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Author: Freethy, Barbara
Contemporary Romance

Luke Brannigan lives for the adrenaline rush, which makes his job as a filmmaker of extreme sporting adventures the perfect career choice. He loves to travel the world, risking life and limb to capture the most amazing shot. Some might say he’s running away from something…or someone.

When Luke’s billionaire father Colin Brannigan dies unexpectedly, Luke is shocked to receive title to the mountain lodge where his parents first met. Having been estranged from his father for years, Luke has no idea why his dad picked him to inherit this very personal piece of property…until he realizes the pretty blonde manager is Lizzie Parker, his former college girlfriend.

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Author: Donovan, Kerry J
Military Thrillers

Security consultant and former Royal Marine Commando, Captain Ryan Kaine expects his crew to be the best. When executing classified government military contracts, they need to be.

The latest group of potential recruits are enthusiastic. By the time Kaine’s finished with them, they’ll know enthusiasm alone doesn’t cut it in a war zone.

When ‘retired’ soldier, Arthur ‘Big Jenks’ Jenkinson attends one of Ryan Kaine’s recruitment trials, he thinks he’s a shoo-in. Powerful, tough, and arrogant, Big Jenks strides into the assessment centre and asserts himself from the start. He’s ready to grind ‘Captain Runt’ under his boot heel and show the little pipsqueak what a real soldier can do.

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Author: Raven, James
Crime Thrillers

“Every time you appear on screen someone will die.”

That’s the stark warning given to Jessica Lee, the undisputed ‘Queen of Trash TV.’ She’s the host of a confessional talk show on network television with millions of fans. But one deranged viewer is out to destroy her career.

He demands that her programme be scrapped and tells her to stop appearing on TV. To prove he means business he claims his first victim – a young woman who is found dead with her throat cut. Jessica and her bosses face an agonising dilemma: take the show off the air or risk more murders. They decide to defy the killer, for fear of setting a dangerous precedent. But there are dire consequences…

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Author: Reinhart, Larissa
Romantic Comedy Mystery

Three Teen Choice Awards, One Emmy Nomination, and several Maxim covers later, Maizie Albright was an ex-teen star, stuck in reality show hell, and standing before a California judge.
She has one chance for a new life: return home to Black Pine, Georgia, and get a job that has nothing to do with show business.

So why not become a private detective—the person she played during the happiest days of her life?
Maybe because…
First: She’s got 10 days to get and keep the job.
Second: She has to convince the only private investigator in town to hire her.
Third: She lost the client’s wife on the first day. (And the woman may be dead…)

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Author: Woods , Lori
Mystery Anthologies

Olivia de Silva is a fresh and aspiring florist in the coastal town of Starport. As the doors of Starflower Florist open to the public, Olivia is distraught over a break-in that has wrecked her show-stopping bouquets. As Olivia picks up various clues, suspicions bloom that someone in Starport has it in for her.

The dazzling wealth of the elite residents of Starport serves as a blanket for the underlying mysteries that plague the town’s past and present. Olivia soon discovers that whether she likes it or not, she finds herself in a world of thriving scandal and violent bloodshed. As the new resident in town, Olivia must dig into a history she knows nothing about in order to uncover the seeds of truth.

Scorpionfish (affiliate link)

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Author: Bakopoulos, Natalie
Coming of Age Fiction
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After the unexpected deaths of her parents, academic Mira returns to her childhood home in Athens. On her first night back, she encounters a new neighbor, a longtime ship captain who has found himself, for the first time in years, no longer at sea. As one summer night tumbles into another, Mira and the Captain’s voices drift across the balconies of their apartments, disclosing details and stories: of careers, of families, of love.

For Mira, love has so often meant Aris, an ex-boyfriend and rising Greek politician who has recently become engaged to a movie star. There is, too, her love for her dear friend Nefeli—a well-known artist who came of age during the military dictatorship—as well as Dimitra and Fady, a couple caring for a young refugee boy. Undergirding each relationship is the love that these characters have for Athens, a beautiful but complicated city that is equal parts lushness and sharp edges.

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Author: Phillips, Reagan
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Crime Action Fiction


I’m not the kind of guy you come to for help. But, Bree Turner claims I’m the only person who can give her what she needs.

She’s a redhead with a body made for sin and curves that have my mouth watering. She makes me want to change my ways, but at what price?

I’d do anything to keep Bree safe on her journey for answers about her brother’s death, but when she digs into my past, all bets are off.

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Author: Phoenix, Jess
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Earthquakes & Volcanoes

As a volcanologist, natural hazards expert, and founder of Blueprint Earth, Jess Phoenix has dedicated her life to scientific exploration. Her career path—hard earned in the male-dominated world of science—has led her into still-flowing Hawaiian lava fields, congressional races, glittering cocktail parties at Manhattan’s elite Explorers Club, and numerous pairs of Caterpillar work boots. It has also inspired her to devote her life to making science more inclusive and accessible.

Ms. Adventure skillfully blends personal memoir, daring adventure, and scientific exploration, following Phoenix’s journey from reality television sites deep in Ecuadorian jungles to Andean glaciers, university classrooms to Death Valley in summer. She has even chased down members of a Mexican cartel to retrieve a stolen favorite rock hammer. Readers will delight in her unbelievable adventures, all embarked on for the love of science.

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Author: Starbuck, Margot
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Christian Marriage

With practical advice about how these sites work, what to expect, and when to join and quit, along with proven tips for making the most of them, The Grown Woman’s Guide equips readers with all they need to take the plunge.

Four years after an unexpected divorce, bestselling writer and funny lady Margot Starbuck found herself venturing into the unknown waters of online dating. What she discovered surprised her—and changed her. With her signature sharp wit and a solid biblical foundation, Margot shares what she learned, including how to:

determine which sites are best and what to expect;
write a first message that is most likely to get a response;
avoid common pitfalls in creating your profile; and
live out the truth that you are God’s beloved.

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Author: Stout, Jay A
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Aviation & Nautical Biographies & Memoirs

Born in the Philippines to an American father and a Filipina mother, George Cooper was one of the few surviving veteran pilots who saw action over such fearsome targets as Rabaul and Wewak. Not just another flag-waving story of air combat, Jayhawk describes the war as it really was—a conflict with far-reaching tentacles that gripped and tore at not only the combatants, but also their families, friends and the way they lived their lives.

Stout examines the story of Cooper’s growing up in gentle and idyllic pre-war Manila and how he grew to be the man he was. Stout reviews Cooper’s journey to the United States and his unlikely entry into the United States Army Air Forces. Trained as a B-25 pilot, Cooper was assigned to the iconic 345th Bomb Group and flew strafing missions that shredded the enemy, but likewise put himself and his comrades in grave danger.

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Author: Bell, Hettie
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Bisexual Romance

Poppy Adams doesn’t have a perfect life, and she wasn’t ready for the positive test. An unexpected baby—Poppy’s unexpected baby—won’t exactly have her family doing cartwheels. But she’s making the right choice.


Poppy’s totally got this. She just needs a little encouragement, and a knitting group is the perfect place to start. Baby blankets, booties, tiny little hats—small steps toward her new life. But she feels like she’s already dropped a stitch when she discovers the knitting group is led by the charismatic Rhiannon.

It’s not exactly a great time to meet the woman who might just be the love of her life. While the group easily shuffles around to make room for Poppy, it’s not so easy fitting her life and Rhiannon’s together. With the weeks counting down until her baby arrives, Poppy’s going to have to decide for herself what truly makes a family.

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Author: Ripper, Kris
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LGBTQ Romantic Comedy

Declan has commitment issues. He’s been an office temp for literally years now, and his friends delight in telling people that he left his last boyfriend at the altar.

And that’s all true. But he’s starting to think it’s time to start working on his issues. Maybe.

When Declan meets Sidney—a popular nonbinary YouTuber with an advice show—an opportunity presents itself: as part of The Love Study, Declan will go on a series of dates arranged by Sidney and report back on how the date went in the next episode.

The dates are…sort of blah. It’s not Sidney’s fault; the folks participating are (mostly) great people, but there’s no chemistry there. Maybe Declan’s just broken.

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