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Author: Peterman, Robyn
Humorous Vampire Romance

Vampyres don’t exist. They absolutely do not exist.

At least I didn’t think they did ‘til I tried to quit smoking and ended up Undead. Who in the hell did I screw over in a former life that my getting healthy equates with dead?

Now I’m a Vampyre. Yes, we exist whether we want to or not. However, I have to admit, the perks aren’t bad. My girls no longer jiggle, my ass is higher than a kite and the latest Prada keeps finding its way to my wardrobe. On the downside, I’m stuck with an obscenely profane Guardian Angel who looks like Oprah and a Fairy Fighting Coach who’s teaching me to annihilate like the Terminator.

The Jade Emperor (paid link)

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Author: Jenkins, Suzanne
Family Life Fiction

After a stranger appears on their doorstep late one night, a picture-perfect family takes a side-trip to crazytown in this story of a soldier’s last chance at love.

What do twins Kelly and Karen have in common besides the same birthdate? Nothing, except they are inseparable. When a lifelong mystery regarding Kelly’s marriage is solved, the fragile relationship she has with Karen begins to fall apart, as do the lives of Kelly and her husband Steve’s children.

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Author: Wight, Will
Epic Fantasy

Simon can only watch, helpless, as his family is killed and his village destroyed by enemy Travelers–men and women who can summon mystical powers from otherworldly Territories. To top it off, one of Simon’s friends is revealed as a savior prophesied to destroy evil and save the realm.

Prophecy has nothing to say about Simon.

He has no special powers, no magical weapons, and no guarantee that he’ll survive. But he sets off, alone and unarmed, to earn the power he needs to oppose the Travelers and topple their ruthless Overlord. It may not be his destiny, but Simon is determined to save the day anyway.

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Author: Hill, Melissa
Women’s Literary Fiction

The Bay Hotel, perched on a clifftop above a sweeping bay, was once the heart and soul of pretty Irish seaside town Mulberry Bay. Run by the Harte family, the place was as beloved as cheery landlady Anna, and visitors from far and wide came for the warm welcome and charming surroundings.

The hotel was also once home to thirty-something sisters Eleanor and Penny, and while youngest sister Penny still lives close by, it’s been some time since Elle has been back.
But following a family tragedy, she is forced to return from her busy London world and confront the reality of the life she left behind.

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Author: Smith, Julie
Mystery Anthologies

The set’s like a cocktail mixer in a box—perfect for those who want to meet and mingle with a few different sleuths at once! If you hit it off, you can move into more serious relationships with all of them.

First, we introduce Rebecca Schwartz, a quick-witted lawyer turned detective who solves mysteries in bustling San Francisco. In her debut, she starts out happily playing piano in a brothel—then ends up having to unpuzzle the murder of a dead hooker. This lively mystery manages to strike a balance between gritty and funny—with a few romantic entanglements, for good measure. It will appeal to both cozy readers as well as those looking for laughs and adventure.

Next up is Skip Langdon: she’s a firecracker rookie cop whose hellbent on cleaning up the lush yet seedy city of New Orleans. Her series begins with the mid-Mardi Gras murder of a prominent uptown socialite.

The Blue Ice (paid link)

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Author: Innes, Hammond
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Action & Adventure Literary Fiction

A ruthless fortune hunter sails to Norway to unlock the mystery of the Blue Ice in this sweeping adventure at the edge of the world.

Bill Gansert thrived during World War II. An industrial genius, he mobilized millions of men and machines for the fight against fascism, but when the war is through, he’s cut adrift. Unmoored in a country that doesn’t need him anymore, Gansert takes to the sea, embarking on an adventure that will take him to the ends of the earth—and show him the desperate treachery that lies within man’s soul.

It’s been ten years since adventurer George Farnell disappeared after setting out to make his fortune in the frozen wilds of Norway.

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Author: Hicks, Brian
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Native American Studies

Toward the Setting Sun chronicles one of the most significant but least explored periods in American history—the nineteenth century forced removal of Native Americans from their lands—through the story of Chief John Ross, who came to be known as the Cherokee Moses.

Son of a Scottish trader and a quarter-Cherokee woman, Ross was educated in white schools and was only one-eighth Indian by blood. But as Cherokee chief in the mid-nineteenth century, he would guide the tribe through its most turbulent period. The Cherokees’ plight lay at the epicenter of nearly all the key issues facing America at the time: western expansion, states’ rights, judicial power, and racial discrimination.

Blanca & Roja (paid link)

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Author: McLemore, Anna-Marie
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Young Adult Magical Realism

The del Cisne girls have never just been sisters; they’re also rivals, Blanca as obedient and graceful as Roja is vicious and manipulative. They know that, because of a generations-old spell, their family is bound to a bevy of swans deep in the woods. They know that, one day, the swans will pull them into a dangerous game that will leave one of them a girl, and trap the other in the body of a swan.

But when two local boys become drawn into the game, the swans’ spell intertwines with the strange and unpredictable magic lacing the woods, and all four of their fates depend on facing truths that could either save or destroy them. Blanca & Roja is the captivating story of sisters, friendship, love, hatred, and the price we pay to protect our hearts.

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Author: Prather, Hugh
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Health & Spirituality

The obstacles to your happiness. There are a lot of things in life that we worry and stress about. Our jobs, relationships, and possessions are important to us, and because of that, we look to them for happiness. But when they ultimately disappoint us, they act as obstacles to attaining that very happiness we thought they would bring. In this motivational book, author Hugh Prather urges readers to let go of attitudes that hold us back from experiencing happiness.

How to live a happy life. When we recognize and address the obstacles in our lives, we open the door for happiness to come in. But it doesn’t happen without putting in the work. During his years of counseling, Prather learned and developed an actual program for being happy. Through following this program, and examining our own lives, we can learn how to actively work towards achieving the happiness we all long for.

Cash McCall: A Novel (paid link)

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Author: Hawley, Cameron
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Psychological Thrillers

Cash McCall is a believer in free enterprise, a man not yet forty who buys, sells, and merges companies to make huge profits in a postwar nation of conformist “company men.” McCall is an enigma who operates out of an expensive tenth-floor suite in a Philadelphia hotel that he may or may not own. He’s single, conducts secret business meetings, and is both envied and hated. No one knows where he came from.

Grant Austen spent three decades building his plastics company. Now, as he seeks counsel from his banker and lawyer about selling out, he unwittingly triggers a whirlwind of corporate and financial maneuvering he doesn’t fully understand. And his daughter, Lory, commits the cardinal sin of falling in love with Cash McCall, the man who’s about to buy her father’s company out from under him.

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Author: America’s Test Kitchen
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Quick & Easy Cooking
Most quick recipe collections promise a lot but deliver very little. Bland, uninspired dishes may be fast, but will you make them again? And clever gimmicks sound great, but in reality they rarely make much sense. The team at America’s Test Kitchen has created more than 200 easy-to-make 30 minute recipes that guarantee impressive results from a minimum of effort. With a little test kitchen know-how, we found ways to make naturally fast dishes even faster, and traditionally slow-cooked dinners a weeknight option. But one thing we never did was settle on shortcuts that shortchanged flavor. Some compromises simply aren’t worth making, and a few extra minutes of cooking translate to time well spent.

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