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Author: Mazzola, Kristen Hope
Romantic Comedy

Cheers to the best group of friends a woman could ask for.
Cheers to small apartments and even smaller…paychecks.
Cheers to a broken heart and healing it one Manhattan at a time.
Cheers to Happy Hour!

Annabelle Daugherty thought her life was perfect until she finds herself a widow at the young age of thirty-two.
Being a professor of equestrian studies and a stepmother keeps her busy and distracted for the most part. Everything in her life seems to getting back to normal. All except one, her love life. Dating is the farthest thing on her mind. But when a tall, dark and handsome, silver-tongued bartender starts working at The Happy Hour Club’s regular watering hole, a curveball that Annabelle never thought would happen takes her by surprise.

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Author: Locke, Wolfe
Dungeons & Dragons

Tell me, Daniel can you kill a god?

A tower, perched on the edge of infinity.
A man, doomed to wander its floors eternally.
A mission, where the balance of the world is at stake.

Daniel is a trapped soul. His life has one purpose – survive floor after floor of enemies determined to destroy him. But when a Dark Lord with his own agenda arrives offering a second chance at life, everything changes.

Bestowed the Godhand, Daniel has but one mission, survive and climb the tower to overthrow its master and claim the tower as his own.

But the journey will be perilous.

Every floor of the tower contains unique challenges. Each revealing apocalyptic perversions of humanity.

Giselle: Creme De La Creme (affiliate link)

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Author: Nako
Warning: When opening Pandora’s Box be very careful.
Kasim Moreland was totally unprepared to deal with Giselle Braxton. Not only was she out of his league but the woman was brilliant. Every time Kasim thought he finally was ahead of her she showed him that he wasn’t. Checkmate.
Giselle Braxton isn’t looking for love or help, the twenty-five year old multi-millionaire is simply focused on expanding her empire.
In this self-titled novel from national best selling author Nako, experience a woman who has everything but at the same time nothing at all.
All the money in the world couldn’t make her happy or change the one flaw that kept her from being open to love, or so she thought.
Kasim wanted to love her flaws and all, her imperfections didn’t keep him away. But she couldn’t see that.
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Author: A. Kent, Saffron
Contemporary Romance

Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences. But this is no ordinary castle. It’s called Heartstone Psychiatric Hospital and it houses forty other patients. It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns.

It has a man, as well. A man who is cold and distant. Whose voice drips with authority. And whose piercing gray eyes hide secrets, and maybe linger on her face a second too long.

Willow isn’t supposed to look deep into those eyes. She isn’t supposed to try to read his tightly-leashed emotions. Neither is she supposed to touch herself at night, imagining his powerful voice and that cold but beautiful face.

No, Willow Taylor shouldn’t be attracted to Simon Blackwood at all.

Because she’s a patient and he’s her doctor. Her psychiatrist.

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Author: Wright, Jed
Dystopian Science Fiction
Jack Wilson found himself riding in the back of a pickup truck wondering how everything could have gone so wrong. He looked up the road and caught a glimpse of the strange, enclosed city looming in the distance. His father had agreed to leave the safety of their secluded cabin in the mountains and travel hundreds of miles with him to try and find Lori. It had been over two years since he saw her last. Jack loved her desperately but had no idea how she felt toward him. They had prepared for months, planning out every detail–or so he had thought. Now Jack’s father was dead, the plan was totally shot, and he was making it up as he went along with his life in the balance. He had four days to infiltrate the city, find Lori, and escape before he would surely be discovered and killed. He couldn’t have dreamed how the next four days and a mysterious letter from his father would forever change his life.
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Author: Luchik, Todd
Crime Thrillers

It’s February 2003 and private detective Glenn Wozniak just wants to ride out the remainder of a cold Chicago winter perched on a bar stool, pairing shots of Irish whiskey with cheap beer. But when a client neglects to pay him for services rendered, Glenn finds himself desperate for work, any work. Enter a wealthy new client offering a lot of money to find his missing daughter.

On the eve of the U.S. war in Iraq, Glenn begins an investigation that will take him from the far northern edge of Chicago to an industrial wasteland at its southern border to some of the most dangerous parts of the city’s west side. Along the way, he’ll encounter anti-war protesters, ex-cons, drug dealers, corrupt cops, and a gang member leading a double life, ultimately unearthing deadly secrets that will make him some dangerous enemies.

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Author: Rose, Jeneva
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Legal Thrillers

Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C. As a named partner at her firm, life is going exactly how she planned. The same cannot be said for her husband, Adam. He’s a struggling writer who has had little success in his career and he tires of his and Sarah’s relationship as she is constantly working.

Out in the secluded woods, at the couple’s lake house, Adam engages in a passionate affair with Kelly Summers. But one morning everything changes. Kelly is found brutally stabbed to death and now, Sarah must take on her hardest case yet, defending her own husband, a man accused of murdering his mistress.

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Author: Civalleri, Patty
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Company Heroes

Build an iconic shopping experience that your customers love—and a work environment that your employees love being a part of—using this blueprint from Trader Joe’s visionary founder, Joe Coulombe.

Infuse your organization with a distinct personality and culture that draws customers in a way that simply competing on price cannot.

Joe Coulombe founded what would become Trader Joe’s in the late 1960s and helped shape it into the beloved, quirky food chain it is today. Realizing early on that he could not compete and win by playing the same game his bigger competitors were playing, he decided to build a store for educated people of somewhat modest means. He brought in unusual products from around the world and promoted them in the Fearless Flyer, providing customers with background on how they were sourced and their nutritional value.

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Author: Gray, Elle
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Private Investigator Mysteries

I see you.

After years of digging into his wife’s death, Paxton has had enough.
He left the force and opened his own PI firm.
His first case is to help a family navigate their way through a kidnapping.
As Paxton launched into this case, he finds himself in the sights of a serial killer.
But there is more than meets the eye about the kidnapper though.

Armed with only three names. He dives headfirst into investigation, and uncovers horrors he never expected to encounter.
With the help of FBI agent Blake Wilder, his female friend that specializes in hunting down serial killers.
They are determined to stop the man before he kills again.
But what is he going to do when he realizes the killer is taunting him,
not for the thrill of being chased, but with the intention of recruiting him?

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Author: Beller, Misty M.
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Western & Frontier Christian Romance

New cover, same great story!

Leah Townsend, a recently orphaned heiress, flees Richmond after discovering her fiancé’s plot to kill her after their wedding. She needs a safe place to hide, and finds herself accepting a newspaper marriage proposal from a God-fearing young rancher in the Montana Territory. But when Leah arrives at the mountain ranch, she learns her intended husband was killed by a grizzly, leaving behind a bitter older brother and a spunky younger sister.

When Gideon Bryant finds an eastern lady standing in his log cabin, his first thought is to send her back where she came from. He’s lost too many people to the wild elements of these mountains––his parents, his wife, and now his brother. His love for this untamed land lives on, but he’s determined not to open his heart to another person.

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Author: Dalzelle, Joshua
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Space Marine Science Fiction

Aliens exist… and, as it turns out, most of them aren’t that friendly.
Jacob Brown wasn’t even born yet the first time they attacked Earth.
He was only fourteen the second time it happened.

When Earth finally came together and fielded its first spaceborne military, Jacob didn’t hesitate to volunteer. Serving aboard a mighty starship, he’d be able to defend his planet–and his family–when, inevitably, they came again.
Just as he’s about to graduate training, however, Jacob is approached by an officer from Naval Special Operation Command and given a choice: volunteer for a risky mission to a dangerous, lawless world, or give up his dream of serving in the military and go home. He has no idea why he’s being singled out in such an unusual manner, but now it’s either agree to their demands or give up his dream of being on a starship.

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Author: Montgomery, Ben
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Hiking & Walking Travel
Emma Gatewood was the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail alone, as well as the first person—man or woman—to walk it twice and three times and she did it all after the age of 65. This is the first and only biography of Grandma Gatewood, as the reporters called her, who became a hiking celebrity in the 1950s and ’60s. She appeared on TV with Groucho Marx and Art Linkletter, and on the pages of Sports Illustrated. The public attention she brought to the little-known footpath was unprecedented. Her vocal criticism of the lousy, difficult stretches led to bolstered maintenance, and very likely saved the trail from extinction. Author Ben Montgomery was given unprecedented access to Gatewood’s own diaries, trail journals, and correspondence.
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Author: Berry, Lucinda
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Kidnapping Crime Fiction

Be careful what you post online. Your next check-in might lead him right to you…

A serial rapist is kidnapping teenage girls. But he’s not interested in just any teenage girls—only virgins. He hunts them by following their status updates and check-ins on social media. Once he’s captured them, they’re locked away in his sound-proof basement until they’re groomed and ready. He throws them away like pieces of trash after he’s stolen their innocence. Nobody escapes alive.

Until Ella.

Ella risks it all to escape, setting herself and the other girls free. But only Sarah—the girl whose been captive the longest—gets out with her. The girls are hospitalized and surrounded by FBI agents who will stop at nothing to find the man responsible. Ella and Sarah are the key to their investigation, but Sarah’s hiding something and it isn’t long before Ella discovers her nightmare is far from over.

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