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Author: Wilton, Patrice
Romantic Comedy
Romance blooms in the small town of Serendipity Falls, in the foothills of Mammoth, California. There’s a wedding a month and divorces are non existent. Out-of-towners are flocking in on weekends to visit, and perhaps find love, speculating on whether it’s the natural spring water or something in the air. Whatever it is, they hope to find it. Tara Reynolds is a new pastry chef for the mountain resort, and love is the last thing on her mind when she arrives for the winter, but the handsome Olympian skier who owns a local bar has become quite irresistible. Can the mysterious forces in the town unite this couple who are fighting it every step of the way?
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Author: Kratter, Matthew R.
Stock Market Investing

Ready to get started trading stocks, but don’t know where to begin? Momentum stocks are a great place to start. Imagine what it would be like if you started each morning without stress, knowing exactly which stocks to trade. Knowing where to enter, where to take profits, and where to set your stop loss.

In this book, you will learn:
How to spot a stock that is about to explode higher
Exactly when to buy and sell the stock
How to screen for the best stocks to trade
Insider tricks used by professional traders
How to find big winners like Apple and Facebook
How to tell if you are in a bull market, or a bear market
And much, much more

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Author: Freethy, Barbara
Contemporary Romance

It’s the kind of story investigative reporter Matt Winters writes about—not the kind he wants to be living. When he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep, he panics. Then he desperately turns to his temptingly pretty neighbor Caitlyn Devereaux for help.

Caitlyn’s aching vulnerability as she holds the precious bundle piques his curiosity. The wedding gowns she creates are famous for fulfilling every bride’s fantasies, yet she firmly says that marriage—and motherhood—are not for her.

As they search for the baby’s mother, family secrets strip away the masks they’ve been wearing. With everything on the line, will they find the courage to stop playing it safe and go for something wonderful?

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Author: Knight, Ciara
Holiday Romance

Rusty Miller struggles to care for his ailing grandfather while balancing dead end jobs and big dreams. His only wish is to save enough money to buy an engagement ring for his beloved, Rebecca. But when his grandfather’s condition worsens, he’s trapped between the loyalty of a promise and the future with the love of his life.

Abandoned by her mother, Rebecca West has spent the last few years avoiding commitment. Now she’s faced with the possibility of everything she’s wanted; a home, family and an amazing man. But then she makes a horrific mistake that costs the one she loves everything, and she is once again faced with a life of loneliness.

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Author: Grace, Chloe, Botha, Karen
Cozy Mystery Short Reads

One murder. Two super cute animals. And a multitude of suspects.
But, no-one hears me.

Hey there. Pleased to meet you. I’m Albertus Eagle. I’m now known as the Detective Beagle. I see things. And I hear more. But what’s best is that no-one suspects me of being the guy who feeds back what the humans can’t unearth. It all started with one case. The one where my owner, Milly was bumped off. It landed me, and the cat, otherwise known as Cleo to her friends, not that she has many, in a shelter for unwanted animals.

But, I didn’t let that stop me. Here’s my story.

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Author: Holmes, Hazel
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Ghost Suspense

Mystery and horror surround a long-abandoned estate, seemingly forgotten by the town. What was thought to be a new beginning for Julia soon devolves into an endless nightmare of hidden secrets and a troubled past best left unturned.

When Peyton and Benjamin Fletcher inherit a dilapidated house in the quiet town of Falconwood, Connecticut from Peyton’s grandfather, all they want to do is get rid of it. Unfortunately, the will stipulates that the couple must live in the house for a minimum of six months before they sell it.

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Author: Twombly, Valerie
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Fantasy Romance

Left half-clothed and without his wings in the Alaskan cold, Eli never expected the Tribunal would condemn him. Now, he faces orders to find his compassion or risk an eternity in Hell. The bounty hunter has spent centuries hardening his heart against the cruel mortal world, but in a split-second, Ashley will change his attitude forever.

Weary of her “special gift”, Ashely takes up residence at her family’s remote Alaskan cabin. Being so far removed from civilization, she never expects the attack that nearly takes her life. Even more surprising is the mysterious stranger who comes to her rescue. He can’t be real yet, the spark between them is indisputable.

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Author: Nunn, Gary P.
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Composer & Musician Biographies
“I want to go home with the Armadillo.”
And you will, too, once you’ve picked up Gary P. Nunn’s new memoir of the life and times of this true Texas original.
As one of the founding fathers of the progressive country music scene in Austin, Texas, Nunn helped change the face of popular music. His anthem “London Homesick Blues” was the theme song of the wildly popular Austin City Limits—the longest-running music series in American television history—for over two decades. His hit songs, such as “The Last Thing I Needed First Thing this Morning” and “What I Like about Texas,” have been recorded by artists from Jerry Jeff Walker and Michael Martin Murphey to Rosanne Cash, Willie Nelson, and most recently, Chris Stapleton.
At Home with the Armadillo is a unique and revealing debut work that showcases Nunn’s exceptional abilities as a storyteller.
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Author: Spence, Gerry
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Legal Thrillers

Lillian Adams is going on trial for the murder of her wealthy husband before Judge John Murray, to whom she has been like a daughter since childhood. Despite this long, shared history, both the prosecutor and defense attorney agree that Murray should sit on the case, and Murray himself knows he must. For he believes that if he steps down and another judge is appointed, there will be little hope for Lillian. The prosecutor is a sadistic psychopath who will pervert the law to convict Lillian and do everything in his power to hurt Judge Murray. And Murray must save Lillian.

Gerry Spence takes readers through shocking twists and suspenseful courtroom scenes that only the great maestro of the courtroom himself could create. Court of Lies goes beyond being a great legal thriller.

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Author: Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia
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Dark Fantasy Horror

After decades of strife, peace has finally been achieved in Kavet—but at a dark cost. Sorcery is outlawed, and anyone convicted of consorting with the beings of the other realms—the Abyssi and the Numini—is put to death. The only people who can even discuss such topics legally are the scholars of the Order of the Napthol, who give counsel when questions regarding the supernatural planes arise.

Hansa Viridian, a captain in the elite guard unit tasked with protecting Kavet from sorcery, has always led a respectable life. But when he is implicated in a sorcerer’s crimes, the only way to avoid execution is to turn to the Abyss for help—specifically, to a half-Abyssi man he’s sworn he hates, but whose physical attraction he cannot deny.

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Author: America’s Test Kitchen
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Cooking by Ingredient
This collection of 20 foolproof America’s Test Kitchen recipes starring bacon is perfect for bacon lovers (or even bacon likers). It features recipes from breakfast, of course, but also appetizers like Baked Jalapeno Poppers and Caramelized Onion and Bacon Tart, mains such as Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf, Oven-Barbecued Beef Brisket, Barbecued Chicken Kabobs, and Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, as well as pasta, soups, and salads.
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Author: Mac, Bernie
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Biographies of Comedians

The film, television, and comedy legend tells the hilarious and moving story of how tough love, and a sense of humor made him.

By the tender age of five, Bernie Mac had found his calling: making others laugh. He has since become the star and cocreator of Fox’s hit sitcom The Bernie Mac Show; a stand-up legend; and a hit movie star in Head of State and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Now this amazing comedian delves deep down inside to retell the poignant and hilarious story of his childhood and the people who helped shape him into the comedian—and the strong and self-reliant man—he is today.

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Author: Hubbard, Bryan
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Personal Transformation Self-Help

Bryan Hubbard presents a powerful, groundbreaking theory explaining who we really are, how our relationship to our past affects us and how we can finally find true healing.

In the pages of this book, you will discover that ‘you’ are actually made up of Three Selves, or time-bodies – past, present and potential – and that these three distinct entities send out energetic pulses, or waves, that interact to create your experience of life. As you move through life, experiences you never fully understood from your past begin to weigh you down, causing you to respond in the present with anxiety and fear without knowing why. As this pattern repeats itself, it can drag you into depression or addictive behaviours that are seemingly out of your control.

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