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Author: Daley, Kathi
Romantic Suspense 
Rescue Alaska is a small town in northern Alaska where visitors come to hike and ski. Harmony Carson is a lifelong resident who volunteers as a member of the local search and rescue team. Harmony has a unique gift which she often considers a curse. She is able to ‘see’ the individuals she is meant to help rescue, and more often than not she can feel their fear and their pain as well. When she isn’t aiding in a rescue, Harmony works at Neverland – the bar owned by her brother in law Jake, and volunteers at the local animal shelter. Harmony lives in a rustic cabin with six dogs, four cats, six kittens, eight rabbits, and a blind mule named Homer.
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Author: Hastings, Jennifer
Brunch & Tea Cooking

Crepes are super slim French pancakes that can be made sweet or savory and provide a very versatile feast. Whip, flip, stuff and serve your own for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless. We have collected the most delicious recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Crepes with Ricotta & Cranberry
Crepes with Oatmeal & Apples
Crepes with Spinach & Mozzarella
Crepes with Potatoes & Curry
Crepes with Chocolate & Almonds

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Author: Nixon, Eli
Science Fiction Adventure
Raymond Anderson has lived his entire life in Joshuah Hill, a nowhere town where holding down a job is hard and being a junkie is harder.
But when his small-town life is thrown into chaos by what appears to be the zombie apocalypse, Ray and his closest friends discover that their deadly lifestyle may just be the key to staying alive.
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Author: Aighton, Virginia
Letters & Correspondence
This is a true story: a romantic, amusing and occasionally moving account of a soldier’s personal experiences during the Second World War, as told through his letters to his sweetheart. Collated and edited by his daughter, these letters are full of intimate and fascinating detail about the real day-to-day experiences of the life, thoughts and hopes of an ordinary Lancashire lad in extraordinary times. Covering the period 1940 to 1945, Jim writes from the heart, and we follow this idealistic young man as he meets the challenges of wartime, with quiet courage, wit and growing wisdom.
After a brief prologue, the story is told through his letters, interspersed with photographs and factual details about the events unfolding on the larger stage, worldwide.
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Author: Shanks, Vikie , Barrett-Lee, Lynne
Biographies & Memoirs of Women

When Vikie Shanks met Paul, he seemed to be everything a girl could ever want.

Handsome, attentive, caring and musically gifted, he felt like the antidote to all the bad things that had happened in her life. Sexually abused by her eldest brother and dominated by a violent father, Vikie’s childhood ended with the death of her mother when she was just sixteen.

Unravelled is the story of Vikie’s life with Paul, and the years in which his behaviour and mental state became increasingly erratic. It’s the account of his casual cruelty, his spying, his inexplicable and sudden rages before he committed suicide; of his growing obsession with having more and more children, and of naming them according to a precise set of rules; of how, over a period of years, he all but gutted their family home, tearing down most of the internal walls and removing almost everything but basic furniture, while simultaneously creating a secret home for himself, made out of plywood, in what used to be a shed; and of his secret diaries – the tens of thousands of entries he made, documenting every minute of every day.

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Author: Crawford, Jackson
Canning & Preserving

If you learn how to pickle, you’ll be able to control the ingredients to make a healthy snack. If you’re really feeling daring, you can try some of the recipes in this book to pickle some fruits, eggs and meats. Now you can learn to pickle food for your health and for fun. We have collected over 30 of the most delicious recipes from around the world. Enjoy!

Pickled Jalapenos
Pickled Apples
Pickled Garlic
Pickled Shrimp
Pickled Watermelon
Pickled Pig’s Feet
Pickled Carrots

Everything is Fine (affiliate link)

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Author: Harvey, Gillian
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Romantic Comedy

Jessica Bradley has it all: the perfect boyfriend; influential healthy-eating blog; successful PR company and wonderful daughter, Anna. Or at least that is what her thousands of followers believe.

The truth is, her boyfriend just broke up with her in four words on a post-it; her zest for healthy-eating has all but disappeared; her PR success is all reliant on her now not-so-honest online-life and she just got caught eating her daughter’s Coco-Pops.

So as they say: fake it ’til you make it. A few little white lies and phoney smiling selfies and Jess can keep up appearances. But when her real-life starts to spiral out of control how can Jess tell the truth from the lies? And will she be able to seize real happiness when it is right in front of her?

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Author: Ells, Blake
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Music History & Criticism
FAME Publishing first opened in 1959 and produced hits for great musicians like Etta James, Clarence Carter and Aretha Franklin. Not long after, the city of Muscle Shoals became known as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World.” FAME was the foundation that produced Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, the Nutthouse and Sundrop Sound at Single Lock Records’studios that gave a voice to artists like Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and John Paul White. A new generation, including the Pollies and Doc Dailey & the Magnolia Devil, today carries the tradition of great music. Through extensive research, and enriched with interviews from those who lived it, local author Blake Ells chronicles the epic story that started with FAME.

Secrets of a Happy Marriage (affiliate link)

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Author: Kelly, Cathy
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Women’s Friendship Fiction

Bess is happy and in love with her new husband Edward, a recent widow. However, when she plans a big celebration for Edward’s birthday, this May-December romance goes into a tailspin. She quickly realizes that joining a family isn’t going to be as easy as she thought. Especially when it comes to getting along with her step-daughter, Jojo, who can’t seem to come to terms with her fathers new marriage, all the while battling inner-demons of her own. Jojo relies on her cousin Cari, a fierce career-woman who isn’t unnerved by anything except for facing the man who left her at the alter–the man who Bess invited to the party.

Thanks to laughter, tears and a big surprise, the Brannigans might just discover the secrets of a happy marriage. . . But will they find out before it’s too late?

The Last Green Valley: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Sullivan, Mark
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Biographical Fiction

In late March 1944, as Stalin’s forces push into Ukraine, young Emil and Adeline Martel must make a terrible decision: Do they wait for the Soviet bear’s intrusion and risk being sent to Siberia? Or do they reluctantly follow the wolves—murderous Nazi officers who have pledged to protect “pure-blood” Germans?

The Martels are one of many families of German heritage whose ancestors have farmed in Ukraine for more than a century. But after already living under Stalin’s horrifying regime, Emil and Adeline decide they must run in retreat from their land with the wolves they despise to escape the Soviets and go in search of freedom.

Caught between two warring forces and overcoming horrific trials to pursue their hope of immigrating to the West, the Martels’ story is a brutal, complex, and ultimately triumphant tale that illuminates the extraordinary power of love, faith, and one family’s incredible will to survive and see their dreams realized.

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Author: Wiest, Brianna
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Philosophy & Spiritual Growth
In her second compilation of published writing, Brianna Wiest explores pursuing purpose over passion, embracing negative thinking, seeing the wisdom in daily routine, and becoming aware of the cognitive biases that are creating the way you see your life. This book contains never before seen pieces as well as some of Brianna’s most popular essays, all of which just might leave you thinking: this idea changed my life.

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