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Author: Jones, Lisa Renee
Romantic Suspense

Allison Wright is delivered a package meant for a different Allison—a unique, expensive necklace. Determined to right the confusion, she seeks out the proper recipient, a journey that takes her to the doorstep of Tyler Hawk, a good looking, recluse billionaire who deals with fine collectibles such as the necklace. She also learns that Allison, his employee, quit her job registering and restoring his vast assortment of collectibles. Ironically, Allison is home to care for her sick mother, on leave from her job at Riptide, the world renowned auction house and her love of such things has her jumping at the opportunity. Soon, she is spending every waking moment immersed in the job the other Allison left behind.

As Allison begins diving into the job for Tyler, secrets about the other Allison begin to surface that have her concerned for her safety.

The Scots: A Genetic Journey (affiliate link)

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Author: Moffat, Alistair
Physical Anthropology

An almost limitless archive of our history lies hidden inside our bodies, and this book traces the ancient story of Scotland from that scientific viewpoint. The mushrooming of genetic studies, of DNA analysis, is rewriting history in spectacular fashion.

In Scotland: A Genetic Journey, Alistair Moffat explores the history that is printed on our genes, and in a remarkable new approach, uncovers the detail of where Scots are from, where they have journeyed, and who they are—and in so doing, vividly colors in a DNA map of Scotland.

Taken! – Michael (affiliate link)

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Author: Kane, Remington
Pulp Thrillers

Dr. Jessica White and her husband travel to meet three men, one of whom may be the missing brother of the doctor’s husband.

As they try to solve that mystery, they also hunt The Times Square Stalker, a serial killer who has been murdering New York City’s young women.

Meanwhile, Summer Gray schemes to kill her ex-husband, Todd, before he can ruin her life by revealing the truth in a tell-all memoir.

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Author: Strongman, Phil
Biographies of Composers & Musicians

In 1976 or 1977, Lennon first started to dream about a stranger who asked for an album to be autographed then returned later, angry and with a loaded gun….

Who really killed John Lennon?

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono moved to New York in 1971, in part to escape the vitriol of the British press who blamed Ono for the breakup of their beloved Beatles. They had hoped to live quietly in America and raise their son Sean. But, just nine years later and three weeks after the release of his final album, Lennon was shot dead in the archway of his Manhattan apartment building by Mark Chapman.

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Author: Royce, Charles
Legal Thriller

In Charles Royce’s new mystery suspense thriller novel Naïve, Micah Breuer, an accomplished art director living in present day New York City, comes home to find his husband Lennox lying naked on their living room floor in a pool of blood. Lennox has been brutally stabbed over 30 times but is still alive. Struggling to keep his husband breathing, Micah’s efforts end up killing him, and he is arrested for the murder.

Mysterious items are found at the crime scene, some suggesting a connection to the company he works for, while others point to an elusive heroin dealer known as Ghost. With a trial looming, Micah’s lawyer hustles to defend him. Together, they are catapulted into multiple dark realities of corporate corruption, Manhattan’s drug underworld, a questionable and overzealous prosecution, and the betrayal of a close friend who may have masterminded a murderous scheme that could land Micah in prison for life.

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Author: Wells, Denise
Romantic Suspense

What started as a quest to find the man who murdered my sister, has turned into a mission to take down anyone who has done a woman or child wrong.

The problem? My boyfriend, Mack Murphy, keeps running interference. Only he doesn’t know it. He’s a federal agent whose job is to bring down the same bad guys I send to sleep with the fishes.

You could say that creates a bit of tension in our relationship.

So, where does that leave us? Hell, if I know. Your guess is as good as mine.

My name is Daria Limonov and this is my story.

The Inheritance: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Ross, JoAnn
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World War II Fiction

When conflict photographer Jackson Swann dies, he leaves behind a conflict of his own making when his three daughters, each born to a different mother, discover that they’re now responsible for the family’s Oregon vineyard—and for a family they didn’t ask for.

After a successful career as a child TV star, Tess is, for the first time, suffering from a serious identity crisis, and grieving for the absent father she’s resented all her life.

Charlotte, brought up to be a proper Southern wife, gave up her own career to support her husband’s political ambitions. On the worst day of her life, she discovers her beloved father has died, she has two sisters she never knew about and her husband has fallen in love with another woman.

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Author: King, Kerry Anne
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99
Contemporary Literary Fiction

Jailbird. Klepto. Spectacular failure to launch. Nicole Wood’s sticky fingers have earned her many names, but it’s not that she’s stealing—some objects just need to be moved elsewhere, and the universe has chosen her to do it. Still, being a relocator of objects isn’t easy. With her marriage on the rocks, no real-world skills, and the threat of prison hanging over her head, Nicole is determined to change her ways.

Things seem to be looking up, thanks to a godsent job with her sister’s housecleaning business—until she encounters a seemingly harmless paperback that insists on moving from one client’s home to another’s. Nicole hopes no one will notice, but the action stirs up long-hidden secrets and triggers a series of fateful events that threatens to destroy the life she’s creating and hurt those closest to her.

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Author: Kleon, Austin
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Creativity Self-Help

Unlock your creativity.

An inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age, Steal Like an Artist presents ten transformative principles that will help readers discover their artistic side and build a more creative life.

Nothing is original, so embrace influence, school yourself through the work of others, remix and reimagine to discover your own path. Follow interests wherever they take you—what feels like a hobby may turn into you life’s work. Forget the old cliché about writing what you know: Instead, write the book you want to read, make the movie you want to watch.

And finally, stay Smart, stay out of debt, and risk being boring in the everyday world so that you have the space to be wild and daring in your imagination and your work.

Getaway (affiliate link)

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Author: Stage, Zoje
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Horror Suspense

It was supposed to be the perfect week away . . .

Imogen and Beck, two sisters who couldn’t be more different, have been friends with Tilda since high school. Once inseparable, over two decades the women have grown apart. But after Imogen survives a traumatic attack, Beck suggests they all reunite to hike deep into the Grand Canyon’s backcountry. A week away, secluded in nature . . . surely it’s just what they need.

But as the terrain grows tougher, tensions from their shared past bubble up. And when supplies begin to disappear, it becomes clear secrets aren’t the only thing they’re being stalked by.

The Science of Orgasm (affiliate link)

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Author: Komisaruk, Barry R., Beyer-Flores, Carlos, Whipple, Beverly
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Psychology of Human Sexuality

The coauthor of the international best-selling book The G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality, Beverly Whipple joins neuroscientist Barry R. Komisaruk and endocrinologist Carlos Beyer-Flores to view orgasm through the lenses of behavioral neuroscience along with cognitive and physiological sciences. Covering every type of sexual peak experience in women and men from intense to phantom, this fascinating and comprehensive work illuminates the hows, whats, and wherefores of orgasm.

The authors explain how and why orgasms happen, why they fail to happen, and what brain and body events are put into play at the moment of orgasm. They also describes the genital-brain connection, how the brain produces orgasms, how aging affects orgasm, and the effects of prescription medication, street drugs, hormones, disorders, and diseases.

The Talented Ribkins (affiliate link)

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Author: Hubbard, Ladee
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Superhero Fantasy

At seventy-two, Johnny Ribkins shouldn’t have such problems: He’s got one week to come up with the money he stole from his mobster boss or it’s curtains.

What may or may not be useful to Johnny as he flees is that he comes from an African-American family that has been gifted with superpowers that are a bit, well, odd. Okay, very odd. For example, Johnny’s father could see colors no one else could see. His brother could scale perfectly flat walls. His cousin belches fire. And Johnny himself can make precise maps of any space you name, whether he’s been there or not.

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Author: Hernandez, Pilar, Smith, Eileen
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Latin American Cooking

The Spanish phrase quédate un poquito, or “stay a while,” is the essence of Chilean hospitality—one does not “stop by for a quick bite” in Chile. Comprised of more than seventy authentic Chilean recipes, organized seasonally for maximum freshness, and tweaked ever-so-slightly to fit neatly into the US market, this book creates an accessible, authentic, and uniquely Chilean cooking experience. It marries Pilar’s family recipes and Eileen’s astute writings, which make even those who have never visited Chile feel like they have found home.

Seasonality is the backbone of the Chilean table—each of the four seasonal sections will include a short opening essay to prepare the reader for the bounty of the season.

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