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Author: Ransom, Ramona
Cozy Culinary Mystery
When a city girl feels like a fish out of water…
Sometimes she just needs to get her feet wet.
Come spend a weekend in beautiful Lake Wilawalo, and get ready for fun, as you find clues alongside a most unlikely amateur sleuth.
What’s Senior Financial Advisor, Nessa Pierce, to do when she finds herself wanting to help keep her grandfather’s bakery running, after her grandmother passes? Why, she picks up everything and considers making a new start in the sweet little town of Lake Wilawalo.
Does she bake? Of course not.
Is she prepared for life in a small town, surrounded by a quirky cast of characters? Maaaaybeeee…
When murder is afoot in the peaceful town, Nessa thinks her way through the situation by hitting the kitchen and whipping up a No-Bake dessert that knocks her socks off. In the midst of adversity, she realizes that she doesn’t have to bake in order to help her grandfather’s bakery keep going. She can pitch in by creating No-Bake items. Or can she?
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Author: Weldon, Rosie
Biographies & Memoirs

‘My autistic fight song’ is a memoir that follows Rosie Weldon’s journey from a college drop out as she tries to achieve her dream of being a qualified accountant. With the odds stacked against her and the stakes high, she refuses to give up on her dream.

Of two things Rosie was sure. First, she wanted to be an accountant. Second, she was destined to be alone. But when life threw at her an autism diagnosis and a mystery girl, she was left asking: who would employ her and was she capable of falling in love?

‘My autistic fight song’ is an honest and raw account of facing life as the underdog. When everyone around her doubts if she can, can she prove them wrong?

‘My autistic fight song’ sees Rosie face high school, sexuality, relationships, mental illness, education and work life.

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Author: Griffith, Jennifer
Clean & Wholesome Romantic Comedy

Flirty talk is a fine art.

Art curator Ava Young has zero interest in shallow, frat-boy types like Kellen McMullen. Who cares about his billion dollars? Unless he’s going to underwrite the next art exhibit, he can take his moolah and—walk.

Not that a guy like Kellen McMullen—or any other guy—notices Ava. Her dowdy man-suits and sensible shoes keep them glancing right past her.

But when her crush taunts her cruelly, Ava snaps. Overnight, she gives herself a sexy makeover that has heads turning, and guys flirting.

Just as her changes go live, a priceless artwork receives a serious threat, and Ava is responsible to safeguard it. With the men lining up to help, should Ava trust charming billionaire Kellen or hunky FBI Agent Ford?

It could depend on who flirts best.

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Author: Alsop, Cheree
Galactic Empire Science Fiction

When Captain Nova Ardis acquires the services of a dangerous, tattooed gladiator, she knows she’s taking a risk—but she would do anything for family.
Kove has survived most of his life in the gladiator arena and now, on the eve of winning his freedom, he is sold once again. At least being the captain’s bodyguard shouldn’t be too hard compared to the bloody life he’s lived.

When she takes him to the forbidden planet and embarks on a mission to rescue her brother, Kove will have to call upon all his skills to keep himself—and the woman he’s falling for—alive.

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Author: Brooks, Abby
Women’s Action & Adventure Fiction

I lost my journal. No big deal, right? It’s only the most honest parts of me. Raw. Uncensored. Humiliating. It’s a race against time to get it back before someone finds it.

Except someone did find it. And read it. AND COMMENTED.

Sexual boundaries aren’t just crossed in his message, they’re obliterated. His words drop my jaw and flush my cheeks, then piss me off. He has the audacity to demand I contact him. Not gonna happen, buddy.

Except, after a tequila-fueled tirade, I do just that…

The man I find overflows with kindness and humor and depth. I don’t even know his name, but I fall in love with his mind, opening up in ways I never have with anyone. I’m vulnerable. Bare. Real.

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Author: Hansen, John

With the help of This Book (and chess, of course), you will:

Go Through A Proper Introduction to the Game of Chess and understand how vital role it has for its practitioners (only a few benefits were mentioned here, you are about to reveal many others)

Learn Easy and Effective Beginner Strategies to open the game, moves to tackle mid-game with, and tricks to wrap it up as a win (practice and master these to hop on the next level)

Experience A Dramatic Health Improvement while testing different game approaches

Lay The Foundation With Basic Opening Principles that will help you structure and visualize your strategy (before the game has even started)

Catch On WIth The Most Popular First Moves to effectively open the game and place your pieces to your advantage

Find A Great Abundance of Tactical Moves that only a few Grand Masters dare to pull off

… And Much More!

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Author: Lovesey, Peter
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
International Mystery & Crime

In the first entry to the series and winner of the 1992 Anthony Boucher Award for Best Mystery Novel, Diamond must locate two missing letters attributed to Jane Austen to solve the murder of the “Lady in the Lake.”

A woman’s body has been found floating in the weeds in a lake near Bath. There are no marks on her and no murder weapon. No one will identify her. It looks like Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond has his work cut out for him. Diamond is one of the last detectives of his kind, a gumshoe whose heroes solved crimes by question and answer, door stepping and deduction. To unravel this one, Diamond must locate two missing letters attributed to Jane Austen and defy his superiors in order to save a woman unjustly accused of murder.

The Lucky One: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Rader-Day, Lori
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Women’s Psychological Fiction

Most people who go missing are never found. But Alice was the lucky one…

As a child, Alice was stolen from her backyard in a tiny Indiana community, but against the odds, her policeman father tracked her down within twenty-four hours and rescued her from harm. In the aftermath of the crime, her family decided to move to Chicago and close the door on that horrible day.

Yet Alice hasn’t forgotten. She devotes her spare time volunteering for a website called The Doe Pages scrolling through pages upon pages of unidentified people, searching for clues that could help reunite families with their missing loved ones. When a face appears on Alice’s screen that she recognizes, she’s stunned to realize it’s the same man who kidnapped her decades ago. The post is deleted as quickly as it appeared, leaving Alice with more questions than answers.

Proof: The Science of Booze (affiliate link)

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Author: Rogers, Adam
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Food Science
Humans have been perfecting alcohol production for ten thousand years, but scientists are just starting to distill the chemical reactions behind the perfect buzz. In a spirited tour across continents and cultures, Adam Rogers takes us from bourbon country to the world’s top gene-sequencing labs, introducing us to the bars, barflies, and evolving science at the heart of boozy technology. He chases the physics, biology, chemistry, and metallurgy that produce alcohol, and the psychology and neurobiology that make us want it. If you’ve ever wondered how your drink arrived in your glass, or what it will do to you, Proof makes an unparalleled drinking companion.
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Author: McGowan, Kathleen
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Religious Historical Fiction

A gripping thriller and a profound spiritual journey that reveals the greatest story never told!

Two thousand years ago, Mary Magdalene hid a set of scrolls in the rocky foothills of the French Pyrenees, a gospel that contained her own version of the events and characters of the New Testament. Protected by supernatural forces, these sacred scrolls could be uncovered only by a special seeker, one who fulfills the ancient prophecy of l’attendue—The Expected One.

When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book, she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret, so revolutionary, that thousands of people have killed and died for it. She becomes deeply immersed in the mystical cultures of southwest France as the eerie prophecy of The Expected One casts a shadow over her life and work and a long-buried family secret comes to light. Ultimately she comes face-to-face with Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Judas, and Salome in the pages of a deeply moving and powerful new gospel, the life of Jesus as told by Mary Magdalene.

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Author: Ury, William
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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

William Ury, coauthor of the international bestseller Getting to Yes, returns with another groundbreaking book, this time asking: how can we expect to get to yes with others if we haven’t first gotten to yes with ourselves?

Renowned negotiation expert William Ury has taught tens of thousands of people from all walks of life—managers, lawyers, factory workers, coal miners, schoolteachers, diplomats, and government officials—how to become better negotiators. Over the years, Ury has discovered that the greatest obstacle to successful agreements and satisfying relationships is not the other side, as difficult as they can be. The biggest obstacle is actually our own selves—our natural tendency to react in ways that do not serve our true interests.

The Fishermen: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Obioma, Chigozie
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Historical Fiction
Told by nine-year-old Benjamin, the youngest of four brothers, The Fishermen is the Cain and Abel-esque story of a childhood in Nigeria, in the small town of Akure. When their father has to travel to a distant city for work, the brothers take advantage of his absence to skip school and go fishing. At the forbidden nearby river, they meet a madman who persuades the oldest of the boys that he is destined to be killed by one of his siblings. What happens next is an almost mythic event whose impact-both tragic and redemptive-will transcend the lives and imaginations of the book’s characters and readers.

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