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Author: Ash, Sadia
Contemporary Romance

In an age of casual hook-ups, can love survive the test of time?

Juniper and Kyle meet when she is dangling forty feet from a museum scaffolding, hanging on for dear life. Juniper is a sassy, nerdy curator at the History Museum of Ann Arbor. Her life has been one big sacrifice for others. Work. Home. Repeat. Raised by her mother to hate men, she worries she’ll die a frigid scholar in a musty house with an army of cats and a lake of books.

Kyle Paxton is a handsome, intense and intimidating inventor of micro-cameras from San Francisco. To curb the dark memories of his ex-girlfriend (who still haunts him), he schedules dating and work with robotic precision. Not looking for love, he only hooks up with Amazonian models.

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Author: Morgan, Anna-marie
Police Procedurals

Boxed set of the first five books in the series of police procedurals featuring British detective DI Yvonne Giles :

Book 1 : Death Master
British detective Yvonne Giles desperately hunts a disturbing serial killer who is taking apart young women.
Just as she feels she’s getting somewhere, she finds herself in the killer’s sights.
(A dark, murder crime noir in an urban setting).

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Author: Verongos, George
Family Life Fiction
Death. It’s a part of life and something we all must accept. Whether it be our own demise or losing a loved one, the experience of death is both sobering and surreal. My Dad is Dead is a group of related short stories that explore that dichotomy through the eyes of a kid. In George Verongos’s second book, he turns childhood memories into “fictionally enhanced” tales (he made us say that, he’s trying to make it a thing). With one foot in memoir and the other in fiction, My Dad is Dead recounts the experiences of the author as a young boy (I always wanted to say that) growing up as the last of four children, and the only boy, to Greek-American parents.
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Author: Wylde, Anya
Romantic Comedy

Love Muffin and Chai Latte follows the journey of Tabitha Lee Timmons as she deals with financial stress, loony relatives, some crooks, an unhappy bride to be, a grumpy old man and two heartbreakingly handsome men.

Grace Dixie, a young woman from a small town in Texas, has had her heartbroken. She decides that the best way to deal with such a situation is to pack her bags and move to a new country. Luck is on her side, and she quickly gets a job as a runner on a documentary being filmed in India. Thus, begins her roller-coaster ride filled with mad decisions and forbidden romance.

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Author: Cannon, Sarra
Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Leigh Anne Davis has never really had a life of her own choosing. She’s always been the girl who does what she’s told. Except that time two years ago when she shocked everyone in the small town of Fairhope by breaking up with the richest guy in town and heading off to Boston to follow her dreams.

It was the single most exciting thing she’s ever done for herself, and it felt like the start of something big…Until one terrifying night ripped it all away.

With no place else to go, Leigh Anne heads home to reclaim what’s left of her old life. On the outside, she seems like the same reliable girl everyone knows and loves. But deep inside, she’s hiding a terrible secret.

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Author: Pratchett, Terry
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Humorous Fantasy

Terry Pratchett’s profoundly irreverent, bestselling novels have garnered him a revered position in the halls of parody next to the likes of Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Carl Hiaasen.

In Equal Rites, a dying wizard tries to pass on his powers to an eighth son of an eighth son, who is just at that moment being born. The fact that the son is actually a daughter is discovered just a little too late.

Cancer Schmancer (paid link)

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Author: Drescher, Fran
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Part inspirational cancer-survival story, part memoir-as-a-laughriot, CANCER SCHMANCER picks up where Fran’s last book, Enter Whining, left off. After the publication of that book, Fran’s life launched into a downward spiral. She separated from a long and complicated relationship, her TV series started to slip in the ratings, and the health of her beloved dog Chester was failing fast. Then came the mysterious symptoms no doctor could explain. With her trademark sense of humor, Fran tells of her long search for answers and the cancer diagnosis that she ultimately beat. But not before a gold mine of insights were revealed to her about the importance of taking charge of your own health and recognizing what’s most important in life.
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Author: Guarneri, Mimi
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Holistic Medicine

Drawing from her experience as an internationally renowned cardiologist, scholar, author, and leading proponent of integrative medicine, Dr. Guarneri translates the science of health, healing, and longevity into practical answers to lead you to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

With the guide of the 108 pearls in this book, you will understand why your genes do not determine your destiny; how to adopt a damage-proof diet; how to turn stress into strength; how to achieve holistic mental health; how to nourish your relationships; how to tap into the healing power of your thoughts; and how to strengthen your spirituality and heal your energy body.

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Author: Darger, Joe, Darger, Alina, Darger, Vicki, Darger, Valerie, Adams, Brooke
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From a family that inspired Big Love’s story of Bill Henrickson and his three wives, this first-ever memoir of a polygamous family captures the extraordinary workings of a unique family dynamic, and argues for the acceptance of plural marriage as an alternative lifestyle. Readers of Carolyn Jessop’s Escape, Elissa Wall’s Stolen Innocence, and James McGreevey’s Confession ,as well as fans of shows like Big Love and Sister Wives, will be enthralled by the first groundbreaking book in praise of polygamy.
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Author: Lynch, Sarah-Kate
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Friendship Fiction

Sugar Wallace did not believe in love at first sight, but her bees did. . . .

Every spring Sugar Wallace coaxes her sleepy honeybee queen—presently the sixth in a long line of Queen Elizabeths—out of the hive and lets her crawl around a treasured old map. Wherever the queen stops is their next destination, and this year it’s New York City.

Sugar sets up her honeybees on the balcony of an East Village walk-up and then––as she’s done everywhere since leaving South Carolina––she gets to know her neighbors. She is, after all, a former debutante who believes that manners make the world a better place even if they seem currently lacking in the big city.

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Author: Gabriel, Mary
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Biographies of Political Leaders
She was the first woman to run for president. She was the first woman to address the U.S. Congress and to operate a brokerage firm on Wall Street. She’s the woman Gloria Steinem called “the most controversial suffragist of them all.” So why have most people never heard of Victoria Woodhull? In this extensively researched biography, journalist Mary Gabriel offers readers a balanced portrait of a unique and complicated woman who was years ahead of her time—and perhaps ahead of our own.
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Author: Parish, Herman
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Children’s Books on Friendship

The big day is finally here—Amelia Bedelia’s school, Oak Tree Elementary, is 100 years old, and the whole town is throwing a party. Best of all, a secret time capsule that has been buried for an entire century will finally be dug up and opened! Amelia Bedelia and her friends have some guesses about what they’ll find. Are they right? Or is everyone in for a big surprise?

A funny chapter book series about friendship perfect for fans of Ivy + Bean and Clementine. The Amelia Bedelia books have sold more than 35 million copies since we first met the iconic character in 1963! Includes “Two Ways to Say It,” Amelia Bedelia’s guide to the idioms used in the story. Illustrated in black and white throughout.

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Author: Harper, Charise Mericle
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Children’s Jobs & Careers Books
A zesty series for fans of kids’ cooking competitions! It’s “lights, camera, cook!” for four tween contestants—energetic Tate, charming Rae, worldly Caroline, and hyper-competitive Oliver—who are all about to enter a televised cooking competition.
What will the kids cook up? How will they all get along on- and off-camera? Which junior chef will have the grit—and maybe the grits—to make it through each challenge? And which junior chef will have to hang their apron up for good?
Bonus: Includes real cooking techniques for the aspiring young chef!

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