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Author: Weger, Jackie
Romantic Comedy

History. Reality. Fantasy. All rolled into one zany family.

If Justine Hale had the time, she’d get in her car and go crazy. She owns two kids, an ex-mother-in-law, and a bankrupt mother. Money scarce, she moves her entire family into a run-down, two-hundred-year-old farmhouse.

Resident ghost Lottie Roberts offers to help. She’s bossy, but she cooks. So what if she’s betwixt and between? After all, it’s her house. Before Lottie can intervene, though, Tucker Highsmith steals her thunder with his sexy grin, lazy Alabama drawl, and Mr. Fix-it talent.

Plagued with the demands of her family, Justine dismisses ghost and handyman alike. But hidden agendas prevail, and Justine is caught in the middle.

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Author: Kent, Allen
Mystery Action Fiction

What Begins as a European Family Vacation Becomes a Nightmare.

While vacationing with his family in Europe, businessman Benjamin Sager is assaulted and abducted, awakening in a small cell occupied only by another captive American. Ben’s senses send him reeling into his own past; to a place both exhilarating and terrifying.

As Sager struggles to determine where he is and why he and his cellmate are being held, Christopher Falen, a covert agent of the CIA offshoot, Unit 1, uncovers a disturbing pattern of unexplained American tourist disappearances, seemingly vanishing without a trace.

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Author: Lister, Michael
Hard-Boiled Mysteries

The body of a young woman propped against a fence, a series of suicides with unique calling cards, and a stolen corpse. Can John Jordan figure out what it all means in time to save the life of his favorite coworker?

Detective John Jordan investigates a series of baffling cases that include the body of a young woman propped against a prison fence, a series of suicides with a unique calling card, a stolen corpse, a young man fighting for his life, and a single mother who has lost her only child.

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Author: Eaton, Jillian
Victorian Historical Romance
Their wedding was the event of the season…
A shy wallflower, Caroline hasn’t the faintest idea why the Duke of Readington chose her to be his bride. She could ask, but that would mean speaking to him…and truth be told she’d rather have a conversation with the devil. Her new husband may be one of the most powerful men in all of England – not to mention the handsomest – but he’s also cruel, callous, and has a heart colder than ice.
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Author: Love, Sophie
Cozy Animal Mystery

When Alexis Blair, 29, is fired from her book publishing job and breaks up with her boyfriend on the same day, she wonders if life is urging her to make a fresh start. She decides it’s time to pursue her lifelong dream of opening a bookstore of her own—even if that means leaving Boston and accepting a job in a curious bookstore in a small seaside town an hour away.

But the odd shop, Alexis soon learns, is from more than just a rare, occult bookstore. Something strange is going on in the shop’s secret back room, with its eccentric owner, and in the small town itself.

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Author: Archer, Jennifer
Women’s Sagas

After decades of heartache, Allyson Cole has finally found happiness. The owner of a successful restaurant and newly engaged to a man she loves, she’s ready to put her regrets behind her and embrace what lies ahead. But when a boy named Nick Pearson shows up at her door claiming he’s her grandson and needing her help, Ally can no longer ignore the questions that have haunted her since she was sixteen.

Leaving her fiancé and her life behind, she embarks on a cross-country road trip with the orphaned teen to find his grandfather – Ally’s first love who disappeared without a word thirty years ago, leading her to give up their baby for adoption. But will learning the devastating reason he tore her life apart release her from the past…or draw her back?

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Author: Sullivan, Mark
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Biographical Historical Fiction

Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. He’s a normal Italian teenager—obsessed with music, food, and girls—but his days of innocence are numbered. When his family home in Milan is destroyed by Allied bombs, Pino joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, and falls for Anna, a beautiful widow six years his senior.

In an attempt to protect him, Pino’s parents force him to enlist as a German soldier—a move they think will keep him out of combat.

I Am Watching You (paid link)

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Author: Driscoll, Teresa
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Crime Thrillers

What would it take to make you intervene?

When Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train, she thinks nothing of it—until she realises they are fresh out of prison and her maternal instinct is put on high alert. But just as she’s decided to call for help, something stops her. The next day, she wakes up to the news that one of the girls—beautiful, green-eyed Anna Ballard—has disappeared.

A year later, Anna is still missing. Ella is wracked with guilt over what she failed to do, and she’s not the only one who can’t forget. Someone is sending her threatening letters—letters that make her fear for her life.

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Author: Aharoni, Sara
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Biographical Historical Fiction
It is the turn of the eighteenth century in Frankfurt, Germany, and young Gutle and Meir Amschel Rothschild struggle to establish themselves in the cramped and restricted Judengasse. But when Meir’s talents as a novice banker catch the attention of a German prince, Meir is suddenly afforded entrée into the European world of finance and nobility, and the Rothschilds’ lives are changed forever. As proud as Gutle is of her husband’s success, she is also cautious—very much aware of the fact that her husband’s rise is tied to his patrons’ willingness to “see past” his Jewishness. As their family grows, and a dream of fortune comes true, so does their belief that money will ultimately bring the power needed to establish Jewish civil rights.
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Author: Bowen, Rhys
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

As the Great War continues to take its toll, headstrong twenty-one-year-old Emily Bryce is determined to contribute to the war effort. She is convinced by a cheeky and handsome Australian pilot that she can do more, and it is not long before she falls in love with him and accepts his proposal of marriage.

When he is sent back to the front, Emily volunteers as a “land girl,” tending to the neglected grounds of a large Devonshire estate. It’s here that Emily discovers the long-forgotten journals of a medicine woman who devoted her life to her herbal garden.

Beautifully Cruel (paid link)

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Author: Geissinger, J.T.
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Billionaire Romance

King (noun):
1) Having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy
2) The most powerful man in a group
3) Liam Black

He was a stranger to me, a dark and dangerous presence who materialized from the shadows one rainy night to save me from a vicious attack. I didn’t know his name or where he was from. All I knew was that the only place I’d ever felt safe was in his arms.

But safety is an illusion.
And not every savior is a hero.
And—as I’d soon find out—having a king save your life comes with a price.

Severance: A Novel (paid link)

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Author: Ma, Ling
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Humorous Science Fiction

Candace Chen, a millennial drone self-sequestered in a Manhattan office tower, is devoted to routine. With the recent passing of her Chinese immigrant parents, she’s had her fill of uncertainty. She’s content just to carry on: She goes to work, troubleshoots the teen-targeted Gemstone Bible, watches movies in a Greenpoint basement with her boyfriend.

So Candace barely notices when a plague of biblical proportions sweeps New York. Then Shen Fever spreads. Families flee. Companies cease operations. The subways screech to a halt. Her bosses enlist her as part of a dwindling skeleton crew with a big end-date payoff.

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Author: Quinn, Meghan
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Women’s Humorous Fiction

It was supposed to be an innocent night, celebrating my brother’s birthday. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. We’d vowed to be on our best behavior after all . . .

But it only took one rowdy night with my brothers to flip my world upside down. One unlucky encounter saddled us with a family curse and the promise of doomed relationships. I laughed it off immediately. “Yeah, right,” I thought. “A love curse. Ha!”

Boy, was I wrong.

Word spreads quickly in a town like mine; rumors about that night soon made us the most eligible yet untouchable bachelors in Port Snow, Maine. As a subject of endless gossip and speculation, I could kiss my dating life goodbye.

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