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Author: Coonts, Deborah

A woman falls from a tour helicopter to the horror of the 8:30 Pirate show crowd.

Was it suicide? An accident? Could she have been pushed?

Lucky’s day began with the invasion of the Adult Video Awards and Trade show convention.

It got more hectic when the spouse-swapping annual event checked in.

And if adding a body to the mix wasn’t enough, Lucky’s got a new suitor. Her best friend, Teddie, a female impersonator who is pressing to take their relationship to the next level.

Taken! – Vacation (paid link)

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Author: Kane, Remington
Pulp Thrillers

The doctor and her husband travel to Florida where they consider buying the vacation home their living in.

After a friend gets injured while on a mission, Mr. White puts the vacation on hold to settle the score.

Meanwhile, Jessica has stumbled upon a mystery as she seeks to help a new friend locate her missing daughter, and when the mystery deepens, she calls Jace in to help.

It’s vacation, Taken-style, where the sun and sand take a back seat to action.

Unchipped: Kaarina (paid link)

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Author: DeVere, Taya
Cyberpunk Science Fiction

In the two years since the Great Affliction, the Happiness-Program has transformed a civilization on the brink of extinction into an organized, beautiful, and happy society. However, for the Unchipped–those whose chips can’t connect to the system–living a comfortable life remains out of reach.

Kaarina, one of the Unchipped, would give anything to live inside the walls of the city again. Haunted by her mother’s suicide and alone except for Bill, another Unchipped thousands of miles away whose thoughts are inexplicably linked to hers, Kaarina fights for survival, defending her beloved animals from the other savage Unchipped.

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Author: Adams, Kristina
Humorous Dark Comedy

Singer. Actress. Socialite. Superstar. On the outside, Tate Gardener has it all. On the inside, she’s falling apart.

Jack Cuoco, meanwhile, has nothing left to lose. His career is failing and if he doesn’t produce a killer song soon, the label will drop him faster than he can say one-hit wonder. The only thing that makes him feel better is his daily vodka fix.

When their managers force them collaborate, workaholic Tate finds herself stuck with work-shy Jack. He’s annoying and lazy. She’s uptight and judgmental. Can they pull off their collaboration? And will the collision of their two worlds lead to chemistry or catastrophe?

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Author: Delaney, Wendy
Cozy Mystery
Meet Charmaine Digby, human lie detector.
Char’s psyched to put her ability to the test as the County Coroner’s new investigative assistant. But she sure never expected she’d need it to solve a murder! Of course, that was before she got her first assignment. Interview the hunky doctor reporting the suspicious death of Trudy, a family friend and one of several elderly patients at the hospital whose heart mysteriously stopped. Coincidence? More likely, there’s a murderer on the loose! In hot pursuit of the truth, Char’s on the case, much to the irritation of her cop buddy, who doesn’t want her to stick her nose in his investigation.
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Author: Archer, C.J.
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

It was the most fashionable place to stay in London, until murder made a reservation. Solve the puzzle in this new cozy historical mystery from USA Today bestselling author of the Glass and Steele series.

December 1899. After the death of her beloved grandmother, Cleopatra Fox moves into the luxury hotel owned by her estranged uncle in the hopes of putting hardship and loneliness behind her. But the poisoning of a guest on Christmas Eve throws her new life, and the hotel, into chaos.

Cleo quickly realizes no one can be trusted, not Scotland Yard and especially not the hotel’s charming assistant manager. With the New Year’s Eve ball approaching fast and the hotel’s reputation hanging by a thread, Cleo must find the killer before the ball, and the hotel itself, are ruined.

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Author: Matthews, Mimi
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Historical Regency Fiction

She Couldn’t Forget…

Wealthy squire’s daughter Margaret Honeywell was always meant to marry her neighbor, Frederick Burton-Smythe, but it’s bastard-born Nicholas Seaton who has her heart. Raised alongside her on her father’s estate, Nicholas is the rumored son of notorious highwayman Gentleman Jim. When Fred frames him for theft, Nicholas escapes into the night, vowing to find his legendary sire. But Nicholas never returns. A decade later, he’s long been presumed dead.

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Author: Dotts, Richard
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New Age New Thought
Recent world events have compelled Richard Dotts to ask himself how he can play a part in uplifting the collective consciousness of humanity. He has always taught through his books that changes start from within and that every perceived issue carries with it the potential of infinite possibilities. In this time of unprecedented turmoil that has affected the livelihoods of many, it is more important than ever to have effective tools to transcend the conditions before us. Old ways of thinking and operating in this world are no longer effective. The solution to this ongoing uncertainty is not through a massive scientific intervention on the outside, but rather, through a changing of our own consciousness on the inside.
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Author: Crouch, Janie
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Terrorism Thrillers

She never expected to see her old flame again. Or be kidnapped by him.

Sophia Reardon may work for the FBI, but she’s no field agent. Her assignments are mundane–the way she likes it–until a favor for a colleague puts her in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and definitely in front of the wrong person: Cameron Branson.

The line between right and wrong is blurring faster than he can bring the criminals down.

The moment Sophia walks into his long-term undercover operation, Cameron knows his “employers” will want to break her.

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Author: Cervini, Eric
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LGBTQ+ Biographies & Memoirs

From a young Harvard- and Cambridge-trained historian, the secret history of the fight for gay rights that began a generation before Stonewall.

In 1957, Frank Kameny, a rising astronomer working for the U.S. Defense Department in Hawaii, received a summons to report immediately to Washington, D.C. The Pentagon had reason to believe he was a homosexual, and after a series of humiliating interviews, Kameny, like countless gay men and women before him, was promptly dismissed from his government job. Unlike many others, though, Kameny fought back.

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Author: Woods, Sherryl
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Small Town & Rural Fiction

It’s been years since Abby O’Brien Winters set foot in Chesapeake Shores. The Maryland town her father built has too many sad memories and Abby too few spare moments, thanks to her demanding Wall Street career, the crumbling of her marriage and energetic daughters. Then one panicked phone call from her youngest sister brings her racing back home to protect Jess’s dream of renovating the charming Inn at Eagle Point.

But saving the inn from foreclosure means dealing not only with her own fractured family, but also with Trace Riley, the man Abby left ten years ago. Trace can be a roadblock to her plans…or proof that second chances happen in the most unexpected ways.

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Author: Cohoon, James B.
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Medical Thrillers 

When Matthew Preston was eight, his father was shot and killed in rarefied Pacific Palisades by Ted Nash, a home burglar who happened to be the Preston’s neighbor. Though Nash was sentenced to life in San Quentin, Matthew’s lifelong obsession is to somehow get into the prison, gain access to Nash, and exact the ultimate personal revenge. He devises a plan to become a prison doctor to gain access to Nash.

While in medical school, Matthew falls for brilliant classmate Torrey Jamison from poverty-stricken East Palo Alto. Torrey is battling her own demons, having been raped by a school counselor while in high school.

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