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Author: Schwartz, Jinx
International Mystery & Crime


Hetta, her dog, and parrot—along with a band of zany friends and frenemies—make for one rousing adventure after another. In Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, an endangered species is on the very precipice of total extinction, but taking on a vicious cartel to save a little porpoise might be a mite on the difficult side.

Can they do it?

The clock is ticking.

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Author: Zafiro, Frank, Conway, Colin
Hard-Boiled Mysteries

A young woman has been murdered in River City. Police Detective John Tower is assigned to the case but there are few clues to go on. As he digs into the case, he’s soon picking up hints that this murder may not be the killer’s first … or his last.

Virgil Kelly lives in the shadowy world of the criminal underground. He’s just arrived in River City with a single-minded mission: find his daughter’s killer and bury him.

In his search for a murderer, Tower uses his experience and training along with all the expertise of modern forensics.

In the hunt for his prey, Kelley uses intimidation and violence, tools which he wields with precision and anger.

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Author: Beauman, Cate
Romantic Suspense

They bring out the worst in each other until they’re running for their lives…

Morgan Taylor, D.C. socialite and wildlife biologist, leads a charmed life until everything changes with a phone call. Her research team has been found dead—slaughtered—in backcountry Montana.

As the case grows cold, Morgan is determined to unravel the mystery behind her friends’ gruesome deaths. Despite the dangers of a murderer still free, nothing will stand in her way, not even the bodyguard her father hires, L.A.’s top Close Protection Agent, Hunter Phillips.

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Author: Potts, Meredith
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When Melody Clue’s life is threatened, her entire world is turned upside down.

For the private investigator, this is a nightmare scenario.

Especially since the threat came from an anonymous source.

Suddenly, Melody finds herself looking over her shoulder, wondering if trouble is just around the next corner.

Rather than taking this terrible situation sitting down, she decides to use her investigative skills to try to uncover where the threat came from.

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Author: Monroe, Justin
Cyberpunk Science Fiction
In the bleak, not too distant future, most people with the ability have fled online to the virtual reality, OVR World Online. Zachary “Zee” Jones was never going to be able to afford to become a player. Until he was arrested after committing a crime to save his mother’s life and included in the Inmate Player Program. Even without perception filters to limit his pain, it was better than the alternative sentences. He has the opportunity to earn more money in a 5-year sentence than he could have in his entire life as a hospital janitor.
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Author: Hartley, Gemma
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Gender Studies

From Gemma Hartley, the journalist who ignited a national conversation on emotional labor, comes Fed Up, a bold dive into the unpaid, invisible work women have shouldered for too long—and an impassioned vision for creating a better future for us all.

Day in, day out, women anticipate and manage the needs of others. In relationships, we initiate the hard conversations. At home, we shoulder the mental load required to keep our households running. At work, we moderate our tone, explaining patiently and speaking softly. In the world, we step gingerly to keep ourselves safe. We do this largely invisible, draining work whether we want to or not—and we never clock out. No wonder women everywhere are overtaxed, exhausted, and simply fed up.

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Author: Caverly, Carol
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

ALL THE OLD LIONS: On her first assignment—unravel the mystery of Halfway Halt, a defunct brothel in Hijax, Wyoming—Thea must ply townsfolk who don’t want their secrets revealed, and finger a murderer…if she wants to survive.

FROGSKIN AND MUTTONFAT: In Wyoming with old flame Max Holman to interview the 82-year-old Kid Corcoran, last of the old-time bandits, Thea is caught up in a maelstrom of greed, murder, and revenge when a local reporter is found knifed to death in Thea’s room.

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Author: Sultan, Jamey
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Dungeons & Dragons Gaming

A paramedic turned arcane warrior.
An unforgiving world that weeds out the weak.
A secret that will bring the Gods to their knees.

James has no idea why he was ripped from his life as a paramedic and transported to a strange new world with rules like those of a video game. But he knows he has to adapt quickly, as ending up in a spider’s belly was never high on his to-do list

With only a vague quest, a mysterious brand, and promises of help from a cantankerous old lady to guide him, James must level up into the warrior this strange, yet beautiful world so desperately needs. New allies join him on his journey, as they venture to the Dwarven City high in the Crimson Mountains in pursuit of the first clue.

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Author: Hartshorn, Don
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Vigilante Justice
Ten years ago, a capital murder case in the heart of Texas split the Lynch family in two. Now, estranged lawyer brothers Travis and Jake Lynch find themselves on opposing sides of the courtroom in a high-profile, grisly double murder case—with another accused criminal’s life on the line. Conscience-stricken Travis left his high-powered law firm to become a public defender, while bullish Jake rose to become District Attorney. The case pits brother against brother in a contest of wits, wills, and legal savvy that will shake the justice system to its core: both Lynches are convinced they’re in the right, but the truth turns out to be more complicated—and deadly—than either could have possibly imagined.

Vagina: A Cultural History (affiliate link)

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Author: Wolf, Naomi
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Human Sexuality

One of our bestselling and most respected cultural critics, Naomi Wolf, acclaimed author of The Beauty Myth and The End of America, brings us an astonishing work of cutting-edge science and cultural history that radically reframes how we understand the vagina—and, consequently, how we understand women.

A “New Biography,” Vagina is at once serious, provocative, and immensely entertaining—a radical and endlessly fascinating exploration of the gateway to female consciousness from a remarkable writer and thinker at the forefront of the new feminism.

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Author: Lowry, Emily
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Romantic Comedy

The All-Star Quarterback. A Fake Relationship. A Sweet and Unexpected Love.

Abby Murrow is an introverted investigative journalist for a school paper that no one reads. When Abby’s long-time crush, the school paper’s editor, assigns her to write about the social life of Evermore High, she’s forced to get a real taste of high school. But how do you write about a social life you’ve never had?

Chase Jones is the all-star quarterback at Evermore High. He’s a total catch – friendly, handsome, and popular. So why do all of his relationships end exactly three weeks after being featured on the school’s gossip app?

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Author: Moss, Abe
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Occult Suspense

Ruby’s next-door neighbors are delighted to invite a real-life author into their circle. That’s where she’s introduced to 17th century author Verna Langley. With a huge portrait of the dead woman hung in their reading room, it’s obvious Ruby’s neighbors are more than mere fans, and after cracking open one of her books, Ruby soon learns the haunting reason why…

Something lies dormant within Verna’s pages. Something not of this world, waiting centuries to be awakened. Now it calls to Ruby. As her sanity steadily starts to crumble–with her own past demons biting at her heels–she must stop its spread before it consumes everything she holds dear…

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