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Author: Kane, Remington
Pulp Thrillers

Contains a dozen tales dealing with Time Travel, Suspense, Mystery, and a hit man named Tanner.

Anger Management, Second Date, and Competition have appeared in the short story collection titled: Dropping My Shorts.
Whisper in the Pines and A Dark and Deadly Place were also previously published.
The Grandfather Paradox, The Grandson Paradox, Theoretical, Auld Lang Time, and its sequel, Retrieval were all previously published under the Pen Name of Nick Reynolds.
The Tanner Short Story, TANNER EIGHT? and A STONE’S THROW – AULD LANG TIME 3 were written for this collection and have never been published before.

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Author: Montgomery, K.L.
Religious Mysteries

When tragedy strikes the Bryce Beach Public Library, the choice is clear for librarian Sunshine Baker: solve the mystery or lose her job.

Despite having no prior sleuthing experience, Sunshine feels uniquely qualified due to her ninja YA librarian skills and all those Nancy Drew books she read as a kid. With the help of children’s librarian Molly Simmons and cataloguer Evangeline Dupree, Sunshine and her colleagues scour Bryce Beach for suspects, clues, and the stolen treasure.

Can she and her squad recover the proceeds from the library’s annual fundraising gala and Bryce Beach’s most priceless historical artifact, the Bible with the town’s founding fathers’ signatures?

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Author: Wilker, John
Adventure Science Fiction

He’s been stranded beyond the stars for years. When he buys himself a down-and-out squad, he crash-lands into a whole galaxy of trouble….

Lone human Wil Calder is bored out of his freakin’ mind. So when he gets word of a couple of criminals being hauled to a penal colony, he figures he’s got a sweet deal to offer: join his crew and he’ll help clear their names. But he quickly finds he’s bought a black hole of misfortune with the two disgraced convicts knowing things that they shouldn’t know. Things that will get all of them killed.

Desperate for fast money to go legit, Wil takes on one last illegal job to rob a heavily guarded space station. But when the motley band stumbles across an interstellar conspiracy, the ill-equipped ship captain must decide how far he’ll fly to bring justice to his team and the rest of the universe.

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Author: Sparrow, Steven
Home-Based Small Businesses
Have you always dreamed of attaining financial freedom? Or maybe you’d like to try taking your life into your own hands and earn your money online? Are you looking for an online business that does not require a fortune and phenomenal skills to get started? Maybe you’d like to consider generating great profits on its own, in a completely passive mode?
Well then you’re in luck; this wonderful book, which has been put together by an author who now owns a 7-figure online business, an entrepreneur with a lot experience, is sharing his success with anyone who wants to develop and realize their personal model of success. Especially for people who cannot let their lives and careers be taken out of their hands. You don’t have to adapt to the world of work. Better learn how the world of work adapts to you. After all, it’s your life, your career, your game!

When Angels Fall (WeHo Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Hancock, Sherryl
Military Romance

Skyler Boché survived the war, as well as a horrific crash that should have killed her and her entire crew. Now, every day she has to deal with the aftermath and the crippling PTSD that’s tearing her apart.

Devin James is a wild child. Headstrong and beautiful, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s drawn to Skyler in a way she can’t explain and refuses to give up on her, no matter how much Skyler tries to push her away. Through all the love, loss, and heartache, she’ll find that when angels fall, they sometimes need a little help to get back up.

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Author: Octopus (Bookazine)
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Liquor, Spirits & Mixed Drinks

The first cocktail book to put the mixers centre-stage, from brilliant Fever-Tree brand and created by leading bartenders around the world.

Rather than starting with the spirits, this book focuses on key mixers – including tonic, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer and cola. Leading bartenders have created 125 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes that make the most of the botanical partnerships.

The book also explores the origins of key ingredients, including quinine, lemons and elderflower, revealing the role quinine has played in geo-politics, for example, and the impact different herbs have on taste. In the way that we increasingly want to know the source and production methods of the food we eat, so this guide allows you to understand more fully what we drink – and use that knowledge to create the most delicious cocktails.

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Author: Hua, Vanessa
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Asian American Literature
In her powerful collection, first published in 2016 and now featuring new stories, Vanessa Hua gives voice to immigrant families navigating a shifting America. Tied to their ancestral and adopted homelands in ways unimaginable in generations past, these memorable characters span both worlds but belong to none, illustrating the conflict between self and society, tradition and change. This all–new edition of Deceit and Other Possibilities marks the emergence of a remarkable writer.
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Author: Swallow, James
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Espionage Thrillers

Marc Dane is a MI6 field agent at home behind a computer screen, one step away from the action. But when a brutal attack on his team leaves Dane the only survivor—and with the shocking knowledge that there are traitors inside MI6—he’s forced into the front line.

Matters spiral out of control when the evidence points toward Dane as the perpetrator of the attack. Accused of betraying his country, he must race against time to clear his name. With nowhere to turn to for help and no one left to trust, Marc is forced to rely on the elusive Rubicon group and their operative Lucy Keyes. Ex US Army, Lucy also knows what it’s like to be an outsider, and she’s got the skills that Dane needs.

Prague Spring: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Mawer, Simon
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British & Irish Literary Fiction

In the summer of 1968–a year of love and hate, of Prague Spring and Cold War winter–Oxford students James Borthwick and Eleanor Pike set out to hitchhike across Europe, complicating a budding friendship that could be something more. Having reached southern Germany, they decide on a whim to visit Czechoslovakia, where Alexander Dubček’s “socialism with a human face” is smiling on the world.

Meanwhile, Sam Wareham, First Secretary at the British embassy in Prague, is observing developments in the country with both a diplomat’s cynicism and a young man’s passion. In the company of Czech student Lenka Konečková, he finds a way into the world of Czechoslovak youth, its hopes and its ideas. For the first time, nothing seems off limits behind the Iron Curtain.

Arroyo: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Jacobs, Chip
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City Life Fiction
Set against two distinct epochs in the history of Pasadena, California, Arroyo tells the parallel stories of a young inventor and his clairvoyant dog in 1913 and 1993. In both lives, they are drawn to the landmark Colorado Street Bridge, or “Suicide Bridge,” as the locals call it, which suffered a lethal collapse during construction but still opened to fanfare in the early twentieth century automobile age. When the refurbished structure commemorates its 80th birthday, one of the planet’s best known small towns is virtually unrecognizable from its romanticized, and somewhat invented, past.
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Author: Anderson, Lily
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Young Adult Romantic Comedy

Trixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year: to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store, and to place third in her class and knock Ben West–and his horrendous new mustache that he spent all summer growing—down to number four.

Trixie will do anything to get her name ranked over Ben’s, including give up sleep and comic books—well, maybe not comic books—but definitely sleep. After all, the war of Watson v. West is as vicious as the Doctor v. Daleks and Browncoats v. Alliance combined, and it goes all the way back to the infamous monkey bars incident in the first grade. Over a decade later, it’s time to declare a champion once and for all.

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Author: Ricciardi, Holly
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Pie Baking

Since 2012, the pocket-size shop on South Street in Philadelphia has been turning out flaky crusts and luscious fillings. Now this book serves up Magpie’s seasonal menu for home bakers everywhere: the fruity, creamy, and nutty pies; hand pies, pot pies, and quiches; and even pie shakes and pie “fries,” all fine-tuned to exacting standards and with lots of step-by-step instruction for that all-important crust.

Baker-owner Holly Ricciardi’s upbringing deep in the Central Pennsylvania countryside provided the basis for Magpie’s perfect synthesis of classic favorites and new twists-alongside down-home favorites like Sweet Crumb Pie and Shoofly Pie you’ll find Holly’s bourbon-infused update of her great-grandmother’s special butterscotch pie as well as the ingenious (and instant-sellout) Cookie Dough Hand Pies.

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Author: Lamprell, Mark
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Women’s Humorous Fiction
Alice, an art student in New York City, has come to Rome in search of adventure and inspiration before settling down with her steady, safe fiancé. Meg and Alec, busy parents and successful business people from LA, are on a mission to find the holy grail, a certain blue tile that will make their home renovation complete—but soon it becomes clear that their marriage needs a makeover as well. Connie and Lizzie are women of a certain age—“Sometimes I look at my laughter lines and wonder what on earth could have been that funny”—who come from London to scatter the ashes of their beloved husband and brother. Both women are seemingly done with romance, but Rome has other ideas.

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