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Author: Anand, MJ
Espionage Thrillers

The Himalayas have saved India from many invasions, but when a veteran Border Intelligence Officer dies a cold death in the deep mountains, the intelligence establishment is sent into a tizzy. The information he extracted before dying confirms their worst nightmares. Little do they know it’s just the beginning of a covert invasion that would change the Asian intelligence order forever.

At a time when the Indians are trying to recover from the deadly Mumbai attacks, a more sinister plan is put into motion. The Indians call upon their best, and so Abhimanyu finds himself pulled from his honeymoon. His personal life has been put on hold, once again.

Maximum Impact (affiliate link)

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Author: Heller, Jean
Hard-Boiled Mystery

Three hundred thirty-three fatalities and no survivors.

So begins Pulitzer Prize finalist Jean Heller’s chilling hard-boiled saga, as a flight crashes on takeoff when one of its engines explodes in midair. After that, it’s a toss-up—you may or may not be able to catch your breath as the thriller loops and careens to a twisty climax.

The deadliest accident in U.S. aviation history means it’s the biggest week of journalist Steve Pace’s career. Much as he’s already over the horrors of the aviation beat, he has no choice but to rise to the occasion. He’s a whip-smart reporter with integrity and grit, and the body count is rising rapidly—outside the downed plane.

As he hunts down the ultimate scoop, he steps into what appears to be a Watergate-type cover-up.

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Author: Fielding, Dorothy
Traditional Detective Mysteries
The Rev. John Avery, rector of the village church, was famous for the eloquence and scholarly nature of his sermons. No one in attendance at the Sunday service was surprised then, when the rector, having evidently exchanged his notes for some other document, after a moment’s hesitation, delivered one of his most moving sermons extempore. They were, however, much surprised, when the rector was found dead the next morning the victim of an apparent accidental poisoning. Coming on the heels of the death of one of the leading young men of the village by a shooting, also ruled an accident, it seemed to all an unfortunate coincidence. To all, that is, except for Chief Inspector Pointer, who, by a much more fortunate coincidence, happened to be visiting the County Chief Constable for a spot of fishing.
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Author: Blackford, William
Budgeting & Money Management


If you don’t know how to afford that trip you put off for so long or the dinner in a five-star restaurant…then this book was written for you!
You want to change but your relationship with money sucks and your earnings slows down at the point that you find yourself counting every penny.
Having a low credit score may affect your interest rates. How do you handle this situation?
In this book you will learn how to manage money to change your financial situation.

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Author: White, Amanda
Mediterranean Cooking

✓ Have you always wanted to dive into great-tasting food from the Mediterranean?
✓ Do you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle while sampling food from Italy, Greece and beyond?

If you are looking for an alternative diet, healthy resulting in a better life, the Mediterranean Diet is what you need!

The Mediterranean Diet is much more than a food style or a list of foods: it is a real lifestyle inspired by the rules and habits of the people of the Mediterranean.

A lifestyle that includes a range of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols, and traditions is based on the sharing of food, the sense of hospitality and neighborhood, creativity, and full respect for the territory and its biodiversity typical of these communities.

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Author: Faulks, Kim
Paranormal Vampire Romance

“She’s worth it, whatever chaos, whatever the bloodshed…whoever you have to kill…she’s worth it all…a hundred times over.”

For thousands of years they’ve hidden in the shadows.

Twelve Zodiac Dragons, the last of their kind.

Until now.

Now they’ll fight for love.

And the world will burn.

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Author: Prime, Vowron
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Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Magnus Cromwell kills for a living.

He’s organized, professional, efficient. Like a machine. But when his family’s life is on the line, that’s something else. That calls for the kind of warm-blooded vengeance that scorches earth and summons tungsten rods from space, leaving a whole lot of melted flesh and no one to tell the tale.

It should’ve been a blue milk run. As by-the-book as it gets. With his sister Nina out safe and the opposition decimated by hypersonic gunfire, Magnus wonders where they got the guts to even try. Then something hits him. Lays him out cold, and leaves him waking up to a fantasyland with nothing but his armor and a half-written note to guide him.

It’s a strange place where even stranger predators eye him for their next meal. Where his life’s on a timer, and where the darkest horrors haunt his dreams, painting visions of death.

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Author: Meyer, Danny
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Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Seventy-five percent of all new restaurant ventures fail, and of those that do stick around, only a few become icons. Danny Meyer started Union Square Cafe when he was 27, with a good idea and hopeful investors. He is now the co-owner of a restaurant empire. How did he do it? How did he beat the odds in one of the toughest trades around? In this landmark book, Danny shares the lessons he learned developing the dynamic philosophy he calls Enlightened Hospitality. The tenets of that philosophy, which emphasize strong in-house relationships as well as customer satisfaction, are applicable to anyone who works in any business. Whether you are a manager, an executive, or a waiter, Danny’s story and philosophy will help you become more effective and productive, while deepening your understanding and appreciation of a job well done.
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Author: Metaxas, Eric
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Historical British Biographies

Amazing Grace tells the story of the remarkable life of the British abolitionist William Wilberforce (1759-1833). This accessible biography chronicles Wilberforce’s extraordinary role as a human rights activist, cultural reformer, and member of Parliament.

At the center of this heroic life was a passionate twenty-year fight to abolish the British slave trade, a battle Wilberforce won in 1807, as well as efforts to abolish slavery itself in the British colonies, a victory achieved just three days before his death in 1833.

Metaxas discovers in this unsung hero a man of whom it can truly be said: he changed the world. Before Wilberforce, few thought slavery was wrong. After Wilberforce, most societies in the world came to see it as a great moral wrong.

Haunted Ground (affiliate link)

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Author: Shapiro, Irina
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Romantic Fantasy

When American Lexi Maxwell buys a derelict mansion in a quaint English village and sets about turning it into a manor-house hotel, it’s a dream come true. But, events take a turn for the bizarre, as a heartbroken ghost makes a nightly appearance and kneels beneath a tree next to a centuries-old ruin, and people in the village keep commenting on Lexi’s resemblance to a woman who’s been dead for a quarter of a century.

As Lexi tries to find out more about the man in the ruin, she unexpectedly stumbles upon secrets from her own past – secrets that threaten to destroy everything she’s come to believe and hold dear. As Lexi struggles to put the pieces of the puzzle together she’s drawn deeper into the mystery, and can only rely on the man she’s come to have deep feelings for – a man who’s battling his own demons.

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Author: Zanetti, Rebecca
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Paranormal Romance

Dr. Mariana Lopez has finally stopped bailing friends out of difficult situations. Well, except for substituting as the leader for another anger management group, pitching in as a campaign strategist for a prospective sheriff, and babysitting three dogs. Even with such a full life, she can feel the danger around her—a sense that something isn’t right. Nightmares harass her, until the real thing comes to life, and only the dark and sexy male sitting in her group can save her. However, with safety comes a price she might not be willing to pay.

Raine Maxwell is one of the Maxwells out of Montana, which means he’s not only one of the most deadly vampires alive, but his path is set and his mate has been chosen for him. To save him—to continue his line.

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Author: Ryan, Konrad
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LitRPG Level-Up Adventure
Mankind has been under attack for fifty years by the awesome power of bosses and monsters who are the denizens of dungeons. Monsters started these attacks when a mystical beast named Raekast appeared and threatened the world, eradicating human life from several continents. Raekast threatened all human life until a mysterious ceremony called ‘Rebirth’ unlocked the hidden potential of humans strong enough to repel and defeat her. Raekast’s final, desperate act caused dungeons to spawn across the globe. The greatest of these dungeons is known as Titan. Dungeons are a threat to humanity and nature alike. Powerful reborn humans known as ‘Slayers’ enter their dangerous depths to kill the monsters and bosses that live within and retrieve treasure, items and more.
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Author: Meyer, Stephen C.
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Religious Studies – Science & Religion

“Signature in the Cell is a defining work in the discussion of life’s origins and the question of whether life is a product of unthinking matter or of an intelligent mind. For those who disagree with ID, the powerful case Meyer presents cannot be ignored in any honest debate. For those who may be sympathetic to ID, on the fence, or merely curious, this book is an engaging, eye-opening, and often eye-popping read” — American Spectator

Named one of the top books of 2009 by the Times Literary Supplement (London), this controversial and compelling book from Dr. Stephen C. Meyer presents a convincing new case for intelligent design (ID), based on revolutionary discoveries in science and DNA. Along the way, Meyer argues that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as expounded in The Origin of Species did not, in fact, refute ID. If you enjoyed Francis Collins’s The Language of God, you’ll find much to ponder—about evolution, DNA, and intelligent design—in Signature in the Cell.

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