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Author: Wright, Iain Rob
Alien Invasion Science Fiction

Mankind’s extinction is about to begin…

When bizarre, immovable black stones appear across the globe, the world’s best scientists are baffled. Where did they come from? What is their purpose? When the stones begin to ‘wake up’ the answers are worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

As global anarchy erupts, US Coast Guard Guy Granger sets off on a desperate journey across the Atlantic to find his children. Elsewhere, Mina Magar is a journalist forced to photograph horrors she can barely believe, while fading pop star Rick Bastion is forced to fight for his survival despite wishing he was dead.

When the enemy finally reveals itself, all seems lost.

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Author: Richards, Mark
Traditional Detective Mysteries

His best friend has been murdered, his daughter’s in danger.

There’s only one answer. Going back to his old life.

The one that cost him his wife…

Michael Brady was a high-flying detective, working on a high-profile case.

And much too close to the truth.

Someone arranged a hit-and-run.

But they missed Brady. And hit his wife.

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Author: Chou, Lim
Wok Cookery

Do you want to make easy, healthy Chinese food?
Go for a wok.
It’s time to toss the takeout menu and start stir-frying like a seasoned master chef.

In the time it takes to call for takeout, you could make a delicious Chinese dinner at home!

You do not have to train at a culinary art school to learn how to cook delicious Asian wok dishes. In fact, all you actually need to do is to gather up your ingredients, prepare them in advance, and fire up that wok so you can stir-fry them to perfection.

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Author: Gockel, C.
Galactic Empire Science Fiction

In the year 2432, humans think they are alone in the universe. They’re wrong.

Commander Noa Sato plans a peaceful leave on her home planet Luddeccea … but winds up interrogated and imprisoned for her involvement in the Archangel Project. A project she knows nothing about.

Professor James Sinclair wakes in the snow, not remembering the past twenty four hours, or knowing why he is being pursued. The only thing he knows is that he has to find Commander Sato, a woman he’s never met.

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Author: Bell, Cindy
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Ally Sweet is happy to be returning for a short break to the small town where she grew up. She is planning on using the time off to get over her messy divorce and she is looking forward to spending time with her much-loved grandmother and relaxing making chocolates and anything chocolaty.

But then… the delivery driver for her grandmother’s chocolate shop is found murdered. The detectives investigating the crime have a prime suspect, Ally’s high school sweetheart, Brent. Ally believes that Brent would never murder anyone, so with the help of her trusted feline friend, Peaches, she tries to uncover the truth.

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Author: Rangel, Doris
Contemporary Romance
When British rock star Gideon Hunter rents a fishing cabin on a Texas coastal ranch, he is in the throes of deep personal grief and fleeing the paparazzi. Also on the property is Sabrina Morrison, a poet trying to come to terms with her own insecurities. Over the course of a Texas spring these two become lovers.
But Gideon knows he can’t hide forever, and Sabrina knows she must get on with the life she, too, left behind. From the outset they agree their affair will be temporary, with no promises for any kind of future. When the world eventually calls, they go their separate ways.
Time passes before fate takes a hand, yet when they meet again, they find the flame between them burns bright as ever.
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Author: Hamilton, Joli
Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

You don’t have to choose between a purposeful career and a passionate marriage.

I get it—you have to run a business, you have to manage a home. But should keeping a healthy relationship really come in third place?

The struggles in your marriage are not happening to you and your partner; they are you and your partner. So it’s time to put your relationship back on the top of your priority list. In Project Relationship, you will receive a practical action plan to get back to the passionate, peaceful, and purposeful relationship you started out with. Aimed at women entrepreneurs (but great for all audiences), this book will guide you

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Author: Fogarty, Mignon
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Grammar Reference

A complete and comprehensive guide to all things grammar from Grammar Girl, a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty, whose popular podcasts have been downloaded over twenty million times and whose first book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, was a New York Times bestseller.

For beginners to more advanced students, this guide covers it all: the parts of speech, sentences, and punctuation are all explained clearly and concisely with the warmth, wit, and accessibility Grammar Girl is known for. Pop quizzes are scattered throughout to reinforce the explanations, as well as Grammar Girl’s trademark Quick and Dirty Tips—easy and fun memory tricks to help with those challenging rules.

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Author: Reeder, Lydia
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Women in Sports

The Boys in the Boat meets A League of Their Own in this true story of a Depression-era championship women’s team.

During the drought and financial crisis of the 1930s, Oklahoma basketball coach Sam Babb traveled from farm to farm recruiting talented, hardworking young women and offering them a chance at a better life: a free college education in exchange for playing on his basketball team, the Cardinals. And as Babb coached the Cardinals, something extraordinary happened. These remarkable athletes found a passion for the game and a heartfelt loyalty to one another and their coach—and they began to win.

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Author: Kagawa, Julie
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Fantasy Romance for Teens

Dragon v. dragonslayer

To take her rightful place in the powerful Talon organization, hatchling Ember Hill must prove she can hide her dragon nature and blend in with humans. Her delight at the prospect of a summer of human teen experiences is short-lived, however, once she discovers that she must also train for her destined career in Talon. But a chance meeting with a rogue dragon will soon challenge everything Ember has been taught.

Garret Xavier Sebastian, a young dragonslayer in the top-secret Order of St. George, is tasked with hunting her down. But when faced with Ember’s bravery, confidence, and all-too-human desires, Garret begins to question everything the Order has ingrained in him?and what he might be willing to give up to learn the truth about dragons.

Kingdom of Souls (paid link)

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Author: Barron, Rena
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Young Adult Diversity & Multicultural Fiction

Heir to two lines of powerful witchdoctors, Arrah yearns for magic of her own. Yet she fails at bone magic, fails to call upon her ancestors, and fails to live up to her family’s legacy. Under the disapproving eye of her mother, the Kingdom’s most powerful priestess and seer, she fears she may never be good enough.

But when the Kingdom’s children begin to disappear, Arrah is desperate enough to turn to a forbidden, dangerous ritual. If she has no magic of her own, she’ll have to buy it—by trading away years of her own life.

Arrah’s borrowed power reveals a nightmarish betrayal, and on its heels, a rising tide of darkness that threatens to consume her and all those she loves.

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Author: Novak, Ali
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Young Adult Romantic Comedy

When I met Oliver Perry, I had no clue he was the lead singer for The Heartbreakers. And he had no idea that I was the only girl in the world who hated his music.

Stella will do anything for her sick sister, Cara—even stand in line for an autographed Heartbreakers CD…for four hours. She’s totally winning best birthday gift this year. At least she met a cute boy with soft brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes while getting her caffeine fix. Too bad she’ll never see him again.

Except, Stella’s life has suddenly turned into a cheesy love song. Because Starbucks Boy is Oliver Perry—lead singer for the Heartbreakers. And even after she calls his music crap, Oliver still gives Stella his phone number. And whispers quotes from her favorite Disney movie in her ear. OMG, what is her life?

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Author: Spurrier, Jo
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Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
A complex, adult epic fantasy from a new Australian author … original, dramatic, unputdownable … Sierra has a despised and forbidden gift – she raises power from the suffering of others. Enslaved by the king’s torturer, Sierra escapes, barely keeping ahead of Rasten, the man sent to hunt her down. then she falls in with dangerous company: the fugitive Prince Cammarian and his crippled foster-brother, Isidro. But Rasten is not the only enemy hunting them in the frozen north and as Sierra’s new allies struggle to identify friend from foe, Rasten approaches her with a plan to kill the master they both abhor. Sierra is forced to decide what price she is willing to pay for her freedom and her life …

Paris Letters (paid link)

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Author: Macleod, Janice
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Artist & Architect Biographies

Finding love and freedom in a pen, a paintbrush…and Paris

How much money does it take to quit your job?

Exhausted and on the verge of burnout, Janice poses this question to herself as she doodles on a notepad at her desk. Surprisingly, the answer isn’t as daunting as she expected. With a little math and a lot of determination, Janice cuts back, saves up, and buys herself two years of freedom in Europe.

A few days into her stop in Paris, Janice meets Christophe, the cute butcher down the street-who doesn’t speak English.

Wake the Dawn: A Novel (paid link)

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Author: Snelling, Lauraine
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Contemporary Christian Fiction

U.S. Border Patrol agent Ben James’ life is in tatters. A tragic accident stole the love of his life and he never finished grieving. Turning to the bottle for support, he lost sight of what was important. While making his last patrol run before a storm rolls in, Ben’s canine partner Bo finds an abandoned baby hidden in the woods. As Ben rushes the child to the only clinic in the area, the storm strikes with unexpected fury.

Esther Hanson runs a second-rate clinic in the small community of Pineville, Minnesota, on the Canadian border. Though she has fought for years to get the equipment she needs, the town refuses to approve the funding.

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