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Author: Willis, Becki
Mystery Anthologies

When Madison Reynolds finds herself widowed and penniless before forty, she does the only thing she knows to do – she packs up her teenage twins and moves back home with her eighty-year-old grandmother. Life in The Sisters, Texas has not changed much since she’s been gone, but at least her best friend Genesis is there to soften the transition back into small-town life.

To make ends meet, Madison opens In a Pinch Temporary Services. Her first real client is Ronny Gleason, but when she shows up for the first day of work at the Gleason Poultry Farm, Madison makes a gruesome discovery.

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Author: Carlan, Audrey
Contemporary Romance Fiction

Yoga instructor Genevieve Harper is a blond bombshell loaded down with responsibility and sacrifice. She makes the most out of raising her two siblings in the wake of their parents’ tragic accident. At twenty-four, she doesn’t have time to devote to a man…especially not the devastatingly handsome Trent Fox, who’s known for being a “player” on and off the baseball field.

Trent has the best hitting average in the league. Recently, he suffered a torn hamstring that takes him to the Lotus House Yoga Center for recuperation. There he meets the curvy, petite blonde with soulful black eyes and candy-coated glossy lips he’d like to do more to than kiss.

Supernatural Crime Thriller

A man on the road to redemption, who will need to get back every ounce of the faith he’s abandoned to survive the challenge ahead.

Kyle Fasano has it all: a good job, a loving family, and a house on the hill. Still, it’s not enough. Risking more than he could ever imagine, he has a fling with a woman from work. He knows better, but she offers a simple temptation. Unfortunately, Kyle is about to discover that temptation often leads you down the darkest and most sinister of roads.

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Author: Dunleavy, Jessie
Mental Illness Memoirs

Born different, a boy struggles. His story draws you in. So, too, does his mother’s unending fight, the fight for an appropriate education and effective health care through to the fight for his life as he enters the harrowing world of addiction.

A mother’s passion for her son’s equal rights, and her unshakable belief in his potential, seep through the pages as does her coming to terms with her own flaws.

The boy’s poetry—undiscovered in his lifetime—is intertwined, depicting the inner life of a person underestimated.

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Author: Gladden, DelSheree
General Humorous Fiction

Eliza Carlisle has the unwanted talent of attracting trouble, in all its forms. That couldn’t be truer than when she moves into the most bizarre apartment building on the planet. Weekly required dinners with the landlord and assigned chores are bad enough, but the rules don’t end there. Top most on the list of requirements is NO physical violence against the others residents.

There have been issues.

In the past.

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Author: Forbes, Mary Jane
Private Investigator Mysteries

Rebellious love. Hidden secrets. It may just take a city girl to save the family farm…
Jane dreams of marrying her high school sweetheart and raising a brood of kids on his beloved family farm. Despite her parents’ disapproval and her boyfriend’s draft card, she exchanges hurried vows before he ships off to Vietnam. Back on the farm, Jane must fight her own battle with a mother-in-law who frowns on her big city upbringing.

Determined to prove she’s cut out for country living, the fiery redhead rolls up her sleeves to explore every inch of the family business. Beneath creaking floorboards and layers of dust, she unearths ghostly secrets… and a rising mountain of debt that threatens to tear her dreams for the future apart.

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Author: Crane, Pamela
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Domestic Thrillers

Three best friends. Two unforgiveable sins. One dead body.

Mackenzie, Robin, and Lily have been inseparable forever, sharing life’s ups and downs and growing even closer as the years have gone by. They know everything about each other. Or so they believe.

Nothing could come between these three best friends . . .
Except for a betrayal.

Nothing could turn them against each other . . .
Except for a terrible past mistake.

Nothing could tear them apart . . .
Except for murder.

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Author: Dille, Flint
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Scientist Biographies

Flint Dille wrote your childhood. From his work on 80s cartoon classics like Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Garbage Pail Kids, and Inhumanoids to the interactive novels he wrote with Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Flint had a hand in many pockets of 80s popular culture.

He’s worked with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, and a raft of others as a writer, story editor, show runner, and/or producer of iconic entertainment in almost every medium.

The Gamesmaster is Dille’s memoir looking through his own unique story, his blend of pop culture, social history, and reportage about the groundbreaking 1980s, and the parts he and his colleagues, collaborators, employers, and friends played in making it a genuine Golden Age.

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Author: Skilton, Tash
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City Life Fiction

Dumped by his fiancée, not only is Miles couch-surfing across New York City, but downsizing has forced him to set up shop at a local café. Also, he no longer believes in love. Not a good look in his line of work…helping people find love as a ghostwriter for a failing dating site.

Zoey’s eccentric L.A. boss sent her packing to New York to “grow.” But beneath her chill Cali demeanor, Zoey’s anxiety makes her terrified to venture beyond the café across the street into the big city…

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Author: Belli, Kate
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
As a chill sets in on New York City in the winter of 1888, a jewel thief dubbed the “Robin Hood of the Lower East Side” has been stealing from the city’s wealthiest and giving to the poor. Genevieve Stewart–a young woman whose family is part of Mrs. Astor’s famed 400 but who has forged a life of her own as a reporter–decides to chase the story, but gets more than she bargained for: a murder victim sprawled in a dark alley in the dangerous Five Points neighborhood.
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Author: Swann, Christopher
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Ethan Faulkner is a precocious child with a brilliant but troublesome sister, a war vet for a father, and a weary mother trying to manage their family. One night a young woman rings their doorbell, desperate to hide from two men who are pursuing her, when one of the two barges in after her. The struggle leaves both of Ethan’s parents dead.

Years later, Ethan has a successful teaching career and a budding relationship with a coworker. But he hasn’t quite followed through on his promise to his dying father–to take care of his sister.

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