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Author: Grayson, C. J.
Crime Thrillers

Local detectives, DI Max Byrd and DI Orion Tanzy, along with a team of forensics, are called to a crime scene in the early hours after a woman and a baby have been abducted.

They can’t believe what they find. This sickening evil hasn’t been witnessed in Darlington for a very long time.

But when there’s another brutal murder shortly after, the detectives need to determine if this is the work of a serial killer, because of what happened on that night, many years ago?

Is it revenge, or is it justice?

Either way, the numbers will fall.

Darlington used to be a nice town.

It isn’t any more.

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Author: Prime Publishing
Jewelry Craft

We’ve collected 11 amazing seed bead jewelry patterns and projects to help you keep your bead hoarding tendencies at bay! From stunning necklaces, to fabulous earrings, and with plenty of gorgeous cuffs and bracelets in between, we’ve got all the jewelry patterns you need to say “Sayonara!” to that infinite seed bead abyss that is currently swallowing your craft room. So grab your beading thread and needle, and get ready to stitch up a storm with some stellar seed bead jewelry patterns!

Whether you use soft lace or super chunky yarn, you can’t go wrong with these super cool scarf patterns. Try a new stitch or take a chance on a new shape – you’ll love the results and will want to show off your piece to all of your friends.

The Bum Magnet (paid link)

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Author: Brady, K.L.
Romantic Comedy

Charisse Tyson’s got it all going on . . .

She’s a savvy, successful real-estate agent with a quick wit and a low tolerance for BS. Despite her dream house, luxury car, and appetite for life’s best, she seems to have her own special talent for attracting players—and, after 39 years, she’s ready for a change.

A holiday meltdown following a breakup with yet another Mr. Wrong prompts her to read a magazine article that holds the promise of changing her forever. Just five simple steps to transform her tedious love life to the stuff of legends.

Her hilarious attempt to follow the illuminating wisdom snares her romantic life into entanglements she can’t imagine how to escape, but it’s her twenty-seven-year-old secret that threatens to keep her from finding “the one.”

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Author: Hoover, Harry
Creativity Self Help

Learn The Secret To Building A Better Life
Author Harry Hoover learned these secrets while working for a creative agency, and now he shares creativity 101 with readers. Born Creative teaches you that:

Being able to spot issues and solve problems is a competitive advantage in any setting
Building your creative confidence boosts your self-confidence
Unlocking your creative visualization abilities puts you on the path to greater individual freedom
Mastering the ability to let ideas flow at will, breaking your creative block makes you realize that nothing can stand in your way

The Tinfish Run (paid link)

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Author: Bassett, Ronald
Military Naval History


A convoy of merchantmen with its naval escort ploughs through the Arctic seas towards northern Russia.

In the grey seas beneath them lurk the deadly U-boat packs and in the skies above, cloud hides the squadrons of dive-bombing Stukas.

Aboard V&W class destroyer Virtue, Ordinary Seaman ‘Lobby’ Ludd is making his first trip in the service of His Majesty …

Cockney Lobby Ludd, eighteen, fighting against U-boat “”tinfish”” (torpedoes), arctic gales, and bone-weariness, hears the ribald tales and learns the tricks and techniques of survival from his salty older shipmates.

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Author: Reed, Jaxon
Space Opera Science Fiction

The war is over and ex-Space Marines like Sergeant Gina Wilcox are transitioning to civilian life. For Wilcox, that means a career in law enforcement, complete with shootouts and other violent crimes.

But not everyone considers the war entirely over. When an old SSI code activates sleeper cells in the Republic’s capital, Wilcox and a team of veterans suddenly find themselves in the midst of a deadly cold war using high technology and facing even higher stakes.

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Author: Horowitz, Mitch
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New Age New Thought

No other book in history has done more to clarify the esoteric, mystical, and occult traditions of the world than Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Now, historian Mitch Horowitz provides the first companion work to Hall’s opus. The Seeker’s Guide to The Secret Teachings of All Ages helps 21st-century audiences enter and experience (or reexperience) Hall’s hallowed pages and also clarifies and expands on some of the book’s key themes and topics.

Mitch explores developments and historical discoveries since Hall published his “Great Book” nearly a century ago and adds fresh dimensions to subjects, including:

The antiquity and legacy of ancient Egypt
The mystical origins of the world’s major faiths
Strange beasts and anomalies in history and today
The origins and esotericism of Tarot

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Author: Hardy, Mina
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Domestic Thrillers

Five months ago, an accident left Diana Sparrow badly injured and missing a few months of her memory. As if that’s not enough, she’s started having recurring nightmares about the night of the accident. Dreams that feel so real, she’s left questioning: maybe she didn’t just slide off the road into a ditch. Maybe, just maybe, she hit something. Or someone.

She can’t turn to her former best friend Val, who’s been sleeping with Diana’s husband Jonathan for months, but she might find some comfort in newcomer Cole Pelham. Yet the closer they become, the more Diana begins to wonder what really happened that night – and how Cole might be connected. Worse, it seems everyone else could be involved, too.

Who was with her that night? What really happened? As her life unravels thread by thread and the dreams become too real to ignore, Diana will have to face the unthinkable – and do the unforgivable.

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Author: Quincy, Diana
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Regency Historical Romance

Desire knows no reason…

When Lady Delilah Chambers finds herself stranded at a country inn on a rain-swept evening, she’s forced to fend off a group of ruffians with the help of a handsome gentleman. Irresistibly drawn to each other, Leela and the stranger spend one reckless night in each others’ arms—and then go their separate ways. But the very next day Leela receives the shock of her life when she meets the duke who is set on wedding her beloved stepdaughter.

When it finds two destined hearts…

One night isn’t enough with a woman as fierce, fiery, and brilliant as Leela. Elliot Townsend, Duke of Huntington, cannot believe his good fortune when their chance encounter leads to an unforgettable evening of passion.

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Author: Martin, Faith
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

A Fatal Obsession
Ryder and Loveday investigate the mysterious death of a young woman, whilst a series of poison pen letters confound the police.

A Fatal Mistake
A student vanishes during a boat trip with friends, and Ryder and Loveday suspect a cover-up…

A Fatal Flaw
As a beauty contest gets underway, backstage dark secrets and murderous plans unfold – and Loveday is sent undercover to investigate.

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Author: Miller, Sav R.
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Mystery & Suspense


The men in my life think I owe them.

My father, his associates, the mafia. Everyone has a debt to collect, and somehow that burden falls to me.

I’m being forced into a loveless marriage to pay off my father’s debts when the capo of the Montalto outfit intervenes with an offer I can’t refuse: his hand in exchange for protection.

But I’m not the one who needs protecting.

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Author: The Care Collective, Chatzidakis, Andreas, Hakim, Jamie, Litter, Jo, Rottenberg, Catherine
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Politics & Social Sciences

We are in the midst of a global crisis of care. How do we get out of it?

The Care Manifesto puts care at the heart of the debates of our current crisis: from intimate care–childcare, healthcare, elder care–to care for the natural world. We live in a world where carelessness reigns, but it does not have to be this way.

The Care Manifesto puts forth a vision for a truly caring world. The authors want to reimagine the role of care in our everyday lives, making it the organising principle in every dimension and at every scale of life. We are all dependent on each other, and only by nurturing these interdependencies can we cultivate a world in which each and every one of us can not only live but thrive.

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Author: Riordan, J.F.
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Fiona Campbell is a newcomer to tiny Ephraim, Wisconsin. Populated with artists and summer tourists, Ephraim has just enough going on to satisfy her city tastes. But she is fascinated and repelled by the furthest tip of Door County peninsula, Washington Island, utterly removed from the hubbub of modern life. Fiona’s visits there leave her refreshed in spirit, but convinced that only lunatics and hermits could survive a winter in its frigid isolation. In a moment of weakness, Fiona is goaded into accepting a dare that she cannot survive the winter on the island in a decrepit, old house. Armed with some very fine single malt scotch and a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Fiona sets out to win the dare, and discovers that small town life is not nearly as dull as she had foreseen.

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