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Author: Muller, Susan C.
Mystery Romance

When Detective Adam Campbell learns that a WWll gun is connected to several murders he’s investigating, he hopes that tracking down the killer will be as easy as tracing the gun’s history. When he meets Jillian Whitmeyer, the last known owner of the weapon, the case becomes anything but simple.

Adam soon learns that people who get close to Jillian have a bad habit of turning up dead. Jillain claims that the spirit of her sister, accidentally killed with that same weapon, is responsible for the deaths. She warns Adam that he is likely to become the next victim. Adam’s been a lousy judge of women in the past and this one’s obviously a nut case. Or is she? How does a just-the-facts detective deal with a ghostly serial killer and the sexy-as-hell sister she won’t set free?

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Author: Carter, Solomon
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Could you risk it all to protect the innocent?

Private detectives Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley take on an unusual case to track down a runaway husband. But from the moment they take it on they are snared in a web of lust, lies and corruption and must risk everything to break free.. The sinister plot they uncover looks certain to destroy their love and claim their lives…

A simple case becomes anything but as Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are embroiled in a fiendish plot ready to destroy the lives of all those it touches…

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Author: Zafiro, Frank
Hard-Boiled Mysteries
When disgraced former cop Stefan Kopriva is asked by an old high school classmate to find a runaway sixteen year old girl, he reluctantly accepts. Driven by guilt over a terrible mistake that drove him from the force more than ten years earlier, Kopriva battles old injuries, old demons and long ago memories as he unravels the mystery of the missing Kris Sinderling…and seeks his own redemption.
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Author: Arpin-Ricci, Jamie
Writing Skill Reference

Are you an introvert with dreams of becoming a successful author? Unlock the power of your true self to take your writing career to the next level.
Are you worried that your introversion is holding you back? Do you dread writer groups and conferences? Are you afraid that you don’t have what it takes to put yourself out there and sell more copies? Author Jamie Arpin-Ricci has decades of experience mentoring professionals on personality types, and now he’s here to help you get the most out of your gifts too.

The Introvert Writer examines how to overcome the common obstacles of introversion and how to capitalize on your natural strengths. With Arpin-Ricci’s guidance, you’ll learn how to interact with the writing community and sell more copies without draining your energy. Inside this book, you’ll find the tools you need to reach your writing potential without sacrificing your true self.

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Various Authors
Classic Literature

This 2nd volume contains the following 50 works, arranged alphabetically by authors’ last names:

Jerome, Jerome K.: Three Men in a Boat
Joyce, James: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce, James: Ulysses
Kingsley, Charles: The Water-Babies
Kipling, Rudyard: Kim
La Fayette, Madame de: The Princess of Clèves
Laclos, Pierre Choderlos de: Dangerous Liaisons
Lawrence, D. H.: Sons and Lovers
Lawrence, D. H.: The Rainbow
Le Fanu, Sheridan: In a Glass Darkly
Lewis, Matthew Gregory: The Monk
Lewis, Sinclair: Main Street

… and many more …

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Author: Broman, Barry Michael
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Biographies of Espionage
Joining the CIA after fighting in Vietnam as a Marine, Broman’s first posting was war-torn Cambodia. He was present at the fall of Phnom Penh in 1975, escaping just before the Khmer Rouge took power. During his career, he was twice chief of station, once a deputy chief of station, and supervised an international paramilitary project in support of the Cambodian resistance to Vietnamese invaders. He was actively involved in several assignments in counternarcotics operations in Southeast Asia including a major “bust” that yielded 551 kilograms of high-grade heroin from a major drug trafficker. His “favorite agent” against a variety of “hard targets” was a fellow whose only demand was that his assignments be “life threatening.” He survived them all.
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Author: Wilson, Sarah K. L.
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Young Adult Historical Fantasy


Aella is the most relentless, determined seventeen-year-old in the Winged Empire’s newest settlement so of course when she manifests magic, it’s a renegade kind – the kind that gets people killed if they aren’t careful.

The only thing that seventeen-year-old Aella ever wanted was to keep raising horses with her sprawling family on the frontier of the Winged Empire.

But when the Winged Empire tests for magic, they’re looking for spirit-birds and Aella doesn’t manifest a spirit-bird – she manifests bees. An angry swarm of bees to be precise.

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Author: Chapman, Melissa A Priblo
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Equestrian Sports

Melissa Chapman was 23 years old and part of a happy, loving family. She had a decent job, a boyfriend she cared about, and friends she enjoyed. Yet she said goodbye to all of it. Carrying a puppy named Gypsy, she climbed aboard a horse and rode away from everything, heading west.

With no cell phone, no GPS, no support team or truck following with supplies, Chapman quickly learned that the reality of a cross-country horseback journey was quite different from the fantasy. Her solo adventure would immediately test her mental, physical, and emotional resources as she and her four-legged companions were forced to adapt to the dangers and loneliness of a trek that would span over 2,600 miles, beginning in New York State and reaching its end on the other side of the country, in California.

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Author: Smartt, Jessica
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Christian Family & Relationships

Bullying. Social media. Graphic video games. Elite sports teams. Anxiety. Depression. Whatever happened to just being a kid? As parents, we want to safeguard our children from the pressures and influences of the world but also prepare them for age-appropriate realities. So how do we find that balance?

Let Them Be Kids is Jessica’s offering of grace and confidence to moms, giving us practical ideas to meet the challenge. Her well-researched, tested methods, woven together with her personal stories and witty humor, deliver wisdom on tough topics, such as balancing family time vs. outside activities, the gift of being awkward and uncool, managing technology, protecting purity, showing grace when kids disobey, and more. Part story, part guidebook, every chapter includes doable strategies and encouragement for the journey, equipping moms with ways to provide a safe, healthy, Christ-centered upbringing for our children.

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Author: Pawa, Bal
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Healthy Living

In The Mind-Body Cure, Bal Pawa, MD shares her own story of chronic pain following a tragic car accident. Only when she recognized how stress hormones were disrupting every system in her body, from digestion to immunity to sleep, was she able to reclaim her health. Having healed herself—and many patients since—Dr. Pawa now shares the secrets to long-lasting health and wellness in The Mind-Body Cure.

Most people today are familiar with chronic stress—whether it’s family or work pressures, the anxiety we experience each day never seems to end. It may even feel like we’re always in fight-or-flight mode. As Dr. Pawa explains, the continuous and excessive release of stress hormones in our bodies are behind 75 percent of visits to a doctor’s office.

Letters from a Nut (paid link)

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Author: Nancy, Ted L.
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Humor Essays

Who is Ted L. Nancy?

He’s a superstitious Vegas high-roller who wants to gamble at a casino in his lucky shrimp outfit…

He’s the genius inventor of “Six Day Underwear”…

He’s a stage actor who only travels while dressed as a stick of butter…

He is, in reality, a twisted prankster—a supremely off-kilter alter ego who sends patently ridiculous letters to corporate honchos, entertainment conglomerates, national publications, politicians, celebrities and heads of state. His innocent requests, queries, complaints, demands, and suggestions are so absurd it is amazing they

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Author: Louise, Rebecca
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Weight Maintenance Diets

In It Takes Grit, fitness expert and mindset coach Rebecca Louise shares a practical no-BS guide to take your workouts, health, and motivation to the next level—along with a 30-day challenge to kick-start your results.

Through her ultrapopular YouTube channel and social media, Rebecca Louise has helped millions of people improve their mindset and achieve their wellness goals. Rebecca knows what it’s like to feel lost, unable to find the right career, live broke, go through a divorce, and struggle with a negative relationship with food. It wasn’t until she changed her mindset and started to master high-performance habits that she truly found her way to a career she loved and a healthy lifestyle.

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Author: Ferrarella, Marie
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Romantic Suspense

A P.I. on the hunt… with enemies too close to home!

After Brooks Colton refuses a disturbing assignment, he feels compelled to warn a teacher that she may have a stalker. Gwen Harrison charms him, as does her purpose in moving to Braxville—to find her missing mother. Given his skills, Brooks joins her search and finds relief in protecting her from a growing threat. But some dangers seep through even hardened defenses…and show what is worth fighting for.

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