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Author: Nees, David
Dystopian Science Fiction

In a world without power, Jason must fight for survival as he heads to the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

An electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States shuts down all power, communications and transportation. With no food deliveries, no vehicles working, society begins to unravel.

Starvation and death begin to reign and panic leads to violence. Marauding gangs roam the countryside, stealing, killing or worse and cities begin to wall themselves off from the danger outside.

As society breaks down, Jason heads to the Appalachian Mountains to avoid the growing anarchy, hoping to wait out the chaos.

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Author: Persimmon, Olive B.
Men, Women & Relationships Humor

Kinky, pornstar-style sex. In every room and every position. Sex advice for the inept, the knowledgeable, and the sexiest sex-ers having sex.

If that’s what you’re looking for…this is probably not the book for you. Because I’m currently in the middle of the world’s greatest stretch of unintentional celibacy. If you want a sexy book like Fifty Shades of Grey, this is not it.

I haven’t had sex in two years, six months, three days and 2.5 hours.

During this time, I’ve learned two facts:
Fact one: Granny panties never lead to coitus.
Fact two: Using the word coitus never leads to coitus.

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Author: History, Hourly
History of Space Programs
During fourteen years, from 1955 to 1969, the Soviet Union and the United States of America were engaged in a dramatic race against each other to conquer space. This period encompassed dramatic victories, humbling defeats, and more than one tragedy. This is a story of human courage and ingenuity at its best and political maneuvering at its worst, of almost unbelievable technological progress undertaken with the object not just of advancing human knowledge but also of proving the superiority of one country over another.
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Author: Brannan, J.T.
Crime Thrillers

The Thousand Dollar Man is a myth. An urban legend, his appearance prayed for by the poor and downtrodden of the United States. They say he goes from town to town, helping people who have problems. Any kind of problems.

They put adverts in their local paper, put notices up in the local stores, always hoping that one day he will walk through their town and see them, act upon them. And if he does – and as long as the client can gather together a thousand dollars to pay – their problems will disappear.

But it wasn’t always that way.

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Author: Hunt Harris, Kim
Cozy Animal Mystery

Together for the very first time, four holiday-themed novellas from the Trailer Park Princess series — Mud, Sweat and Tears (Easter); Yankee Doodle Deadly (Independence Day); Gold, Frankincense, and Murder (Christmas) and the brand new Thanksgiving caper, Cornucopias and Counterfeit Poodles!

Join Salem and Viv as they chase bad guys (and girls!), solve crimes, ride donkeys, accidentally set things on fire…you know, the usual mayhem.

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Author: Food Network
Children’s Cooking Books
Calling all junior chefs! Check out this special selection of recipes from the first-ever cookbook for kids from the editors of Food Network Magazine—including Coconut Chicken Fingers, Spaghetti Marinara, Bacon-Cheddar Wafflewiches Pesto Pizza English Muffin, Snack-Attack Chocolate Chip Cookies and Edible Cookie Dough. Then if you want more, look for The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook with more than 150 recipes, plus food trivia, tips, quizzes, and even coloring-book pages.
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Author: Mofina, Rick
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Crime Thrillers

The body of Bernice Hogan, a troubled young former nursing student with a tragic past, isfound in a shallow grave near a forest creek. Jolene Peller, a single mom struggling tobuild a new life with her little boy, vanishes the night she tries to find Bernice. Herocop Karl Styebeck is beloved by his community, but privately police are uneasy with theanswers he gives to protect the life—and the lie—he’s lived.

The case haunts Jack Gannon, a gritty, blue-collar reporter whose own sister ran away fromtheir family years ago. Gannon risks more than his job to pursue the story behindStyebeck’s dark secret, his link to the women and the mysterious big rig roaming America’sloneliest highways on its descent into eternal darkness.

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Author: Ramsay, Hope
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Literary Sagas

Molly Canaday wishes she could repair her life as easily as she fixes cars. She was all set to open her own body shop in Last Chance when her mother ran off and left her to manage the family yarn shop instead. Now guided by the unsolicited-though well-intended-advice of the weekly knitting club, Molly works to untangle this mess. But her plan unravels when the new landlord turns out to be difficult-as well as tall, dark, and handsome.

Simon Wolfe returns to quickly settle his father’s estate and then leave Last Chance for good. Still wounded by a broken heart, Simon is surprised when the town’s charming streets and gentle spirit bring back good memories.

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Author: Wentworth, Patricia
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Former schoolteacher Miss Maud Silver is on her way back to London when, with a violent shudder of the train, a young woman is thrust into her compartment. She’s beautiful, well dressed, newly married, and wealthy—a lethal combination.

In a state of shock, Lisle Jerningham explains that she fled her home in a hurry after overhearing a sinister conversation. Her new husband’s first wife died in an apparent accident, and the resultant infusion of cash saved his family home. Now, he’s broke again—and attempting to engineer a second convenient mishap. Miss Silver is unsure whether the drama is real or a figment of Lisle’s imagination—but if this frightened young lady is a target for murder, the killer will have to deal with the governess-turned-sleuth first.

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Author: Kershaw, Alex
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Military Naval History
In the early morning hours of October 24, 1944, the legendary U.S. Navy submarine Tang was hit by one of its own faulty torpedoes. The survivors of the explosion struggled to stay alive one hundred-eighty feet beneath the surface, while the Japanese dropped deadly depth charges. As the air ran out, some of the crew made a daring ascent through the escape hatch. In the end, just nine of the original eighty-man crew survived.
But the survivors were beginning a far greater ordeal. After being picked up by the Japanese, they were sent to an interrogation camp known as the “Torture Farm.” When they were liberated in 1945, they were close to death, but they had revealed nothing to the Japanese, including the greatest secret of World War II.
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Author: History, Hourly
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Biographies of Social Scientists & Psychologists
Sigmund Freud was a catalyst who signaled a seat change in how humanity came to understand the world and how it relates to the human mind. And if you have ever had a “Freudian slip,” you know full well that the concepts and theories of Mr. Freud are well ensconced in the modern lexicon. But as much as many of us are familiar with his work, what about the man? What do we know about the person? Just who was Sigmund Freud?
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Author: Durst, Sarah Beth
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Dark Fantasy Horror

Life is precious and precarious on the islands of Belene. Besieged by a capricious ocean full of malicious spirits, the people of the islands seek joy where they can. Mayara, one of the island’s fearless oyster divers, has found happiness in love. But on the day of her wedding to the artist Kelo, a spirit-driven storm hits the island with deadly force.

To save her loved ones, Mayara reveals a dangerous secret: she has the power to control the spirits. When the storm ends, she is taken into custody by the queen’s soldiers and imprisoned with other women like her.

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Author: Ursu, Brian M.
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Personal Money Management

So you’ve finished school and found your first well-paid job. Congratulations! Now don’t squander it! With real money flowing into your account for the first time, it’s easy to embrace those new preapproved credit cards or to buy that new car you’ve been dreaming about. But without a solid understanding of your financial future, you risk losing everything you’ve worked for.

Many of us—and not just those starting out—were never educated in financial planning or sustainable wealth management. Now What? bridges that gap with practical advice for readers of all ages dealing with fiscal change. If you’ve just landed your first big paycheck, have recently inherited, or are divorced or widowed, this book will guide you around the pitfalls of new wealth.

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