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Author: Kimelman, Emily
Pulp Thrillers

My dog once took a bullet that was intended for me.
A bullet that ripped through his chest, narrowly missing his heart, and exited through his shoulder blade, effectively shattering it. This left him unconscious on the floor of my home. Amazingly, this bullet did not kill him.

Ten years ago I adopted Blue as a present to myself after I broke up with my boyfriend one hot, early summer night with the windows open and the neighborhood listening. The next morning I went straight to the pound in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Articles on buying your first dog tell you never to buy a dog on impulse. They want you to be prepared for this new member of your family, to understand the responsibilities and challenges of owning a dog. Going to the pound because you need something in your life that’s worth holding onto is rarely, if ever, mentioned.

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Author: Pendry, Reita
Heist Thrillers
Somebody mailed John Morrow twenty kilograms of pure heroin, known as China White in the trade. To the Narcotics Task Force, he looks like a big-time dealer. To the people who care about him, John is a college student struggling to put himself through school. Washington, DC criminal defense attorney. Mercy Johnson takes his case and Murphy’s law takes over: she’s kidnapped from the courtroom during John’s trial, thieves steal the twenty kilos, her police officer nephew is shot by a drug dealer. Are her smarts, her love for her family and her dedication to justice enough to save her client, and her own life?
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Author: Huebner, David
Police Procedurals
Ben Pike, Saguaro County’s most notorious citizen has been brutally murdered. Deputy Evan Coleman of the Saguaro Sheriff’s Department finds him at his hunting camp in the mountains adjacent to his ranch. Puzzled by the circumstances and condition of the body, Evan calls the Colorado CSI. Led by Doctor Cheree Nicoletti, investigators join Evan at the remote mountain crime scene early the next morning. Two clues point to a perpetrator, a strawberry blonde riding a grulla paint horse.
Intrigued by both the case and Deputy Coleman, Dr. Nicoletti involves herself in the hunt for the perpetrator. The search leads to a young woman, Sarah Mason, who was brutalized by Pike and his two sons as a teenager sixteen years earlier. She has means and opportunity, but Evan is not willing to accept her as guilty.

Ella Wood (affiliate link)

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Author: Isenhoff, Michelle
Victorian Historical Romance

Will Emily forego love for a chance at independence?

Emily Preston wants only to become an artist. As the nation teeters on the brink of civil war, she must wage her own battle against the restrictive ideology of her father. Women belong at home on the plantation beneath the watchful eye of a husband or father–NOT at a university. But several schools in the North have opened their doors to women. How can she make her father see just how much it means to her to study under a master?

Independence isn’t the only contentious point between them. A recent visit to her uncle’s home in Detroit has called Emily’s entire upbringing into question, but her father doesn’t appreciate her criticisms of his management of Ella Wood, the Preston family plantation.

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Author: Woolf, Cynthia
Western Romance
Sweet Mail Order Bride Romance
U.S. Marshal Joshua Egan has a vengeance on his mind when he orders a mail order bride to care for his motherless children. A gang of outlaws murdered his dear wife during a stagecoach robbery gone wrong and Joshua’s only need now is for justice. When Rachel Maitland arrives with her innocent eyes and kind smile, she breaks the shield around his heart to pieces, like water flowing through a canyon. He can’t keep her out, no matter how hard he tries, and no matter the risk.
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Author: Spencer, Sarah
Indian Cooking
Inside this book, you’ll find:
•Delicious breakfast recipes such as the Low-Calorie Oats Idli Recipe and the Paneer Paratha
•Traditional curry recipes like the Potato Curry and the Chicken Tikka Masala
•Fulfilling lentils recipes like the Dal Makhani and the Mango Dal Recipe
•Nourishing rice recipes such as the Tamarind Rice and the Chicken Dum Biryani
•Delightful vegetable dishes like the Kadhi Bhindi Recipe (Okra in Yogurt Gravy) and the Baigan Ka Bharta (Eggplant Stir-Fry)
•Delicious pickle recipes such as the Green Chili Pickle and the Amla Ka Achar
•Tasty Indian bean curry recipes such as the Rajma and the Green Bean Curry
•Luscious dessert recipes such as the Turmeric Halwa and the Puran Poli (Sweet Lentil Stuffed Flatbread)

Marriage Vacation (affiliate link)

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Author: Brooks, Pauline
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Humorous Fiction

By all appearances, Kate Carmichael has the perfect life: two adorable daughters, a prewar townhouse on the Upper East Side, and a husband who runs one of the most successful publishing companies in New York.

But when Kate attends a wedding and reconnects with successful friends from graduate school, she suddenly sees her life in a different light: the career she didn’t pursue, the dreams she’s locked away, the empty veneer of her privilege.

When the wedding weekend ends, instead of heading home to her husband and family, Kate gets on a plane and flies halfway around the world. She claims it’s just going to be for a week—two max—just so she can clear her head and reconnect with her lost dreams. But the adventure doesn’t go quite as planned.

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Author: Baker, Ginger
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Biographies of Composers & Musicians
Peter ‘Ginger’ Baker is a legend. A pioneering drummer who transcends genre, he’s done much to popularise world music with his fierce passion for the rhythms of Africa. He is that rare thing – both critically acclaimed and globally successful. He has also lived a life more rock’n’roll than most.Ginger tells his story for the first time. It’s often harrowing but outrageously honest as he journey’s from war-torn south London to his adopted home in South Africa’s beautiful Western Cape – where he has his own polo club. Along the way he tells of his life-long love of jazz, how he discovered the drums, life on the road and reveals the heroin use that should have killed him.
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Author: Mecca, Cecelia
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Historical Scottish Fiction

He cared only for duty—until he met the one woman who could claim his heart.

My mission is clear.

I’m to go to Murwood End, the land of the Voyagers, to retrieve the king’s secret son. With the heir dead, it’s our only hope for saving our kingdom from those who would destroy us.

But complications arise from the start. No one knows when the king’s son will return from his latest mission, or at least no one will say. And his closest friend—a woman, a Garra—seems to loathe me on sight. A further complication: I’m completely captivated by her. In Meria, Garra practice their healing arts in secret, but there’s nothing covert about this bold, beautiful woman.

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Author: Holcombe, Larry
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Occult UFOs

The UFO enigma has been part of our culture since the 1940s and building to a worldwide explosion of acceptance today. Now, as governments around the world open their files and records on internal UFO investigations, the US remains steadfast in its denial of interest in the UFO issue. As more of the world’s population accepts the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence, the demand is building for disclosure from the United States.

Using newly declassified and Freedom of Information Act documents, eyewitness accounts, interviews, and leaked documents being authenticated, THE PRESIDENTS AND UFOS details the secret history of UFOs and the corresponding presidential administration.

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Author: Goins, Jeff
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Writing Skill Reference

Becoming a writer begins with a simple but important belief: You are a writer; you just need to write.

In You Are a Writer, Jeff Goins shares his own story of self-doubt and what it took for him to become a professional writer. He gives you practical steps to improve your writing, get published in magazines, and build a platform that puts you in charge. This audiobook is about what it takes to be a writer in the 21st Century. You will learn the importance of passion and discipline and how to show up every day to do the work.

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Author: Gkirgkiris, Dimitrios, Multiverse, Apocosmos
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Urban Fantasy

Alex is a game developer though he’d much rather stream RPG classics or spend time with Louie. That’s his adorable corgi.
He also hates people. Not in a homicidal way but rather in an extremely-antisocial one.
Unless you hurt Louie.

In such an instant, Alex is pulled in the Apocosmos, where our whole world is just a blip in a colorful tapestry of million others.
A multiverse ruled by a strict system.
Where Norse, Greek, and Celtic pantheons clash.
Where dwarves craft, dragons hoard, and vampires don’t glitter.
A world that is as cruel as epic.

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Author: McNear, Mary
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Friendship Fiction

For the lovely Billy Harper, Butternut Lake is the place she feels most at home, even though lately she feels the only one listening to her is Murphy…her faithful Labrador Retriever. Her teenage son, Luke, has gone from precious to precocious practically overnight. Her friends are wrapped up in their own lives, and Luke’s father, Wesley, disappeared before his son was even born. No wonder she prefers to spend time with a good book, especially ones where everything ends in perfection.

But Billy is about to learn that anything is possible during the heady days of summer. Coming to terms with her past—the death of her father, the arrival of Cal Cooper, a complicated man with a definite interest in Billy, even the return of Wesley, will force her to have a little bit of faith in herself and others…and realize that happiness doesn’t always mean perfection.

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