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Mad Love (affiliate link)

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Author: Abedi, Colet
Contemporary Romance

On a tropical island vacation, virgin Sophie Walker turns up the heat with British ​Tycoon Clayton Sinclair. But is his possessive side too much for her to handle?

Twenty-three years is long enough to spend under my parent’s thumbs, bored out of my mind by

​law school​ and my boyfriend, ​I decide to take a much needed break.
So with my two besties in tow—Maldives Islands, here we come!

I was ready for adventure. I was ready for anything.

I wasn’t ready for him.

My old life might have been boring, but Clayton’s doesn’t even seem real.

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Author: Ellenwood, S. W.
Espionage Thrillers

It was Thornhill’s first mission and Golay’s last…

Thomas Thornhill just arrived in Amsterdam on his first undercover assignment, his first spy mission as he likes to call it. His handler, Mallory, informed him it would be simple. Have a conversation with an older gentleman named Golay and see what ‘secrets’ he has for their agency. But Thornhill doubts the simplicity of it when his superior tells him the mission is off the books and sends an ex-marine sniper, Jones, with him.

His doubts were not wrong…

Before Thornhill knows it, he and his associates are racing to stay out of the crosshairs of a prostitution ring. At the same time trying to unravel the mystery surrounding Golay and why he has the attention of both small-time thugs and international spy agencies.

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Author: Mann, Jeana E.
Romantic Suspense

A secret masquerade hookup leads to complications with Rourke’s new boss. One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple. Instead, she’s tossed into a life filled with decadence, heat, and sinful surprises.

Delve into the dark side of romance with an exiled prince, a secret masquerade ball, and all the complications they create for personal assistant Rourke Donahue.

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Author: Callaghan, Hope
Christian Mystery

Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Belhaven. Nothing that is, until a body was found in the woods behind the local elementary school.

With the entire town in an uproar, “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford makes it her personal mission to find the killer or killers and solve the mystery with some help from her friends.

With a little amateur detective work, Gloria is able to uncover enough clues that point right to the murderer. She’s about to discover, however, things aren’t always as clear cut as they would appear.

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Author: Seed, Linda
Romantic Comedy

Kate Bennet owns a bookstore in the breathtaking beach town of Cambria, California. Two years out from a divorce that left her emotionally fragile, she’s starting to think that maybe she’s ready for love again—or at least for a fling with a hot man. Jackson Graham is a local chef who’s controlling when it comes to food, careless when it comes to love, and temperamental when it comes to just about everything.

When Kate’s friends set things up between Kate and Jackson, she expects some casual pleasure followed by a hasty goodbye, but Jackson’s long-term crush on Kate means that he’s in this one to win. The problem is, neither he nor Kate knows whether he can change the self-defeating habits that usually send women scurrying for the door.

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Author: Cherkashin, Victor, Feifer, Gregory
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Military Intelligence & Spies History
Victor Cherkashin’s incredible career in the KGB spanned thirty-eight years, from Stalin’s death in 1953 to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. In this riveting memoir, Cherkashin provides a remarkable insider’s view of the KGB’s prolonged conflict with the United States, from his recruitment through his rising career in counterintelligence to his prime spot as the KGB’s number- two man at the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Victor Cherkashin’s story will shed stark new light on the KGB’s inner workings over four decades and reveal new details about its major cases. Cherkashin’s story is rich in episode and drama. He took part in some of the highest-profile Cold War cases, including tracking down U.S. and British spies around the world. He was posted to stations in the U.S., Australia, India, and Lebanon and traveled the globe for operations in England, Europe, and the Middle East.

Vanish with the Rose (affiliate link)

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Author: Michaels, Barbara
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Historical Fantasy Fiction
Fearing for the safety of her missing brother, lawyer Diana Reed will do anything to get to the truth. Taking a job as a landscape architect at the last place Brad was seen—the sprawling estate where he worked as a caretaker—she prowls the strange old house determined to unlock its secrets. But each mystery Diana uncovers is more unsettling than the last, as odd visions, scents, and sounds pervade an atmosphere of dread and barely suppressed violence. And in her zealous search for answers, she may have inadvertently opened a door to something frightening and deadly that can never be closed again.

Brida: A Novel (P.S.) (affiliate link)

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Author: Coelho, Paulo
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Wicca & Witchcraft

Brida is the story of a young woman, Brida O’Fern, and her path through the Wicca pagan tradition. Brida is only 21 years old when she meets a magician and asks to become a witch. The book compares the two classical forms of teaching, the Revelation (Tradition of the Sun) and the ritualistic (Tradition of the Moon). Love is the only way we have to bridge over to the spiritual world. When we love, we want to be better than we already are, and love makes us better.

Brida captures the essence of Paulo Coelho — thought-provoking spirituality, belief in the beauty of the physical and emotional worlds, and the Divine Feminine.

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Author: Jones, Gregg
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Vietnam War History

The riveting story of the heroic three-month defense of Khe Sanh by 6,000 Marines–an epic confrontation at a pivotal moment in America’s war in Vietnam

Last Stand at Khe Sanh is a vivid, fast-paced account of the dramatic 1968 confrontation, when 6,000 US Marines held off 30,000 North Vietnamese Army regulars at a remote mountain stronghold. Based on extensive archival research and more than 100 interviews with participants, author Gregg Jones captures the courage and camaraderie of the defenders and delivers the fullest account yet of this epic battle.

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Author: Mitchell, Evie
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Dystopian Fiction

The virus ravaged the world, plunging us into darkness. It was in the darkness that nightmares became reality.
And it was in the shadows that I met him – Runner.
He promised me protection in exchange for one thing – my surrender.

She was salvation. Bringing us hope when all was lost.
I’d fight for her. For our life together. But in the after nothing is guaranteed.
When the world ended, we began. But would we have a future?

Trigger warning: This is a darker book than my other series and contains some violence and references to abuse. A happily ever after is still guaranteed, but this is a gritty series so proceeded with caution.

Fearless (affiliate link)

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Author: Lucado, Max
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Christian Bible Study Guides

Fear may fill the world but does not have to fill your heart.

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear. Layoffs at work. Slowdowns in the economy. Health scares. Division. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into the prison of our anxious minds and keeps us from the freedom Christ offers.

New York Times bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado invites us to turn to faith, not fear, as our default reaction to the threats of life. In this book, Max will help you:

Find freedom from the fear of insignificance.
Take comfort that the Lord will never leave your side.
Unleash your worries and become filled with peace.

While I’m Falling (affiliate link)

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Author: Moriarty, Laura
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Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

In While I’m Falling, Laura Moriarty presents a compelling depiction of how one young woman’s life changes when her family breaks up for good.

Ever since her parents announced that they’re getting divorced, Veronica has been falling. Hard. A junior in college, she has fallen in love. She has fallen behind in her difficult coursework. She hates her job as counselor at the dorm, and she longs for the home that no longer exists. When an attempt to escape the pressure, combined with bad luck, lands her in a terrifying situation, a shaken Veronica calls her mother for help — only to find her former foundation too preoccupied to offer any assistance at all.

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