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Author: Ellsworth, John
Conspiracy Thrillers

Here is a special three-volume box set of the first three volumes in the fourteen-book Thaddeus Murfee series. Legal thrillers filled with plenty of courtroom, intrigue, deceit, and dangerous games that sometimes result in sudden death–this series has it all and that’s what has made it so popular with readers.

In the title book, The Defendants, new attorney Thaddeus Murfee defends a waitress accused of murdering the man who carved his name into her chest. Motive? Of course. Opportunity? She drank with him the night he died. Payback? He did cut her up. But did she pull the trigger? A trial begins and witnesses are stacked against the young waitress. Until the young lawyer’s paralegal, Christine, has a brainstorm. Christine is a sergeant fresh back from the war in Afghanistan and nothing escapes her. The hunt is on.

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Author: Bradley, Rebecca
Police Procedurals

The dumped body of a girl is found in an alleyway, forcing Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins into the darker side of Nottingham. The scene is brutal, demanding Hannah bring closure to the girl’s media-hungry mother.

When Hannah arrests the killer it becomes clear that all is not what it seems. This was not a single act of violence. There is a long shadow being cast and a larger problem. And someone wants to stop Hannah from finding out the truth.

All the while a member of her team is hiding a life-changing secret that could have serious repercussions for the investigation. But Hannah is too distracted by the case to pick up the cues.

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Author: VanDyke, D. D.
Private Investigator Mysteries

When a young girl is kidnapped, street-smart but damaged San Francisco ex-cop California “Cal” Corwin is engaged to find and rescue her before murder raises the stakes. As a straightforward case takes unexpected twists, Cal must quell a growing fear that an anguished mother may never see her child again. With a shadowy crime lord lurking behind every unexpected clue, Cal struggles to tie up loose ends before evil claims its next victim.

Loose Ends is the first book in the Cal Corwin P. I. mystery series from D. D. VanDyke. Set against the rich backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area, Cal Corwin novels brim with intrigue and fully fleshed characters from cops and criminals to hit men, oddball family and unexpected allies.

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Author: Fortner, Mac
Sea Adventures Fiction

Since his wife disappeared, Cam’s been searching for the truth. But he may be about to uncover more than he bargained for…
Five years ago, she went boating with friends. Five years ago, Cam unwittingly said ‘goodbye’ to her for the last time.

Later, the boat turned up in a marina in the Bahamas, numbers changed and railings gouged. His wife’s body was never found. Clues pointed to the ringleader of a notorious gang of pirates, and Cam has been pursuing them ever since.

But when his investigations uncover a disturbing connection to an international criminal organization, Cam discovers his wife’s killers have plans to do far more than make people disappear.

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Author: Cordoba, Nina
Romantic Comedy

Rika’s just had the worst day of her life. Having lost her job, apartment and boyfriend in one fell swoop, she decides she’ll visit friends down at South Padre Island before returning to L.A. to face her family.

But after taking a shortcut through Bolo Texas in the dead of night, she’s run off the road, trips over a dead body, and is arrested for murder. And she’s not so sure about the lawyer who’s been assigned to her, even when he’s shirtless, wearing a cowboy hat, and holding an extra-long hose. (Okay, maybe then.)

All Nick Owen can think about is getting out of Bolo, a hometown he never should have returned to.

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Author: Kent, Julia
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Satire & Humor Fiction

He says we never had a proper honeymoon.

So, instead, he’s giving me… a prepper honeymoon?

Who knew billionaire preppers were a thing?

I guess I’m about to find out.

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Author: Wagner, Pamela Spiro, Spiro, Carolyn
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Mental Health

A riveting true story of sisters who were identical, until the voices began

Growing up in the fifties, Carolyn Spiro was always in the shadow of her more intellectually dominant and socially outgoing twin, Pamela. But as the twins approached adolescence, Pamela began to suffer the initial symptoms of schizophrenia, hearing disembodied voices that haunted her for years and culminated during her freshman year of college at Brown University where she had her first major breakdown and hospitalization. Pamela’s illness allowed Carolyn to enter the spotlight that had for so long been focused on her sister. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, Carolyn graduated from Harvard Medical School and forged a successful career in psychiatry.

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Author: Dickey, Eric Jerome
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Assassination Thrillers
Gideon is more than a hit man. In a world of money, violence, women, and love on the run, he’s the master of the game. Now Gideon’s got the job of a lifetime. The prize is the woman he desires and a cool million. The problem is it’s just the kind of hit that can make him more enemies. Like the two beautiful strangers on Gideon’s tail. Are they there to protect him or bring him down? There’s one way to find out. Follow them into an underworld where killers and victims alike thrive on the darker passions of revenge and desire.
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Author: White, Betty
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Biographies of Actors & Actresses
In this candid take on everything from the unglamorous reality behind red-carpet affairs to her beauty regimen (“I have no idea what color my hair is, and I never intend to find out”), Betty White shares her observations about life, celebrity, and love (for humans and animals). Filled with photos, If You Ask Me is funny, sweet, and straight to the point—just like Betty.
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Author: Greene, Robert, Elffers, Joost
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Social Skills

Robert Greene’s groundbreaking guides, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, and Mastery, espouse profound, timeless lessons from the events of history to help readers vanquish an enemy, ensnare an unsuspecting victim, or become the greatest in your field. In The 33 Strategies of War, Greene has crafted an important addition to this ruthless and unique series.

Spanning world civilizations, synthesizing dozens of political, philosophical, and religious texts and thousands of years of violent conflict, The 33 Strategies of War is the I-Ching of conflict, the contemporary companion to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

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Author: MacArthur, John F.
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Christian Education
Paul’s letter to the Romans is an inspired masterpiece of doctrine highlighting God’s grace, truth, and redemption. Within its pages, the apostle shares his message of good news and eternal salvation with the church, advises believers on theological truths, gives practical applications for living the Christian life, and shows how God’s righteousness comes by grace alone through faith in Christ. The book of Romans underscores that Christianity is far more than just a doctrine—it is an essential road map for daily living.
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Author: Delaney, Joseph
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Dark Fantasy

Capturing witches
Binding boggarts
Driving away ghosts

For years, Old Gregory has been the Spook for the county, ridding the local villages of evil. Now his time is coming to an end. But who will take over for him? Twenty-nine apprentices have tried–some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive.

Only Thomas Ward is left. He’s the last hope; the last apprentice.

Can Thomas succeed? Will he learn the difference between a benign witch and a malevolent one? Does the Spook’s warning against girls with pointy shoes include Alice? And what will happen if Thomas accidentally frees Mother Malkin, the most evil witch in the county … ?

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