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Author: Frost, Agatha
Private Investigator Mysteries

Claire Harris is excited to get the keys to her candle shop finally. A foul smell coming from the attic, however, turns her excitement into a living nightmare. There, she finds the body of Jane Brindle, the owner of the tearoom, which had stood in the heart of the village for decades.

Jane’s eventual retirement at eighty after years of fruitlessly hounding her daughter, Em, to take over the tearoom sent her to the south of France, or so everyone assumed. Jane never left Northash, but nobody is admitting to knowing what happened to her. Accusations fly everywhere, with many fingers pointing at free-spirited Em, and even some at Claire for daring to change the status quo.

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Author: Kinsey, Celia
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

A charming culinary cozy to be read in one or two sittings.

When an unlikeable retiree passes out while walking home from Felica’s food truck, everyone dismisses the incident as a simple medical emergency, but Felicia’s not convinced. Someone had a hand in Mrs. Dunn’s collapse, and Felicia is determined to find out who and why.

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Author: Warren Graham, Dave Robert
Stock Market Investing

Do you think starting something new, like financial markets or options trading, can be stressful?
Yes, it is, but with this manuscript, 2 Books in 1, everything will be simpler and no stress because it will provide you with all the right know-how and tips you need. For this reason, Dave R. W. Graham decided to collect his two works in one book bundle:

Part 1: Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Part 2: Options Trading Crash Course

Many experts recommend that you save up around six months of required funds to pay all your living expenses, and that is good advice. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to start investing, with the right information, and leveraging your capital with options trading.

Message Received (paid link)

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Author: Naramore, Rosemarie
Romantic Comedy

Ike McKinney and Liz Sanders are residents at the same retirement center. When they go missing, the director of the center suspects the seniors have run off together. She contacts their grandchildren, Amanda Richardson and Brady McKinney, who soon learn that the wily seniors have a life lesson or two in store for them, as they lead them on a merry chase.

After attempting to set up the younger couple, in hopes the two might make a love connection, the seniors decide it’s time they have a little fun for themselves. They head off to parts distant. Worried for their beloved grandparents, the young people join forces to find the wayward couple.

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Author: Faire, Etta
Cozy Animal Mystery

When your free house includes a dead roommate…

Carly was thrilled when her ex-husband left her his house after he died. (It was even better that the man was dead, honestly.) But the inheritance meant moving back to the small lakefront town of Landover, a place she said she’d never return to.

There was something strange lurking underneath that seemingly calm and cozy town.

And, as soon as she opens the door to her free house, she figures out why they say nothing is ever free in life. Her ex-husband’s ghost is hovering in her living room, same snotty tone as before, same pretentious beard he always kept perfectly combed.

Dixie Divas (paid link)

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Author: Brown, Virginia
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Women’s Detective Fiction

“You found my philandering ex-husband?” Bitty asked. “Where? Mexico? Paris? In Tupelo with a cocktail waitress?”

“In your closet,” I answered. “Dead.”

Break out the hoop skirts and the zinfandel. The Divas are on the case. Wine. Chocolate. Transvestite strippers. Just another good-time get-together for the Dixie Divas of historic Holly Springs, Mississippi, where moonlight and magnolias mingle with delicious small-town scandal.

But Eureka “Trinket” Truevine, the newest Diva, gets more than she bargained for when she finds her best Diva girlfriend Bitty Hollandale’s ex-husband in Bitty’s hall closet. He’s dead. Very dead. Now Trinket and the Divas have to help Bitty finger the murderer and clear her name.

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Author: Hendricks, Greer, Pekkanen, Sarah
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Domestic Thrillers

Shay Miller wants to find love, but it eludes her. She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end. She wants to belong, but her life is increasingly lonely.

Until Shay meets the Moore sisters. Cassandra and Jane live a life of glamorous perfection, and always get what they desire. When they invite Shay into their circle, everything seems to get better.

Shay would die for them to like her.
She may have to.

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Author: Lind, Samantha
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Contemporary Romance

What do you do when you receive a wedding invitation from the one girl you always thought you would marry?

Sam- Lauren and her twin brother were my best friends growing up. She captured my heart from the moment I first saw her dancing through the sprinkler. I always kept my feelings hidden though, standing back as she dated other guys, afraid to cross that line and risk losing her. I even went out with a few girls myself, but no one ever measured up.
Then that dreaded day arrived, and I knew I’d lost her forever.

Lauren- Sam was always my constant. My rock. My best friend. That feeling, the one I only got around him, had never been matched by another man. But Sam never showed me he felt anything more for me than friendship, so I moved on…

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Author: Gwin, Minrose
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Historical Fiction
An atmospheric debut novel about growing up in the changing South in 1960s Mississippi in the tradition of Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help. In the words of Jill McCorkle (Going Away Shoes), “Minrose Gwin is an extremely gifted writer and The Queen of Palmyra is a brilliant and compelling novel.”
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Author: Manna, Max La
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Vegan Cooking

Max La Manna, zero waste chef and climate activist, bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking – inviting us to channel the MORE PLANTS LESS WASTE mindset and discover a stronger purpose in our daily routines.

Max has inspired thousands of people across the world to rethink their approach to consumption and made it his mission to turn the tide on plastic and breathe new energy into the leftovers that are typically destined for the bin. In his first cookbook he will share 80 of his tasty, healthy recipes that will have your taste buds watering, help you save money, food and eat well from Sumptuous Spag Bol and Crunchy Cauliflower Curry to Leftover Veggie Nachos in a Hurry..

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Satire Fiction

She thinks I’m her enemy.

The truth is, I’ve loved her for years.

Now that a blizzard’s trapped us together, I can finally tell her the truth.

Forget about the storm raging outside. It’s the ice protecting her heart that I have to melt.

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Author: Federici, Silvia
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Gender Studies
We are witnessing a new surge of interpersonal and institutional violence against women, including new witch hunts. This surge of violence has occurred alongside an expansion of capitalist social relation. In this new work that revisits some of the main themes of Caliban and the Witch, Silvia Federici examines the root causes of these developments and outlines the consequences for the women affected and their communities. She argues, that no less than the witch hunts in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe and the “New World,” this new war on women is a structural element of the new forms of capitalist accumulation.
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Author: Orenstein, Peggy
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Social Science
Sweet and sassy or predatory and hardened, sexualized girlhood influences our daughters from infancy onward, telling them that how a girl looks matters more than who she is. Somewhere between the exhilarating rise of Girl Power in the 1990s and today, the pursuit of physical perfection has been recast as the source of female empowerment. And commercialization has spread the message faster and farther, reaching girls at ever-younger ages. But how dangerous is pink and pretty, anyway? Being a princess is just make-believe; eventually they grow out of it . . . or do they?
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Author: Herman, Eleanor
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Psychology of Human Sexuality

Eleanor Herman reveals the truth about what goes on behind the closed door of a queen’s boudoir. Impeccably researched, filled with page-turning romance, passion, and scandal, Sex with the Queen explores the scintillating sexual lives of some of our most beloved and infamous female rulers.

She was the queen, living in an opulent palace, wearing lavish gowns and dazzling jewels. She was envied, admired, and revered. She was also miserable, having been forced to marry a foreign prince sight unseen, a royal ogre who was sadistic, foaming at the mouth, physically repulsive, mentally incompetent, or sexually impotent—and in some cases all of the above.

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