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Author: Cecil B. Hartley
Have you ever been confused about the proper pair of gloves to wear while attending a formal luncheon? Would you like to definitively settle the debate about the proper volume at which to carry on conversations with your dining companions? If so, The Gentlemen’s Book of Etiquette should top your reading queue.
It offers an interesting look at the manners and conventions of a bygone era, as well as many surprisingly timeless tips for comporting oneself with dignity and grace in all situations.
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Author: Dawson, Janet
Private Investigator Mysteries


Those are just a few of the family members Oakland P.I. Jeri Howard finds herself investigating in a puzzling missing persons case that sprawls throughout the grittier sections of Northern California. For a woman who told her husband she had no relatives, Renee Foster’s actually well-stocked with them….and doozies at that. The whole family—criminals, abusers, and kindly aunts alike– comes alive in Janet Dawson’s first novel, prompting the New York Times to hail it as “a welcome addition to this tough genre.”

There’s clearly a lot more here than the simple matter of a wife disappearing with the grocery money. Smelling a rat or two right from the beginning of this complex and intriguing mystery, the red-haired private detective follows many a twisty trail as Dawson weaves an equally twisty tale, which, to the reader’s delight, just keeps winding back on itself, revealing brand new secrets as fast as ancient skeletons can fall out of closets.

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Author: Kernot, Tom
Action & Adventure

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Ben Carter is still plagued with grief two years after his fiancée was killed in a horrific terrorist attack in London. In a bid to help him move on, the team at his restaurant nominate him for The Sunlight Race, a hit one-day adventure reality TV show that has taken the UK by storm.

He gets selected and heads on an African adventure to Zanzibar with his sporty race partner Anna, sensing romance between them. The race begins but little do any of the contestants know what is about to happen. Someone with a bitter grudge against the reality TV industry has very different plans for how the show will go down. As the day of revenge unfolds, survival seems impossible.

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Author: Strauss, Lee, Strauss, Norm
Cozy Mystery

Ginger Gold has opened her own private investigation office!
This short story companion series to Ginger Gold Mysteries has the clever Mrs. Ginger Reed, aka Lady Gold, and her adventurous sister-in-law Felicia taking on clients who’ve got all sorts of troubles. This first volume consists of The Case of the Boy who Vanished and The Case of the Missing Fox Stole.

A companion series to Ginger Gold Mysteries, each volume is approximately 20 thousand words or 90 pages. A bite size read perfect for a transit commute home, time spent waiting at an appointment, or to settle into sleep at night. Get your coffee, tea or glass of wine and snuggle in!

The Kitchen Shrink (paid link)

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Author: DeTarsio, Dee
Celebrity & Popular Culture Humor

If your life is a mess, your house could probably use a makeover, too. Welcome to the behind-the-scenes world of reality TV in The Kitchen Shrink:

When did Lisby Shaw’s life turn into a country music song? Probably when her best friend signed her up for the debut of the new reality TV show, The Kitchen Shrink, for the ultimate life and home makeover. Unable to squirm out of this “it will be fun” opportunity, Lisby tries to juggle her upstairs-behind-the-scenes-life with her downstairs-in-front-of-the-camera persona, where everything she says and does, can and will be used against her.

Hopefully, the show doesn’t find out about her fling with that hunky carpenter. Or that she and her friend smoked the weed she found in her daughter’s room. Lisby cannot believe what a freak show her life has become. At least no one knows about her crush on Sam, Sam, the Cameraman…

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Author: Hart, Emma
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Romantic Comedy

There are some things you just have to deal with.
Like your hot as hell college booty call moving in next door with his adorable daughter.

The only time we’ve ever gotten along is under the sheets. Old habits die hard because two minutes on my front porch is how long it takes us to bicker.
Not that a little fact like that bothers my healthy, eighty-year-old grandmother and roommate who’s determined to see me married before she bites the dust.
Unfortunately for me, she’s got her eye set on Mason Black.
She’s barking up the wrong tree. He’s not The One, no matter how much I swoon when I see him with his daughter. I have no intentions of rekindling anything with him–until a rubber spider in my mailbox starts off the mother of all neighborhood prank wars, just like the ones we had in college, and throws me right into his path.

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Author: Carolla, Adam
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Humor Essays

It’s a sad and eerie harbinger of our times that the Oprah-watching, crystal-rubbing, Whole Foods-shopping moms and their whipped attorney husbands have taken the ability to reason away from the poor schlub who makes the Bloody Marys. What we used to settle with common sense or a fist, we now settle with hand sanitizer and lawyers. Adam Carolla has had enough of this insanity and he’s here to help us get our collective balls back.

In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks is Adam’s comedic gospel of modern America. He rips into the absurdity of the culture that demonized the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, turned the nation’s bathrooms into a lawless free-for-all of urine and fecal matter, and put its citizens at the mercy of a bunch of minimum wagers with axes to grind.

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Author: McChrystal, Stanley, Collins, Tantum, Silverman, David, Fussell, Chris
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Management Skills
When General Stanley McChrystal took command of the Joint Special Operations Task Force in 2004, he quickly realized that conventional military tactics were failing. Al Qaeda in Iraq was a decentralized network that could move quickly, strike ruthlessly, then seemingly vanish into the local population. The allied forces had a huge advantage in numbers, equipment, and training—but none of that seemed to matter. To defeat Al Qaeda, they would have to combine the power of the world’s mightiest military with the agility of the world’s most fearsome terrorist network. They would have to become a “team of teams”—faster, flatter, and more flexible than ever.
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Author: Sheppard, R.
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Gastronomy History

This collection of excerpts from US Army cooking manuals illustrates how America fed its troops from the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth, offering a glimpse of what daily life was like for those preparing and consuming the rations. With an introduction explaining the historical background, this is a fascinating and fun exploration of American army cooking, with a dash of inspiration for feeding your own army!

Beginning with a manual from 1775, you will learn how the Continental Congress kept its Patriot forces fed. A manual from 1896 prepares Army cooks for any eventuality—whether in the garrison, in the field, or on the march—with instructions on everything from butchery and preserving meat to organizing food service and cleaning utensils. Along with classic American fare such as chowder, hash, and pancakes, it also includes recipes for Crimean kebabs, Turkish pilau, and tamales.

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Author: Picciarelli, Patrick
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Crime Fiction

Set amid landmarks like Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, in crowded streets or leafy enclaves, this collection of crime and suspense fiction, edited by a winner of multiple major mystery awards, showcases both an exceptional lineup of literary talent and the unique atmosphere of New York City’s northern borough.

Brand-new stories by Thomas Adcock, Kevin Baker, Thomas Bentil, Lawrence Block, Jerome Charyn, Suzanne Chazin, Terrence Cheng, Ed Dee, Joanne Dobson, Robert Hughes, Marlon James, Sandra Kitt, Rita Laken, Miles Marshall Lewis, Patrick W. Picciarelli, Abraham Rodriguez Jr., S.J. Rozan, Steven Torres, and Joseph Wallace.

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Author: Chand, Samuel
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Religious Leadership

Renowned leadership consultant, Samuel R. Chand details the account of the construction of the Panama Canal, and draws parallels between it and successful leadership methodology.

“More passion isn’t the answer, and bigger dreams aren’t always the solution. Every leader is asking two questions: How can we grow? How can we grow faster? The only way organizations can grow bigger and move faster is by accelerating the excellence of their systems and structures.”

—from Bigger Faster Leadership: Lessons from the Builders of the Panama Canal

An epiphany during a visit to the Panama Canal led Sam Chand—one of the country’s most respected voices on ministry and marketplace leadership—to bold new insights on the life cycles of business or church organizations.

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Author: Bernhard, Emilia
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

Parisian summers are for strolls in the park . . . and solving a murder–or two.

When American sleuth Rachel Levis stumbles upon an employee of the French national library strangled in the bathroom of a cafe, she’s not surprised to be asked to help with the investigation by her old acquaintance Capitaine Boussicault–after all, she and her best friend Magda solved a tricky murder only eighteen months before.

But right from the start, this case proves to be très difficile. When Rachel goes undercover as a librarian to determine which of his book-loving colleagues loathed the man enough to kill him, the library is rocked by more bad news: a priceless antique book has been mutilated. And the very next day, her favorite suspect for the murder is found dead in the stacks.

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Author: Blake, Elizabeth
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

In this Austen-tatious debut, antiquarian bookstore proprietor Erin Coleridge uses her sense and sensibility to deduce who killed the president of the local Jane Austen Society.

Erin Coleridge’s used bookstore in Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, England is a meeting place for the villagers and, in particular, for the local Jane Austen Society. At the Society’s monthly meeting, matters come to a head between the old guard and its young turks. After the meeting breaks for tea, persuasion gives way to murder—with extreme prejudice—when president Sylvia Pemberthy falls dead to the floor. Poisoned? Presumably…but by whom? And was Sylvia the only target?

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