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Author: Shawn, Melanie
Holiday Romance

Bright lights…Fame…Wealth…

Kyle Austen Reed had it all, and his devilishly handsome good looks were known to steal hearts on and off the screen…

Fired…Evicted…Caring for a special needs child…

Aurora Rose’s life wasn’t a Lifetime movie. For the courageous and beautiful single mother, this was her reality…

When a meet and greet with an adoring young fan changes both of their worlds, Kyle will have to prove that there’s more to him than meets the eye, and Aurora will need to have faith that, after years of just scraping by, she is deserving of more than just a temporary reprieve from her daily struggle…

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Author: Bishop, J. T.
Murder Mystery Paranormal Thriller

A woman, clad only in a white nightgown, is dead – her body discovered on the banks of Black River. Her unsolved murder, and her ghost, still haunt the small town where she lived and died.

Twenty-five years later, Detective Gordon Daniels inherits his estranged grandfather’s home on the property where the body was found. Anxious to sell it, Daniels invites his partner, Detective Aaron Remalla to help him clean it out and enjoy some time off from their high-pressure job. But their getaway is interrupted when a second woman’s body is found on the river, clad in a white nightgown, and they are unwittingly thrown them into an investigation they would prefer to avoid.

Their scrutiny of the nearby town uncovers colorful suspects, including a cranky elderly woman and her entitled grandson, two fortune-telling sisters, a paranormal-investigating sheriff, a drifter with a dubious past and Daniels’ own grandfather.

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Author: Reilly, Brent
Alien Invasion Science Fiction

Epic Sci-Fi unlike anything you’ve ever read. Written with attitude, the first human spliced with dino DNA learns his geneticist parents helped reconstruct dinosaurs from ratites, their closest living relatives. Every generation looks less like birds and more like dinos, as they get bigger. But strangers want to exterminate the world’s first dino-boy. Green, lizard-ish, and all alone, Raptor Ray is on the run while dreaming of an island with dinosaurs who desperately need his help.

Amazon reviewers of the first book in this trilogy call it simply brilliant, one of the wildest sci-fi books ever created, crazy fun reading, impossible to put down, packed with humor, riveting, a thrilling read, will stretch and challenge your imagination, incredibly creative, crazy epic, and a cleverly written page turner.

Crisis Deluxe: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Coffman, Chris
Asian Literature

Dusty is confronted with a crisis so devastating his aggressive, can-do attitude and esoteric financial expertise cannot save him or the profoundly corrupted world he discovers is going bankrupt around him.

Dusty faces complexities in a richly imagined Hong Kong just before the Communist takeover that force him to come to terms honestly with his past and test his deepest emotional loyalties as he searches for a way to overcome the destructive forces engulfing his life and marriage, his career, and Asian financial markets in the worst financial crisis in a generation.

An absorbing, sophisticated literary novel both elegantly constructed and compulsively readable, Crisis Deluxe builds to a beautiful, unexpected and luminous climax.

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Author: Spicer, B. A.
Traditional Detective Mysteries

I’m tied up and locked in a cellar.

I have no idea how I got here.

I don’t even know where ‘here’ is.

If the man on the other side of the door wants to watch me, he can. If he wants to leave me to starve, he can. If he opens the door…there is a way out…

If he wants a fight, he’s got one.

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Author: Stoker, Susan
Romantic Suspense

Daxton Chambers, a member of the oldest and most distinguished law enforcement agency in the state of Texas, never understood why people killed. But this new case, where someone was kidnapping and burying women alive, is a whole new level of depravity. As a Texas Ranger, it’s his job to keep San Antonio safe, but the killer always seems to be one step ahead of him.

Meeting Mackenzie, and finding out just how perfect she is for him, wasn’t part of Dax’s plan…but he’ll be damned if he’s going to walk away from the most interesting and fun woman he’s met in a long time. Unfortunately, anyone Dax cares about is suddenly in danger. It’ll take every ounce of knowledge he’s gained from years in law enforcement to keep Mack alive.

Justice for Mickie

The Art of Loving (affiliate link)

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Author: Fromm, Erich
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Consciousness & Thought

The Art of Loving is a rich and detailed guide to love—an achievement reached through maturity, practice, concentration, and courage. In the decades since the book’s release, its words and lessons continue to resonate. Erich Fromm, a celebrated psychoanalyst and social psychologist, clearly and sincerely encourages the development of our capacity for and understanding of love in all of its facets. He discusses the familiar yet misunderstood romantic love, the all-encompassing brotherly love, spiritual love, and many more.

A challenge to traditional Western notions of love, The Art of Loving is a modern classic about taking care of ourselves through relationships with others by the New York Times–bestselling author of To Have or To Be? and Escape from Freedom.

The Baker’s Secret: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Kiernan, Stephen P.
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World War II Historical Fiction

On June 5, 1944, as dawn rises over a small town on the Normandy coast of France, Emmanuelle is making the bread that has sustained her fellow villagers in the dark days since the Germans invaded her country.

Only twenty-two, Emma learned to bake at the side of a master, Ezra Kuchen, the village baker since before she was born. Apprenticed to Ezra at thirteen, Emma watched with shame and anger as her kind mentor was forced to wear the six-pointed yellow star on his clothing. She was likewise powerless to help when they pulled Ezra from his shop at gunpoint, the first of many villagers stolen away and never seen again.

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Author: Spencer, Minerva
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Lady Euphemia Marlington hasn’t been free in seventeen years—since she was captured by Corsairs and sold into a harem. Now the sultan is dead and Mia is back in London facing relentless newspapermen, an insatiably curious public, and her first Season. Worst of all is her ashamed father’s ultimatum: marry a man of his choosing or live out her life in seclusion. No doubt her potential groom is a demented octogenarian. Fortunately, Mia is no longer a girl, but a clever woman with a secret—and a plan of her own . . .

Adam de Courtney’s first two wives died under mysterious circumstances. Now there isn’t a peer in England willing to let his daughter marry the dangerously handsome man the ton calls The Murderous Marquess. Nobody except Mia’s father, the desperate Duke of Carlisle. Clearly Mia must resemble an aging matron, or worse. However, in need of an heir, Adam will use the arrangement to his advantage . . .

The Scalawags (affiliate link)

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Author: Petit, C.J.
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Historical Romance
Union Army sergeant Sam Walker returns home to Iowa after leaving a prisoner of war camp, only to discover that his sweetheart has married his brother. He heads down to Mulberry, Texas, to keep a promise to his fallen Union army brother-in-arms, Joe Farrell, to make sure that his family is safe. But what Sam finds is the Farrell family in shambles: a gang of former Confederate soldiers are harassing them because of Joe’s Union service. In desperation, Joe’s widow, Julia, has married the gang’s sadistic leader—a man Sam had haunting his dreams since the war. To rescue Julia, Sam will need to rely on his wits as much as his guns, and he’ll need the help of the whole Farrell clan, including Joe’s disarming younger sister, Mary.
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Author: Borman, Tracy
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Biographies of Royalty

England’s Tudor monarchs—Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I—are perhaps the most celebrated of history’s royal families. But for all we know about them, their lives away from the public eye remain largely beyond our grasp.

Here, an acclaimed historian delves deep behind the public facade of the monarchs, showing us what their lives were like beyond the stage of the court. Drawing on original material from those closest to them—courtiers like the “groom of the stool,” a much-coveted position, surprisingly—Tracy Borman examines Tudor life in fine detail. What did the monarchs eat? What clothes did they wear, and how were they designed, bought, and cared for? How did they wield power? When sick, how were they treated? What games did they play? How did they practice their faith? And whom did they love, and how did they give birth to the all-important heirs?

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Author: Lustbader, Eric Van
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Espionage Thrillers

Raised in Japan by a British father and a Chinese mother, young Nicholas Linnear felt at home only in the dojo, where he gave himself over to mastering ninjutsu—the ancient art of the ninja. Over years of training, he ascended to the highest ranks imaginable—until a confrontation over the very meaning of ninjutsu changed his approach to martial arts forever, sending him on a journey that would take him across the globe.

Now, after years of success in the advertising business, Linnear quits his job abruptly when he feels himself yearning for the life he led in Japan. Searching for direction, he meets a striking beauty named Justine, but just as he is beginning to fall in love, something chilling draws him back into his past: the corpse of a coworker, murdered by a Japanese throwing star. There is a ninja loose in New York City, and as the body count rises, it becomes clear that people close to Linnear are being targeted. Only he has the skill to stop a twisted killer with a personal vendetta.

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Author: Campbell, Dr. Sherrie
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A psychologist offers a roadmap for those looking to break free of toxic family relationships and thrive in the aftermath.

Toxic family abuse is always two-fold. The first layer of abuse is the original poor treatment by toxic family members, and the second is someone’s denial of the ways in which abusers treat and harm them. Loving someone doesn’t always mean having a relationship with them, just like forgiveness doesn’t always mean reconciliation. A significant part of healing comes with accepting that there are some relationships that are so poisonous that they destroy one’s ability to be healthy and function best. But It’s Your Family is a remarkable account of what it means to cut ties to toxic family abuse and thrive in the aftermath.

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