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Author: Tincu Peno, Linda
Crime Action Fiction

Abi Fairchild lives in the racial turbulence of 1964 Alabama. While searching for a missing classmate she stumbles into a secret that turns out to be far more sinister than anything she imagined. Soon she is chased through the woods by men who want to kill her or worse. Finding refuge seems slim until a stranger takes a risk to help her. Meanwhile, the Sheriff leads a search team looking for her while he tries to keep the town calm, afraid that misplaced vigilante justice has organized a lynching against an innocent target.

Quiet Refuge, a thriller set in historical Alabama, follows Sheriff Wesley Johnson and his niece Abi, as they each investigate the death of a girl on their own while facing a town that is determined to lynch what might be an innocent man.

Crossroads Serenade: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Grove, Laurie Adair
Women’s Literary Fiction
Meredith is managing okay since she left her hometown of Crossroads, Montana—she’s working, paying the rent and putting food on the table for herself and her child, at least. But no matter how much time passes, she can’t forget Pete, the only man she’s ever loved. Meredith wonders how she can move on, when just looking at her little boy so painfully reminds her of everything that’s happened.
Her son is five when Meredith returns to Crossroads to claim The Serenade—a popular hotel, bar and restaurant—which she inherits from a dear friend who treated her like family when her own family did not. A single mother from a rough background, Meredith knows life is not all roses, and that she will have to work even harder than ever with her new responsibilities. But she has no idea of the obstacles that she must overcome, now that she has moved back home to claim her inheritance and hopefully reunite with Pete. The story continues in the sequel, The Pink Victorian.
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Author: James, Jason R.
Superhero Fantasy

Jeremy Cross always thought of his life as being normal, but in the wake of a recent tragedy, he’s discovered that his idea of “normal” couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Jeremy is a genetic anomaly—one of only a handful on the planet—with a new ability that no one thought possible.

Thrown into a world of clandestine government agencies, international terrorism, and assassins-for-hire, Jeremy’s new idea of “normal” is fighting for his life.

His only hope of survival depends on reconciling the person he thought he was with the hero he needs to be.

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Author: Eaton, Jillian
Regency Historical Romance

It’s British versus American in this engaging battle of wits!

British private investigator, Thomas Kincaid, thinks he’s seen it all . . . until a gorgeous, soaking-wet American shows up and demands he help her find a stolen family heirloom. Having had his heart crushed once before by a beautiful woman, Kincaid has no intention of tempting fate a second time. But Joanna Thorncroft isn’t about to take no for an answer.

Joanna has to find her mother’s ring and discover the secrets it contains. Secrets that have brought her all the way across the Atlantic and onto the doorstep of a sinfully handsome detective. While falling in love is the furthest thing from her mind, fiercely independent Joanna can’t help but find herself drawn to Kincaid…and the blazing passion that soon threatens to consume them.

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Author: Eissfeldt, Jessica
Historical Romance
Belinda Thomspon, a San Fracisco telephone operator, longs to sing jazz in the spotlight… But when Belinda puts through a fateful midnight call for Nick Hart, a broken-hearted jazz crooner who offers her a chance at her musical dream, will theirs be only a switchboard connection or a deeper, long-time love, in the City by the Bay?
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Author: Rollins, Laura
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Regency Historical Romance

As it turns out, a London Season is the worst place to find love.

Eliza Mulgrave never expected to make her bows to society. Yet here she is, dancing at Almacks and riding through Hyde Park. It would be perfectly delightful if it weren’t for the whispers and scornful glances. She certainly never sought to quit her place in society as a tradesman’s daughter. At least then she had known who she was and how to act; now, she’s completely lost.

Adam Lambert has been raised to be a viscount and though the time has come sooner than expected he is confident stepping into this new life. Until he meets his Father’s best kept secret—a little girl. And now she’s Adam’s responsibility. Surely someone ought to have told him about her before now.

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Author: Aiken, G.A.
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Action & Adventure

It’s not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody. Men tend to either cower in fear—a lot—or else salute. It’s true that Annwyl has a knack for decapitating legions of her ruthless brother’s soldiers without pausing for breath. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way she can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer.

Too bad that Fearghus is a dragon, of the large, scaly, and deadly type. With him, Annwyl feels safe—a far cry from the feelings aroused by the hard-bodied, arrogant knight Fearghus has arranged to help train her for battle. With her days spent fighting a man who fills her with fierce, heady desire, and her nights spent in the company of a magical creature who could smite a village just by exhaling, Annwyl is sure life couldn’t get any stranger.

The Stars Are Fire: A novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Shreve, Anita
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British & Irish Literary Fiction
In October 1947, after a summer long drought, fires break out all along the Maine coast from Bar Harbor to Kittery and are soon racing out of control from town to village. Five months pregnant, Grace Holland is left alone to protect her two toddlers when her husband, Gene, joins the volunteer firefighters. Along with her best friend, Rosie, and Rosie’s two young children, Grace watches helplessly as their houses burn to the ground, the flames finally forcing them all into the ocean as a last resort. The women spend the night frantically protecting their children, and in the morning find their lives forever changed: homeless, penniless, awaiting news of their husbands’ fate, and left to face an uncertain future in a town that no longer exists. In the midst of this devastating loss, Grace discovers glorious new freedoms–joys and triumphs she could never have expected her narrow life with Gene could contain–and her spirit soars. And then the unthinkable happens–and Grace’s bravery is tested as never before.
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Author: Perry, Carol J.
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Psychic Mysteries

Lee Barrett has agreed to attend a storage auction with Aunt Ibby—even though she suspects the forgotten rooms will yield more junk than treasure. Her skepticism vanishes once the two win an overlooked locker and uncover a trove of beautiful curiosities, including a stunning wooden carousel horse with gentle eyes and fading paint. But just before Lee leaves the fairground relic at a local repair shop, the sight of a silver samovar awakens her psychic abilities and conjures visions of murder.

Lee prays the intrusive ESP episode was just a glimpse into the past—until her policeman boyfriend reports a dead man outside the shop. Apparently, the unknown victim had been hot on Lee’s trail since the auction. And with the horse found dismantled, it looks like he was up to no good.

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Author: Qu, Anna
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Biographies & Memoirs of Asian & Asian American

A young girl forced to work in a Queens sweatshop calls child services on her mother in this powerful debut memoir about labor and self-worth that traces a Chinese immigrant’s journey to an American future.

As a teen, Anna Qu is sent by her mother to work in her family’s garment factory in Queens. At home, she is treated as a maid and suffers punishment for doing her homework at night. Her mother wants to teach her a lesson: she is Chinese, not American, and such is their tough path in their new country. But instead of acquiescing, Qu alerts the Office of Children and Family Services, an act with consequences that impact the rest of her life.

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Author: Parker, C. L.
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Romantic Erotica

Delaine Talbot has a secret. When a matter of life and death threatens to tear apart her family, Delaine makes the ultimate sacrifice. She auctions herself off at Chicago’s most exclusive erotic club. Now she belongs to Noah Crawford, a wealthy mogul who introduces her to a seductive feast of the senses, awakening desires she only dreamed about.

Noah doesn’t know why Delaine sold her body for a cool two mil. But it’s the perfect business arrangement. The inexperienced beauty will learn to satisfy his every sensual need, yet never touch his heart. Almost immediately their relationship generates heat—in more ways than one. When they fight, they take no prisoners. When they love, they show no mercy. When they’re together, they never want to leave each other’s arms. But soon, their intense, physical bond will take an unexpected turn—evolving into something neither has bargained for: the promise of a lasting love.

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Author: Lindsey, Robert
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Biographies of Espionage

At the height of the Cold War, some of the nation’s most precious secrets passed through a CIA contractor in Southern California. Only a handful of employees were cleared to handle the intelligence that came through the Black Vault. One of them was Christopher John Boyce, a hard-partying genius with a sky-high IQ, a passion for falconry, and little love for his country. Security at the Vault was so lax, Boyce couldn’t help but be tempted. And when he gave in, the fate of the free world would hang in the balance.

With the help of his best friend, Andrew Daulton Lee, a drug dealer with connections south of the border, Boyce began stealing classified documents and selling them to the Soviet embassy in Mexico City. It was an audacious act of treason, committed by two spoiled young men who were nearly always drunk, stoned, or both—and were about to find themselves caught in the middle of a fight between the CIA and the KGB.

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