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Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Two senior detectives lock horns in a terrific battle of wits


He spent his life fighting crime. Now he has a taste for it himself. His first attack is a stab in the dark. Next time, he’ll kill.

Knowing how the police work, ex-detective Jeffrey Brandt will stay one step ahead of their investigation. He will even taunt those trying to establish his identity and catch him.

One woman, DCI Stella Johnson, is responsible for finding him. Has she got what it takes?

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Author: Wilde, Deborah
Humorous Fantasy

The mission: kill demons. The catch: infuriating hot guy. The challenge: don’t get the two confused.
Nava Katz cares about two things: perfecting the art of being a hot mess and her hard-working twin brother. But she accidentally torches his life-long dream when she disrupts his induction ceremony into a secret demon-hunting fraternity and steals his destiny.

Horrified she’s now expected to take his place, Nava is faced with something she never wanted: a purpose.

The society isn’t cool with a woman in their ranks and teams her with an ex-rock star handler to keep her in line. Too bad he’s exactly what Nava’s always wanted: the perfect bad boy fling with no strings attached, because a hook-up with him is as dangerous as the vengeful demon out for blood–her brother’s.

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Author: Tijan
Contemporary Romance

Nate Monson was gorgeous, obnoxiously wealthy, and a player.
He was also the person who could destroy my world with a single decision.

I walked into that bar looking for him.
He saw me. I saw him.
The chemistry sizzled between us, but no.

I hated Nate Monson.
I hated him with everything in me, even though my body did not.
It didn’t matter.

Nothing I wanted mattered.
He thought I wanted to get laid.
What I wanted was for him to disappear.

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Author: Hatler, Susan
Classic Humor Fiction

Maid of honor Sarah Carlton hasn’t failed at anything since her high school science project was sabotaged by a relentless competitor. So, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her best friend Jill’s wedding absolutely perfect. That includes taking the next flight out of Sacramento to retrieve the panicked bride’s cherished family wedding charm from her late grandmother’s attic in Atlanta Georgia.

Unfortunately, someone else has offered to come to the bride’s rescue—best man Ben Atkins, the same man who destroyed Sarah’s high school science project all those years ago. Now he wants to one-up her by retrieving the charm first? Sarah refuses to let that happen. The race is on.

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Author: Weltzien, Misty
Personal Transformation 

It’s time to silence that bitch or son of a bitch who controls your thoughts!

A real bitch named Lucy controlled Misty Weltzien’s thoughts from the time she was a kid until she finally took charge and sent Lucy packing. If a jerk lives in your mind, causing you to worry and doubt your potential, this book will teach you simple, fun, and practical ways to take back your power. If you sometimes feel like you are running on a hamster wheel, and there is not enough time in the day to fulfill your goals, this book will help you discover how to take our time back.

Misty explains the fascinating science behind negative thoughts and offers strategies for turning them into positive thoughts. By following the strategies she has learned over the years, you can make your mind work for you instead of against you much more quickly than she did!

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Author: Bryant, Anabelle
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Renaissance Historical Fiction

Is there a Lady in the land that can resist this scoundrel’s charms…?

At her step-mother’s command, Isabelle – and her irrepressible step-sister Lily – are leaving the pleasantries of the English countryside behind them, and heading straight to the bustling heart of a London season. Isabelle couldn’t care less about fashionable society, and is even less interested in the name on the lips of every ballroom gossip – Lord Constantine Highborough, reputedly a scoundrel of the highest order! But once he sets eyes on the stunningly beautiful Isabelle, London’s most notorious rake knows exactly where to direct his devilishly bewitching smile.

Snow Day: A Novel (paid link)

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Author: Coffey, Billy
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Contemporary Christian Fiction
In this debut novel, Peter is a simple man who lives by a simple truth–a person gains strength by leaning on his constants. To him, those constants are the factory where he works, the family he loves, and the God who sustains him. But when news of job cuts comes against the backdrop of an unexpected snowstorm, his life becomes filled with far more doubts than certainties.
With humor and a gift for storytelling, Billy Coffey brings you along as he spends his snow day encountering family, friends, and strangers of his small Virginia town. All have had their own battles with life’s storms. Some have found redemption. Others are still seeking it. But each one offers a piece to the puzzle of why we must sometimes suffer loss, and each one will help Peter find a greater truth–our lives are made beautiful not by our big moments, but our little ones.
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Author: Hefner, Hugh M., Zehme, Bill
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Popular Psychology of Sexuality
The legendary founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner invites you into his world with Hef’s Little Black Book, an illustrated treasury of advice and maxims. The only book ever written by the iconic publisher and unabashed hedonist, Hef’s Little Black Book features a new, updated Afterword from Hef himself. Dedicated Playboy readers and fans of The Girls Next Door, the hit reality TV series that takes you behind the doors of the Playboy Mansion, will not want to miss this fantastic guide to the very good life from the man who has lived it better than anyone.
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Author: Smith, Larry, Fershleiser, Rachel
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Love wounds the heart and soul . . .

From the editors of the New York Times bestseller Not Quite What I Was Planning comes another collection of terse true tales—this time simple sagas exploring the complexities of the human heart. Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak contains hundreds of personal stories about the pinnacles and pitfalls of romance. Brilliant in their brevity, these insightful slivers of passion, pain, and connection capture every shade of love and loss—six words at a time.

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Author: Jakes, T. D.
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Women’s Christian Fiction
Clarice and Dave Johnson have different visions of meaning and success. He is satisfied coaching little league and running a janitorial service in his blue jeans and pick-up truck; she is driven to climb the social ladder and display her success with designer labels and luxury cars.
After years of disagreeing about what true happiness and love really are, Dave and Clarice are finally facing the breaking point of their marriage. When Clarice’s leg is crushed in a car wreck, the obvious truth is finally exposed: her injuries aren’t the only pain that needs immediate attention.

It Started With Paris (paid link)

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Author: Kelly, Cathy
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Friendship Fiction

At the top of the Eiffel Tower, a young man proposes to his girlfriend. In that second, everything changes, not just for the happy couple, but for the family and friends awaiting their return in Ireland.

Leila’s been nursing a broken heart since her husband suddenly left her, but she’s determined to put on a brave face for the bride. Vonnie, a widow, has finally dared to let love back into her life, but a curveball arises that puts another’s safety at risk. And Grace, a school principal, finds that her son’s impending union brings her ex-husband back into her daily life, and starts to ponder past decisions and wonder if her divorce was in fact a mistake.

New Boy (paid link)

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Author: Houston, Julian
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Young Adult Fiction about Prejudice
Fifteen-year-old Rob Garrett wants nothing more than to escape the segregated South and prove himself. But in late 1950s Virginia, opportunity doesn’t come easily to an African American. So Rob’s parents take the unusual step of enrolling their son in a Connecticut boarding school, where he will have the best education available. He will also be the first student of color in the school’s history. No matter—Rob Garrett is on his way.
But times are changing. While Rob is experiencing the privilege and isolation of private school, a movement is rising back home. Men and women are organizing, demanding an end to segregation, and in Rob’s hometown, his friends are on the verge of taking action.
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Author: Leidner, Gordon
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Biographies of US Presidents

What was it like to meet our 16th President? Was he really as kind and honest as we perceive him to be today?

This astonishing new book is an inspiring and eye-opening collection of stories, anecdotes and quotes from people who sought out Lincoln for his wisdom, help or just his irresistible wit. He offered a patient ear to almost anyone who came to see him , and his compassion and understanding bettered the lives of hundreds who crossed his threshold.

From the lips of those who knew and met him, Conversations with Lincoln offers new insight into one of the most famous men in the world, and shows not just how passionate he was about the political principles he fought for, but how generous he was for his people, as well.

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