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Author: Jones, Palmer
Literary Satire Fiction

With his Irish Pub on the brink of closure, Brogan O’Keeley needs his life to stay in order. Rules need to be followed, and they will be enforced.
Or his employees can find another job.
His brothers call him heartless. Probably. But they’ve overcome too much to let it slip away now.

But Selena Chapman falls outside those neat, straight lines. She’s late, messy, but she’s the best waitress at the Pub. The second chance he gives her tests both his willpower and his sanity.
And the beautiful woman seems to enjoy pushing every new button she finds.

Everyday is a new struggle. Being the sole caregiver to her grandmother makes Selena focus more on her grandmother’s needs, and not her own wants.
Because Selena wants her boss.

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Author: Willis, Dan
Steampunk Science Fiction

When a magical plague is released in a Depression-era New York soup kitchen, private detective Alex Lockerby finds himself in a desperate hunt to catch a madman before he can strike again.

His investigations lead Alex to a famous thief, a daring heist, and the search for a mythic book of ancient magic, but none of that brings him any closer to finding the man responsible for the massacre. With the police and New York’s Council of Sorcerers desperate to find the culprit, Alex becomes a suspect himself, thanks to his ties to the priest who ran the soup kitchen.

Now Alex has his book of spells, a pack of matches and four days to find out where the plague came from, or that authorities will hang the crime squarely on him.

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Author: Johnson-Garcia, Jennifer Y.
Biographies of Jazz Musicians

Hit songwriter Jennifer “JJ” Johnson’s true story! A girl from Colorado with type 1 diabetes beats tough odds to become a hit songwriter in New York City. But can she survive life offstage? Now with links to music!

Jennifer Johnson is blessed with a beautiful singing voice but cursed with type 1 diabetes and stepparents who are dead-set on making her life miserable. By seventeen, Jennifer leaves home and supports herself through her senior year of high school. But she has much more to prove. Determined, Jennifer kisses Colorado goodbye and sets off on a one-way trip to New York City. However, on her ascent towards success, naivete, missteps, and unexpected hard knocks set her on the rockiest road to dreams come true.

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Author: Molo, Marina
Craft, Hobby & Home
6 Shades of Stitches is a handy reference guide that invites knitters to experiment with a variety of new stitch combinations. Step-by-step instructions and a full-color photo of a hand-knitted swatch are included for each stitch. With Marina’s knitting expertise at your fingertips, you have all the tools you need to create patterns that finally make your dream designs a reality. This timeless and influential book is poised to inspire a whole new generation of knitters who have yet to discover the joys and comforts of knitting
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Author: Brown, Gary Winston
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A tragic accident brings with it an incredible gift. But is the price too high?

When a young Jordan Quest is discovered lying on the bottom of the pool at her family’s stately mansion she is pulled out of the water and pronounced “vital signs absent” by the attending paramedics.

Unwilling to give up on the girl, Jordan is rushed to the hospital in a desperate attempt to revive her. Teetering on the brink of death, aware of her surroundings but unable to communicate with the trauma team working frantically to save her life, a strange and mysterious presence makes itself known. In that moment, Jordan’s life is changed forever.

She calls it The Gift, and her unprecedented abilities will have a profound influence on the world’s understanding of psychic phenomenon. Hers is now the voice of the dead. And law enforcement is listening.

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Author: Price, Ruth, King, Hannah
Amish Romance

A second chance at love. Betrayal disguised as friendship.
Isaac Mast wants a wife to help manage two growing boys and a prosperous carpentry business. When a letter to a neighboring bishop introduces him to a woman almost to perfect to wed, he seizes the chance to end his bachelor life. She’s exactly what he needs—grace, beauty, and a quiet, feisty spirit. But, recently widowed, the scars on her heart leave the young mother hesitant to trust again.

Mary Troyer loved once, and suffered betrayal. Slightly unconventional, she now lives for the happiness of her little girls. Pressed by her family to remarry, she reluctantly agrees to meet a man she didn’t expect to be everything her first husband wasn’t. Strong, a responsible provider, and determined to win her heart. But the same woman who damaged her first marriage is threatening this new, fragile love as well.

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Author: Suskind, Patrick
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Horror Fiction Classics
In the slums of eighteenth-century France, the infant Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with one sublime gift—an absolute sense of smell. As a boy, he lives to decipher the odors of Paris, and apprentices himself to a prominent perfumer who teaches him the ancient art of mixing precious oils and herbs. But Grenouille’s genius is such that he is not satisfied to stop there, and he becomes obsessed with capturing the smells of objects such as brass doorknobs and fresh-cut wood. Then one day he catches a hint of a scent that will drive him on an ever-more-terrifying quest to create the “ultimate perfume”—the scent of a beautiful young virgin. Told with dazzling narrative brilliance, Perfume is a hauntingly powerful tale of murder and sensual depravity.
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Author: Johnstone, William W., Johnstone, J.A.
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Missouri, 1860. Rumors of war between the North and South are spreading across the land. In rural Green County, many of the farmers are already choosing sides. But not John Zachary. His loyalties lie with his family first—and his heart is telling him to go west. Hoping to build a new life in the fertile valleys of Oregon, he convinces his best friend, Emmett Braxton, to pack up their families and join him on a wagon train across the Oregon Trail. The journey will be long and hard. The physical hardships and grueling mental challenges will bring out the best in some—and the worst in others. But with the guidance of an experienced wagon master and scout, they are determined to reach their destiny, no matter how high the cost . . .
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Author: Gooley, Tristan
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Outdoor & Nature Reference
When writer and navigator Tristan Gooley journeys outside, he sees a natural world filled with clues. The roots of a tree indicate the sun’s direction; the Big Dipper tells the time; a passing butterfly hints at the weather; a sand dune reveals prevailing wind; the scent of cinnamon suggests altitude; a budding flower points south. To help you understand nature as he does, Gooley shares more than 850 tips for forecasting, tracking, and more, gathered from decades spent walking the landscape around his home and around the world. Whether you’re walking in the country or city, along a coastline, or by night, this is the ultimate resource on what the land, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and clouds can reveal—if you only know how to look!

The Grace Kelly Dress: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Janowitz, Brenda
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Sibling Fiction

Two years after Grace Kelly’s royal wedding, her iconic dress is still all the rage in Paris—and one replica, and the secrets it carries, will inspire three generations of women to forge their own paths in life and in love.

Paris, 1958: Rose, a seamstress at a fashionable atelier, has been entrusted with sewing a Grace Kelly—look-alike gown for a wealthy bride-to-be. But when, against better judgment, she finds herself falling in love with the bride’s handsome brother, Rose must make an impossible choice, one that could put all she’s worked for at risk: love, security and of course, the dress.

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Author: Crichton, Michael, Lange, John
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

A diver enters dangerous waters to recover a sunken yacht.
The Grave Descend lies under more than sixty feet of clear blue Caribbean water, guarded by a coral reef and schools of hungry hammerhead sharks. Raising it would be a near-impossible task, but James McGregor is suited to the impossible. An expert diver, he makes his living exploring sunken ships. But there’s something strange about the wreck of the Grave Descend.

How did she sink? Why do none of the survivors tell the same story? And what was the cargo inside her hull? To answer these questions, McGregor will have to contend with the deadliest sharks around—both underwater and on land.

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Author: Ravaloson, Johary
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Historical African Fiction

Named after the first man at the creation of the world in Malagasy mythology, Ietsy Razak was raised to perpetuate the glory of his namesake and expected to be as illuminated as his Great Ancestor. But in the chaos of modernity, his young life is marked only by restlessness, maddening insomnia, and an adolescent apathy.

When an unexpected tragedy ships him off to a boarding school in France, his trip to the big city is no hero’s journey. Ietsy loses himself in the immediate pleasures of body and mind. Weighed down by his privilege and the legacy of his name, Ietsy struggles to find a foothold.

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Author: The University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff
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Editing Writing Reference

Q. Is it happy medium or happy median?

A. The idiom is happy medium, but I like the image of commuters taking refuge from road rage on the happy median.

Every month, tens of thousands of self-declared word nerds converge upon a single site: The Chicago Manual of Style Online’s Q&A. There the Manuals editors open the mailbag and tackle readers’ questions on topics ranging from abbreviation to word division to how to reform that coworker who still insists on two spaces between sentences.

Champions of common sense, the editors offer smart, direct, and occasionally tongue-in-cheek responses that have guided writers and settled arguments for more than fifteen years. But Can I Start a Sentence with But? brings together the best of the Chicago Style Q&A. Curated from years of entries, it features some of the most popular and hotly debated rulings, and also recovers old favorites long buried in the archives.

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