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Author: Lundy, W. J.
Space Marine Science Fiction

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a introduction into the apocalyptic world of Staff Sergeant Brad Thompson.

Alone in a foreign land
The radio goes quiet while on convoy in Afghanistan, a lost patrol alone in the desert. With his unit and his home base destroyed, Staff Sergeant Brad Thompson suddenly finds himself isolated and in command of a small group of men trying to survive in the Afghan wasteland.

Every turn leads to danger
The local population has been afflicted with an illness that turns them into rabid animals. They pursue him and his men at every corner and stop. Struggling to hold his team together and unite survivors, he must fight and evade his way to safety.

A fast paced zombie war story like no other.

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Author: Bishop, David
Mystery Suspense Thrillers
Eleven years ago General Whittaker, long retired, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bought an alibi for his grandson who had been arrested for the murder of his fiancée, Ileana Corrigan, and the general’s unborn great grandson.
The charges were soon dropped and the grandson released. General Whittaker is dying and he can no longer ignore his doubts.
The question that has haunted him all these years must be answered. Did his money save his innocent grandson or cheat justice?

The Feedback Loop: (Book One) (affiliate link)

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Author: Cooper, Harmon
Role Playing & Fantasy Games

Quantum Hughes is the kind of guy who won’t back down from a fight. And it’s a damn good thing too, because he’s stuck in a violent noir world that is trying to murder him on a daily basis. The assassination attempts start at about 8:05 AM, and they continue from that point forward.

A chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Frances Euphoria puts Quantum on the fast track to electrifying action and gripping adventure. There’s also Dolly, his digital girlfriend for two subjective years, who holds a secret that will forever change his world. But everything isn’t fun and games for Quantum Hughes. A murder guild known as the Reapers are closing in, and they’re killing people in the process.

Will Quantum be able to stop them in time, or will the Reapers get to him first? And just how connected is he to the Reapers? Quantum is about to truly understand the meaning of life or death in a video game

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Author: Lockwood, Ingersoll
Action & Adventure Fiction
The novel recounts the fantastic adventures of the German boy Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, who goes by “Baron Trump”. One of the first places Baron visits is the land of the toothless and nearly weightless Wind Eaters, who inflate to beach-ball size after a meal. After Wind Eaters generously host Trump, he starts a fire and the adventures of our hero and his dog begin.
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Author: Luqman, Summer
Action & Adventure Literary Fiction

Yusra has spent a lifetime protecting her autistic brother, but when he is injured in a suspicious fall she discovers his secret life. Now she must use what she’s learned to help save his life.

Yusra’s earliest memory is of the vibrant marketplace in Al Hudaydah, where her autistic brother Someer was savagely beaten by a crowd who believed he was possessed by demons. Since that moment she has protected Someer and rejected superstition, and all of the invisible forces that make people do cruel and unthinking things.

But now Someer is unconscious in a New York hospital bed after falling from their apartment roof, and Yusra is discovering his secret world that she had never imagined possible.

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Author: Best, Dominika
Occult Supernatural

Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?

Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.

And its residents are dying…in droves.

Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.

Whiskey and Charlie (affiliate link)

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Author: Smith, Annabel
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Sibling Fiction

Whiskey and Charlie might have come from the same family, but they’d tell you two completely different stories about growing up. Whiskey is everything Charlie is not — bold, daring, carefree — and Charlie blames his twin brother for always stealing the limelight, always getting everything, always pushing Charlie back. By the time the twins reach adulthood, they are barely even speaking to each other.

When they were just boys, the secret language they whispered back and forth over their crackly walkie-talkies connected them, in a way. The two-way alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta) became their code, their lifeline. But as the brothers grew up, they grew apart.

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Author: Gabriel, Jon
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Paleo Diets

Join best-selling author and international weight loss expert, Jon Gabriel, as he teaches you the visualization technique he used to shed 220 pounds without restrictive dieting or deprivation.

Examining the importance of visualizing, Jon takes you through the latest research on the power of the mind in order to show why this technique is so effective for weight loss. With just a few minutes of visualization every day, you’ll learn how to:

• Break free from negative beliefs and patterns around food
• Reduce hunger and increase your metabolism
• Overcome the stresses and emotional issues that can lead to weight gain
• Rediscover the joy of movement
• Create healthy habits for life
• Eliminate junk food cravings and addictions
• Improve your sleep and increase your energy

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Author: Osborne, Peter
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Wheat-Free Diet

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, according to an Institute of Medicine report released in 2011. For many, chronic pain is part of an autoimmune disease, but all too often doctors turn to the same solution: painkilling drugs.

But all of this medication simply isn’t helping, and as Dr. Peter Osborne, the leading authority on gluten sensitivity and food allergies has found, the real solution often lies in what you eat. In No Grain, No Pain, Dr. Osborne shows how grains wreak havoc on the body by causing tissue inflammation, creating vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and triggering an autoimmune response that causes the body to attack itself. But he also offers practical steps to find relief. Using his drug-free, easy-to-implement plan, you will be able to eliminate all sources of gluten and gluten-like substances, experience significant improvement in fifteen days, and eliminate pain within thirty days.

Search for Love (affiliate link)

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Author: Roberts, Nora
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Contemporary Romance
When Serenity Smith’s parents passed away, she presumed she lost her only family. Then she receives word from a relative far from Washington D.C.—her grandmother, living on an estate in the beautiful Brittany region of France. But the hard-hearted Comtesse de Kergallen doesn’t welcome Serenity with open arms. Neither does her arrogant yet undeniably charming cousin Christophe. Both harbor resentments against the Smiths, believing they damaged the family’s aristocratic reputation. As Serenity sets out to clear her parents’ names, tension mounts between her and Christophe—escalating from adversarial to passionate…
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Author: Richey, Sheri
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Cozy Culinary Mysteries

When a crime stopper senior citizen starts to act oddly, a new business sells fake products and the New Year’s Eve fireworks display disappears, Mayor Cora Mae Bingham and the Spicetown Police Chief Conrad Harris have to get involved.

Cora keeps an eye on her quaint small town nestled in the southern hills of Ohio. Although Spicetown is sprinkled with culinary street names, stores full of spices, and quaint life-long citizens, out-of-towners can bring in a dicey element.

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Author: Trimm, Cindy
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Christian Leadership

Your yesterday does not define your tomorrow.

This book will set you free from the past, change the way you see yourself, and push you to pursue your future and all that God has for you.
Each of us is born with a seed of greatness, but in many of us, it never grows to maturity because we don’t realize our full potential. We continue to live day-to-day based on the failures, defeatist attitude, and purposelessness of the past rather than acknowledging that we were created for more.

Using insights gained from the Book of Genesis, Goodbye, Yesterday! teaches readers the 12 principles of faith they need to be set free from the past, change the way they see themselves, and move fully into all that God has for them to do and to be. It enables readers to renegotiate their future, redefine their destiny, reestablish their dominion in a world of chaos, and realize their full potential as God’s representatives on the earth.

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Author: McClain, Michelle
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Women’s Christian Living

Boldly change your life and those you influence by developing an ear to not only hear, but to also listen to God’s heart.

God released grace upon Anna to fast and pray unto the revelation of Jesus to the earth the first time. God is releasing a similar grace upon a whole generation of women who will operate in a similar anointing as Anna’s unto the revelation of Jesus to the earth in His second coming.

This book will be the catalyst for a prayer movement spreading all over the earth to usher in the greatest revival the planet has ever seen.

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