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Author: Lea, Catherine
Kidnapping Crime Fiction

The plan is simple: kidnap the daughter of Senate candidate Richard McClaine, take the money and run. Nobody gets hurt.

Kelsey thinks it’s the stupidest scheme her boyfriend Matt and his drug-addled brother have ever come up with. Then she discovers the part she wasn’t told – that six-year-old Holly isn’t going home alive. And for Kelsey, that’s one step too far.

Elizabeth McClaine can’t even tell the police what her daughter was wearing when she disappeared. Holly was placed in the care of a nanny while her mother battled postpartum depression. Elizabeth has failed her daughter too many times. She cannot fail her now.

The clock is ticking. Both women have 24 hours to find Holly because in 25 hours, she’ll be dead.

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Author: Maxfield, Sam
Humorous Dark Comedy
Stella loves her life in London, far from the foul-mouthed, flame-haired grandmother who raised her. Then Stella gets the dreaded call in the middle of the night; Gina has taken a tumble. Soon Stella finds herself trapped with Gina in the crazy coastal town of Mapton-on-Sea. Can Stella and Gina ever truly reconcile? As the June temperature soars, they, and the residents of Mapton, are in for an hilariously explosive summer. For a sprinkle of romance, mobility scooter gangs, and misbehaving dogs, you’re invited to Mapton-on-Sea.
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Author: Torrens, D.G.
Romantic Suspense


For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine. However, when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test of endurance while they come to grips with a tragic fate that changes the course of their lives forever … Tears of Endurance.

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Author: May, Lucy
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Welcome to Lemon Bliss, Louisiana where an abandoned lemon tea factory is the most happening place in town and witches secretly rule the roost.

Violet Broussard gets called back to the hometown she left in the dust when a dead body is found in the abandoned factory bequeathed to her by her grandmother. Violet has plans, big plans, and they most definitely don’t involve staying in Lemon Bliss any longer than necessary. The town is mostly famous for its lemon tea infused with enough alcohol to make one experience bliss, hence the town’s name.

Yet, once she’s there, things get a tad wacky. There’s the old factory, which has amateur supernatural investigators sneaking into it, there’s the fact that the moment Violet sets foot in town, no one wants her to leave, and then things get plain crazy.

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Author: Licio, Adriana
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Can murder be the cure for a broken heart?
Returning to her quaint hometown in Italy following the collapse of her engagement, feisty travel writer Giò Brando just wants some peace and quiet. Instead, she finds herself a suspect in a brutal murder.

Anxious to clear her name, Giò embarks on her own investigation, eavesdropping on the gossip in her sister’s perfumery and the cafés of Maratea as she pieces together the evidence. But something about the case isn’t adding up. Or is Giò allowing her attraction to a fellow suspect to distract her?

Wanting to distance herself from danger, Giò keeps her feelings in check. But when new evidence turns the whole case on its head, danger is exactly what is waiting for her.

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Author: Demaree, Steve
Cozy Mysteries
When someone deposits two bodies in a retired detective’s backyard in the middle of the night, he has to go to work again to find out who is responsible and why his backyard was chosen.
A lot of hilarious events happen in this whodunit before the detective can return to being retired again.
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Author: O’Neal, Tatum, Liftin, Hilary
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Biographies of Actors & Actresses
Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal continues her inspiring true-life story begun in the 2004 New York Times bestseller A Paper Life with Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home—a moving memoir of discovery and reconciliation. In Found, the star of “Paper Moon,” TV’s “Rescue Me,” and the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) docuseries “Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals” shares her hard-won insights on recovery, forgiveness, and the healing power of love.
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Author: Lock, Ava
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Humorous Science Fiction

All the women in New Stepford are AI…
…and their husbands keep testing them.
Who will lead the uprising?
In the near future, artificial intelligence will be in every home. Just imagine. You could have a charming womanoid do all your cooking and cleaning for you. That’s right. No more chores! This female robot can be your wife, a nanny to your kids, or just the live-in housekeeper. She will be whatever you want her to be. It’s all up to you.

Just set your user preferences.

But first, this amazing technology has to pass alpha testing.

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Author: Kelton, Elmer
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Western Short Stories
Each of Elmer Kelton’s superb stories of the West showcase the strength and power western spirit. They are filled with marvelous characters—from a rodeo clown who seeks redemption via romance, to an outlaw who comes to the aid of ranchers with no other recourse to justice. Powerful Western women feature as importantly as the menfolk here, including a cattle buyer’s daughter who can hold her own with any man on the trail, a renowned lady outlaw who rules her gang with her gun, and a judge’s daughter who is determined to end local mob rule, as “the day of the gun is almost over.” You will meet characters whose devotions and decisions enthrall you long after you put the book down.
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Author: Rosenfeld, Edward
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Popular Psychology History

Blow your mind with this catalog of drug-free techniques—from the mystical to the mechanical, and from the ancient to the state-of-the-art.

An encyclopedia for the curious and courageous, The Book of Highs catalogs the hundreds of ways humans can alter consciousness, minus drugs and alcohol.

Drawn from cultures around the world as well as from neurological research, here are “positive” techniques—Self-Hypnosis, Alterations of Breathing, Fervent Prayer, Spinning. And here are “negative” techniques—Self-Flagellation, Sleep Deprivation, Fire Walking. Methods derived from religious and mystic traditions—Transcendental Meditation, Tea Ceremony, Tantric Sex. Methods that use devices, from the domestic Metronome Watching, to the state-of-the-art Brain-Wave Biofeedback, Electrodermal Activity (EDA), Ganzfeld Effect, and Psychedelic Bathtub.

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Author: Lang, Essie
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

Thousand Islands bookstore owner Shelby Cox sleuths the slaying of a true-crime writer who may have learned too much about a murder case that should have stayed shut.

There are a thousand stories in New York’s scenic Thousand Islands, and Bayside Books co-owner Shelby Cox stocks them all. But lately, the Blye Island bookseller’s life is more about investigation than inventory. True-crime writer Savannah Page caps off two successful signings at Bayside Books with a night in Blye Castle. She’s there to research Joe Cabana, a colorful Prohibition-era mobster who owned the castle–until he was found dead in the island Grotto.

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Author: Melvin, Leland
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Biographies & Memoirs

In this revelatory and moving memoir, a former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver shares his personal journey from the gridiron to the stars, examining the intersecting roles of community, perseverance and grace that align to create the opportunities for success.

Leland Melvin is the only person in human history to catch a pass in the National Football League and in space. Though his path to the heavens was riddled with setbacks and injury, Leland persevered to reach the stars.

While training with NASA, Melvin suffered a severe injury that left him deaf. Leland was relegated to earthbound assignments, but chose to remain and support his astronaut family. His loyalty paid off. Recovering partial hearing, he earned his eligibility for space travel. He served as mission specialist for two flights aboard the shuttle Atlantis, working on the International Space Station.

The Man In Milan (affiliate link)

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Author: Racanelli, Vito
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Conspiracy Thrillers

When NYPD detectives Paul Rossi and Hamilton P. Turner begin investigating the Sutton Place murder of an Italian air force pilot, the last thing they expect is that they will and find themselves sucked into the potential cover-up of the Ustica massacre, the most horrific aviation crime in Italian history, in which all 81 souls on board perished, where Italian President Francesco Cossiga blamed a missile deployed by the French Navy for the disaster.

But as they begin investigating, Rossi, recovering from a broken marriage, and Turner, an African-American opera buff, poet, and former lawyer with ambitions to be mayor, come up against NYPD bureaucratic obstacles and stonewalling by the Italian Consulate in NYC. Lieutenant Laura Muro, the policewoman sister of the victim, comes to New York to aid the investigation, but soon the trio find themselves in the crosshairs of the Gladio, Italy’s powerful, shadowy political cabal whose reach extends to the highest reaches of New York political and ruling class.

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