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Author: Lashley, Margaret
Humorous Dark Comedy

The Truth is Out There … Way WAY Out There…

Growing up in backwoods Florida, Bobbie Drex has seen it all – from two-headed turtles to two-timing boyfriends. Her life of hard knocks has left her short on cash, but she’s still packing enough snark to give any whack-job a run for his money.

Or so she thinks.

But when a mysterious stranger arrives at her mechanic shop seeking repairs to his rundown RV, suddenly it’s Bobbie who’s in for a complete overhaul…

The Wall (paid link)

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Author: Hayes, Joseph
Conspiracy Thrillers
Miguel Sanchez is a talented and dynamic attorney who has earned a reputation as a passionate crusader for immigration rights. His charisma and his accomplishments have made him a media darling and paved the way for his explosion onto the national political scene. But he is not who he purports to be. He is the nation’s most high-profile illegal immigrant, a secret known to almost no one other than his shadowy handlers. Together, they have an agenda – punish America for its past sins and undermine this country’s prosperity and way of life. Since childhood, Sanchez has been conditioned to believe in that cause and to do whatever it takes to see that mission through. Now he is on the cusp of acquiring the power to do exactly that.
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Author: Watters, Jodi
Military Romance

If he had a heart, she’d be the woman he’d give it to.

A runaway bride, searching for happily ever after.
A Navy SEAL, who doesn’t believe in such things.
A bar, in the middle of nowhere, and fate, who’s been awaiting this day.

When I left my groom at the altar, I didn’t care where I went, or who I met along the way.
When I walked into a roadside bar in Nowhere, California, I wasn’t planning on staying.
When I sat down beside Jason Reynolds, I had no idea who he really was.
My world turned upside down.
Now all I want to do is save him.

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Author: Bovee, Kari
Historical Biographical Fiction

She’s become an American sensation. But someone wants her dead. Will Annie put a bullseye on the killer before it’s too late?

Fifteen-year-old Annie Oakley is the sole supporter of her widowed mother and two younger siblings. An expert markswoman and independent spirit, she hunts game to sell to the local mercantile to make ends meet instead of accepting a marriage proposal that could solve all her problems, including the impending foreclosure of her family’s farm.

After a stunning performance in a shooting contest against famous sharpshooter Frank Butler, Annie is offered a position in the renowned Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Finally, she has a chance to save her family’s farm–and make her dreams come true. But after her catapult to fame, a series of crimes takes place in the Wild West Show, including the death of Annie’s Indian Assistant.

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Author: Price, Ruth
Amish Fiction
When nine-year-old Judith Hershberger witnesses her daed’s collapse and death in her family’s Lancaster County cornfield, she vows before God never to be so helpless again. Now at seventeen and on her Rumspringa, she’s doing her best to balance life as an Amish woman with the pursuit of Englischer education. But when an Amish guest preacher comes to Judith’s district’s church meeting, bringing along his handsome son, Isaac. Will Judith win Isaac’s love, and can she be true to her heart without abandoning her calling to heal? Find out in Amish Connections, Book 1, sequel to the bestselling Out of Darkness Amish romance serial.
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Author: Riddle, Barbara
American Southwest Cooking
Are you a lover of Chili? Maybe you are brand new to making chilis and are considering trying something new. If either of these scenarios sounds like you then the Chili Cookbook is definitely for you. Walk through all 30 easy and delicious Chili recipes that will take you through the classics all the way through modern twists that will enlighten your taste buds.
Enjoy recipes like:
•Five Alarm Chili
•White Chili
•Bacon Chili
•Chili Casserole
•And so much more.
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Author: Flanders, Cait
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Motivational Self-Help

In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat. Even after she worked her way out of nearly $30,000 of consumer debt, her old habits took hold again. When she realized that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy—only keeping her from meeting her goals—she decided to set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year.

The Year of Less documents Cait’s life for twelve months during which she bought only consumables: groceries, toiletries, gas for her car. Along the way, she challenged herself to consume less of many other things besides shopping.

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Author: Colbert, Don
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Healthy Living
Reset your health and cleanse your body in 21 days.
In Dr. Colbert’s Fasting Zone, the New York Times best-selling author who brought you Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet and Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone provides a twenty-one-day complete meal plan plus bonus seven-day juice fast for cleansing the body of harmful toxins. Dr. Colbert explains the benefits of longer fasts as well as providing you with the latest research on the power of regular, intermittent fasting to reset your body and promote health and longevity.
Designed to restore you to a healthy body and rejuvenate your spiritual life, this book is a timeless faith and health resource for use in every season.

Decision at Delphi (paid link)

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Author: Macinnes, Helen
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Political Thrillers & Suspense

Just another routine overseas assignment. That’s what successful young New York architect Ken Strang thought when a national travel magazine sent him to Europe to sketch Greek ruins.

What he did not know, until it was too late, was that from the moment he boarded the ship, he had become the pawn in a murderous game of international intrigue.

To Strang, danger was no object. He could take care of himself, but he had reckoned without Cecilia, his beautiful photographer. When he fell in love with her, he gave his enemies the one weapon they needed.

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Author: Daisley, Bruce
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Workplace Behavior

The vice president of Twitter Europe and host of the top business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat offers thirty smart, research-based hacks for bringing joy and fun back into our burned out, uninspired work lives.

How does a lunch break spark a burst of productivity? Can a team’s performance be improved simply by moving the location of the coffee maker? Why are meetings so often a waste of time, and how can a walking meeting actually get decisions made?

As an executive with decades of management experience at top Silicon Valley companies including YouTube, Google, and Twitter, Bruce Daisley has given a lot of thought to what makes a workforce productive and what factors can improve the workplace to benefit a company’s employees, customers, and bottom line.

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Author: Spink, Kathryn
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Biographies of Catholicism

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the founder of the Missionaries ofCharity and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, but her story is so much moreremarkable. From her childhood in the Balkans to her work in India, from attendingthe victims of war-torn Beirut to pleading with George Bush and Saddam Husseinto choose peace over war, Mother Teresa was driven by a mighty faith.

Newly revised and updated, this edition includes a personal insight into thebeatification and continuing process of canonization for Mother Teresa, theongoing work of the Missionaries of Charity, and her “dark night of the soul.”

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Author: Leigh, Nerys
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Christian Historical Fiction

A mail order bride with no intention of marrying. A young postmaster determined to change her mind.

Becoming a mail order bride is Amy’s last resort, but after narrowly escaping an attack by her lecherous employer, she’s desperate to escape. She won’t marry her waiting groom, however. She’ll find a way to repay him the train fare, but a lifetime of hardship has taught her to rely only on herself.

Adam’s life in the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek has everything he could want, except someone to love. Although hurt when Amy arrives and he discovers the truth, he feels God prompting him to protect her. But he’ll have to risk everything to show her he can be the refuge she longs for.

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Author: North, Leslie
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Action & Adventure Romance
Romance novelist Brandy Jackson is not a one-night-stand kind of girl, but with Maximillian Benton, she’s willing to make an exception. Big mistake. Turns out, the charming, handsome man with a sexy British accent is a jerk who’s only interested in laying claim to Landon Castle, the inheritance Brandy received when her beloved grandmother died. But apparently through a cheating attorney, the castle was purchased at auction by Max. When a judge orders them to both live at the castle until the legal matter is resolved, Brandy reluctantly agrees. As big as the castle is, it turns out to be too small for her and Max, who find themselves spending more and more time together.
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Author: Smith, Judah
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In Jesus Is, Judah Smith explores a number of topics that reveal Jesus’ purpose for coming, what He accomplished while He was here, and what that means for us.

Jesus is greatly revered, harshly criticized, and sorely misunderstood. Judah breaks down who Jesus is and explains to readers how understanding Jesus more fully will not only enrich their lives, but also give them meaning, as well as save them.

The 8-week Jesus Is DVD-Based Study will help participants discover how to have a deeper, lasting relationship with Jesus, and to commune with and grow in Him. Judah will show you that Jesus is more than a good teacher, more than an inspiring leader. He is the point of all life.

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