examination by the Tha’alani, one of the most feared and distrusted races in Elantra for their ability to read minds. Most candidates don’t finish their job interviews.

Severn Handred, the newest potential recruit, is determined to face and pass this final test—even if by doing so he’s exposing secrets he has never shared.

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Author: Hamner, Earl
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Small Town & Rural Fiction

In this classic novel that inspired the TV series The Waltons, a father struggles to support his large family in Depression-era rural Virginia.

For generations, the Spencers lived on the mountain that still bears their name in the Blue Hills of Virginia. But the hard times changed everything. Now Clay Spencer works at the local mill in New Dominion and lives with his family in housing provided by the company. A proud patriarch, he is determined to build his loved ones a new home in the hills. And he’ll do whatever it takes to give his children the best lives possible—including his eldest son, Clay-Boy.

The Irishman’s Daughter (affiliate link)

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Author: Alexander, V.S.
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Historical Irish Fiction
Ireland, 1845. To Briana Walsh, no place on earth is more beautiful than Carrowteige, County Mayo, with its sloping fields and rocky cliffs perched above the wild Atlantic. The small farms that surround the centuries-old Lear House are managed by her father, agent to the wealthy, reckless Sir Thomas Blakely. Tenant farmers sell the oats and rye they grow to pay rent to Sir Thomas, surviving on the potatoes that flourish in the remaining scraps of land. But when the potato crop falls prey to a devastating blight, families Briana has known all her life are left with no food, no resources, and no mercy from the English landowner, who seems indifferent to everything except profit.
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Author: Pendleton, Don
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Pulp Thrillers
In the jungles of Southeast Asia, no sniper was more ruthless than Mack Bolan. After twelve years in-country, with ninety-five confirmed kills, the Special Forces sergeant returns to the United States only to find that his father has gone berserk, slaughtering his family before taking his own life. But Bolan knows his old man was no killer: He was under pressure from a gang of Mafia thugs who were after his money—and willing to destroy his life to get it. For the sake of his father, Bolan declares war on the men who drove him mad . . .

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