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Murder at Twin Oaks: Victoria James Mystery Novella 1 (paid link)

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Author: Brackett, C.Z.
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
A double murder in Bennettsville? There hadn’t been any police drama involving the town’s uppercrust since Hillary Vincent got drunk at the Bennettsville Masquerade Ball and drove her car into the town fountain five years before. Now two of the city’s wealthiest residents are dead, and journalist Victoria James finds herself getting more than a front page story.
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Author: Harman, Dianne
Cozy Crafts & Hobbies Mystery

When a mistaken identity murder happens at her sister’s bookstore in Cottonwood Springs, Brigid has no choice. She has to find the person who intended to murder her sister.

Not everyone liked her sister, Fiona. Several people could have done it including the competing bookstore owner, the religious fanatic, the psychic, and her landlady. Now all Brigid has to do is figure out if it was one of them or just a random event.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a 125-pound Newfoundland dog for a pet, particularly when the creek runs deep and fast.

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Author: Scott, Hannie P.
Drinks & Beverages

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Mixed Drinks
Hot Chocolates

A Long Way from Paris (paid link)

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Author: Murray, E.C.
Adventure Travel
Set in 1980, Elizabeth carves out a life without heat, running water, or even a good grasp of French. Far from her younger days as a New England preppie and Oregon hippie, the challenges of farm work daunt her. She befriends an Australian shepherd, reflects on her spirituality, and muses on the man she left behind. Elizabeth grows stronger as she faces self-doubt while still maintaining her humor. She ekes fun where she can. When tragedy strikes Elizabeth’s adopted family, she summons belief in herself and becomes the leader they desperately need.

Rub a Dub Dub (paid link)

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Author: Burrows, N.D.
Humorous Dark Comedy

What really goes on behind the twitching net curtains of middle England?

Meet Emily Underwood. She works for the Food Standards Agency. Based in Partridge Towers in the heart of Norwich, her job is to keep the people of England safe from all sorts of nastiness in the food chain. When she gets sent to a house on the outskirts of the city that may or not be operating as a restaurant, she discovers that things aren’t quite as she thought.

Meanwhile, her flatmate Catherine is in trouble with the law, and not for the first time. When she gets into a spot of bother in a layby that’s a favourite haunt for night-time outdoor enthusiasts, Emily and her boyfriend Warren do their best to help her out. But it’s not Warren’s fault that he’s a bit useless. That’s just the way he is.

The Locket (paid link)

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Author: Saberton, Ruth
Time Travel Romance

During the golden summer before the First World War, Emily Pendennys knows her duty is to rescue the family fortunes by marrying well. Falling in love is little more than a dream and leaving her small Cornish village an impossibility. But as the storm clouds of war gather a chance encounter changes Emily’s future and steals her heart forever.

Over a century later researching family history is a solace for Alison Foy while her beloved soldier son is away on active service. When she stumbles across a forgotten link between her great-grandparents and the famous war poet Kit Rivers, Alison discovers their past is woven through her present in a tapestry of loss, love and long kept secrets.

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Author: Saramago, Jose
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Absurdist Fiction

On the first day of the new year, no one dies. This of course causes consternation among politicians, religious leaders, morticians, and doctors. Among the general public, on the other hand, there is initially celebration—flags are hung out on balconies, people dance in the streets. They have achieved the great goal of humanity: eternal life.

Then reality hits home—families are left to care for the permanently dying, life-insurance policies become meaningless, and funeral parlors are reduced to arranging burials for pet dogs, cats, hamsters, and parrots. Death sits in her chilly apartment, where she lives alone with scythe and filing cabinets, and contemplates her experiment: What if no one ever died again? What if she, death with a small d, were to become human and fall in love?

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Author: Cahoon, Lynn
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

As the owner of South Cove, California’s most beloved bookstore café, Jill Gardner is more known for her sit-down-and-read than her get-up-and-go. Yet she’s been talked into sponsoring a 5k charity race along the beautiful California coast. Jill is happy to hit the ground running in support of the local preservation society—until a fellow runner stumbles over a very stationary body.

The deceased is the wife of the husband-and-wife team hired to promote the event. And while her rudeness didn’t win her any friends in South Cove, it’s her own husband who comes in first on the suspect list. When he turns to Jill for help in clearing his name, she can’t resist tracing the steps of a swift and sinister killer. But she needs to act fast before she winds up crossing a permanent finished line.

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Author: Okri, Ben
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Magical Realism

Azaro is a spirit child, an abiku, existing, according to the African tradition, between life and death. Born into the human world, he must experience its joys and tragedies. His spirit companions come to him often, hounding him to leave his mortal world and join them in their idyllic one. Azaro foresees a trying life ahead, but he is born smiling. This is his story.

When President Bill Clinton first went to Africa he quoted from The Famished Road, which has inspired literature, art, politics, and pop songs—and even been referenced in an episode of The Simpsons. A transformative story for all ages and all times, it means many things to many people. Few contemporary novels have aroused as much passion as this one. Indeed, twenty-five years after its breakout publication, the iconic story of Azaro’s travels continues to mesmerize new generations.


First Date: An absolutely jaw-dropping psychological thriller (paid link)

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Author: Watson, Sue
Psychological Thrillers

She’s been waiting her whole life to meet a man like Alex. But he’s been waiting too. And once he has her, he’ll never let her go…

Hannah has done everything to make sure her life is safe and secure. A long way from her unstable childhood growing up in foster care, she’s content with her sweet, little, messy apartment and her satisfying job as a social worker. She quietly worries that, aged 36, she might never fall in love. But otherwise her life is where she wants it to be.

Until, encouraged by her best friend to join a dating app, she meets Alex. He’s irresistibly handsome. He loves the same music as her. The same food as well. They both dream of travelling the world but agree they’d be equally happy escaping to a cottage by the beach in Devon. Both of them would love to own a Labrador one day. It’s like he’s made for her. It’s like he’s too good to be true.

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Author: Bujold, Lois McMaster
Historical Fantasy
Bastard’s Eve is a night of celebration for most residents in the canal city of Lodi — but not for sorcerer Learned Penric and his Temple demon Desdemona, who find themselves caught up in the affairs of a shiplost madman, a dangerous ascendant demon, and a very unexpected saint of the fifth god.
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Author: Wiedeman, Reeves
Biographies of Business Professionals

In its earliest days, WeWork promised the impossible: to make the American work place cool. Adam Neumann, an immigrant determined to make his fortune in the United States, landed on the idea of repurposing surplus New York office space for the burgeoning freelance class. Over the course of ten years, WeWork attracted billions of dollars from some of the most sought-after investors in the world, while spending it to build a global real estate empire that he insisted was much more than that: an organization that aspired to nothing less than “elevating the world’s consciousness.”

Moving between New York real estate, Silicon Valley venture capital, and the very specific force field of spirituality and ambition erected by Adam Neumann himself, Billion Dollar Loser lays bare the internal drama inside WeWork.

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