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Author: Carter, Solomon
Traditional Detective Mysteries

No one saw the killer strike, but a young man was seen leaving the club moments before the attack. The young man has no clear motive but Hogarth can’t let go of his suspicions. He decides to track down the youth… and discovers the motive for murder is far older, and far darker than he imagined.

A dead man reappears as the darkest lies of two generations are exposed. One cop takes justice into her hands but another may pay the ultimate price.

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Author: Alabaster, Stacey
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Rachael is a pastry chef with a boutique bakery. When a food critic dies after eating a pie from Rachael’s bakery, she is quickly labeled the prime suspect. Faced with a police investigation that doubts her innocence, she has no choice but to find the real killer. With carefree best friend, Pippa, Rachael sets out on a mission to save her bakery, but it could ultimately cost her, and her best friend, everything.

A Pie to Die For is part of the Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries full of quirky characters and unexpected twists, you’ll love the Bakery Detectives.

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Author: Simpson, David
Time Travel Science Fiction
When World War III strikes, Dr. Craig Emilson is sent to take out a powerful artificial intelligence. Unexpectedly, he becomes the greatest hope for humanity. He must choose between saving mankind or saving himself as he faces impossible odds and an army of super soldiers on a mission to destroy him. “Sub-Human” is the first book in a new series of page turners that will keep you guessing until the very end. A mix between action thriller and science fiction, this novel will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.
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Author: Kazmierczak, Pamela
Chocolate Dessert Making

If you are looking for a brownies recipe this is the cookbook for you! Learn how to make chocolate brownies and other types of homemade brownies today! Learn how much better brownies from scratch taste then from a boxed mix! This is a great recipe book to use for holiday recipes, everyday brownies and treats for parties and get togethers.

If you are looking for simple dessert recipes that everyone will love – the brownie is a great choice. But just because these can be considered simple easy recipes does not mean that these recipes for brownies are boring and mundane, quite the opposite.

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Author: Lewandowski, Lois
Humorous Cozy Mystery

Gillian Jones is a thirty-three-year-old probation officer. A few years previous, she survived a car accident that shattered her ankle and her first marriage. Now she’s remarried and walking again and life would be perfect—if only she could get pregnant.

Fortunately, one of the Jackson County commissioners from Bend Brook, Nebraska, hatches a plan that will enable Gillian and her husband, Clint, to afford the next step in fertility treatment: Howard Mehrman wants Gillian to locate the biological parents of his adopted daughter, Caroline.

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Author: Kyle, Katrina
Private Investigator Mysteries

Her client is dead…

Her brother is a suspect…

And her ex is back in town.

A former world-class snowboarder, Hale Mary has survived a lot, including a horrific crash, a humiliating public meltdown, and an addiction to pain meds. But can she survive the cut-throat world of sports management?

It won’t be easy.

Someone killed her client.

And the police blame her brother.

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Author: Gardam, Jane
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Short Stories
A collection of stories from a writer at the height of her powers—a celebrated stylist admired for her caustic humor, freewheeling imagination, love of humanity, and wicked powers of observation. This is a delightful grouping of stories, witty and wise, that includes the return of Sir Edward Feathers, “Old Filth” himself.
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Author: Hoh, Diane
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Children’s United States History Books
It’s April 1913, and survivors of the RMS Titanic have gathered to remember those who didn’t make it onto the lifeboats. Debutante Elizabeth Farr, who had been in first class, lost her father. Steerage passenger Katie Hanrahan nearly lost her life. Still, neither of them wants to be at the remembrance service. All they really want to do is forget. A year after that awful night, Elizabeth still feels the chill of the frigid arctic air, and Katie can’t sleep because of nightmares of being trapped belowdecks, waiting for death. They want it to go away, but Titanic will never leave them.
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Author: Polgar, Susan, Goldstein, Douglas
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Personal Finance

A chess grandmaster and a certified financial planner show readers how to approach investing like a chess player, and how to gain financial freedom.

Discover how you can apply the strategies of chess to manage your money better. World Chess Champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar and international investment advisor Douglas Goldstein, CFP, share practical examples and never-before-heard stories from the chess, and show you:

· What is holding you back from financial freedom

· How to apply the strategies that Susan Polgar used to win 10 Olympic medals to managing your money

· The 64 strategies that can make you as “Rich as a King!”

The Wind Chill Factor (paid link)

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Author: Gifford, Thomas
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Espionage Thrillers
His marriage destroyed by drinking, John Cooper returns to Cambridge, Massachusetts, trying to recapture the joy he felt as an undergraduate in Harvard University’s sacred halls. He is just beginning to piece his life together when he gets a telegram calling him home to Minnesota. The message comes from Buenos Aires, and with Cooper’s family history, that can mean only one thing: The Nazis are staging a comeback. To John and his brother, their grandfather was a kind, distinguished old man.
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Author: Claiborne Park, Clara
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Parenting Children with Disabilities
Exiting Nirvana details Clara Claiborne Park’s continuing efforts to have her adult daughter Jessy develop as an artist and connect with our world. “Park has been both mother and anthropologist, recording verbal and social breakthroughs and setbacks, administering praise and succor. She describes the serene insularity of the autist’s ‘Nirvana,’ and observes collisions between the autistic and external worlds. She’s urged Jessy to enter, ‘yet never entirely,’ the extraordinary dailiness inhabited by nonautistic people.
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Author: Sparks, Jennifer M.
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Budget Travel Guides

A seasoned worldwide traveler shares tips for making your adventurous dreams come true.

Slow travel expert Jennifer M. Sparks has traveled independently through nearly fifty countries on six continents. In this book, she shares simple tips, tools, and techniques for pursuing your own adventures—at your own pace and on a budget.

If you dream of experiencing the beauty of the differences in language, culture, and geography around the globe, don’t let life pass you by—Slow Travel gives you the inspiration and information you need to take a much-needed break from the rat race and the responsibilities of daily life. It’s time to slow down and enjoy what the world has to offer!

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