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Author: Albrinck, Alex
Dystopian Science Fiction

In the distant future, humanity staggers as wave after wave of population decimating catastrophes push humanity near its extinction point.

A gift from the past provides them a way forward, and soon the human race is exploding its numbers, recreating civilization, generating art and commerce, and expanding its technological capabilities. The growing human civilization also bring back the concepts of war; East and West wage an eternal detente, neither side willing to attack, neither willing to announce peace.

In the midst of resounding success, a dark force conspires against humanity: the unleashing of a shockingly deadly, destructive weapon that will leave humanity on the brink of extinction once more.

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Author: Bender, Conor
Espionage Thrillers
Dieppe. Summer, 1942. Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander of the Combined Operations Office, has his eye on Northern France and an audacious plan for an Allied raid on this quiet fishing port in Normandy. But the head of Special Operations, Charles Hambro, has his doubts. Mountbatten’s plans seem politically motivated and dangerously lacking in detail. Bowing to Mountbatten’s seniority – and against his better judgement – Hambro sends his best agent, Arthur Cutter, undercover to France. Smuggled into the outskirts of Dieppe, Cutter links up with a young, hostile, and female French resistance fighter, Talia Crevier. As the Allied Forces attempt to penetrate the Nazi Atlantic Wall, Cutter and Crevier must find a way to trust each other – and infiltrate the Nazi forces within the town in a desperate attempt to give the raid a fighting chance.
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Author: Harman, Dianne
Cozy Mystery

When a man falls overboard and dies in the bay people have to ask if it was an accident or a calculated murder motivated by a changed inheritance? Unfaithful spouses? Revenge?

When the dead man is Sheriff’s Mike oldest friend and one of the heirs is his goddaughter, he has to find out what happened. Good thing he has Kelly and a big boxer to help him.

Fractured (paid link)

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Author: Lucci, Judith, Quinn, Fiona, Thacker, Nick, Battles, Brett, Ruff, Jenifer, Alatorre, Dan, Jenkins, Suzanne, Ferguson, Tamara, Patchell, Chris, Scudiere, A.J., Dasso, Edwin, Katz, Robert I., Cole, Audrey J.
Medical Thrillers

Fracturing the silence …

…it’s a battle of wills.

In the world of medical and psychological thrillers, this collection of authors is unequalled. Thirteen thrillers—written by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestsellers—load your Kindle with bold experience.

Medical malpractice, natural disaster, murderers and serial-killers, deviant minds on paths of destruction.

The truth cannot be hidden long.

It’s a fight for survival.

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Author: Colbert, AR
Espionage Thrillers

Life isn’t easy for Claren Greenwood. Her mother was killed by rebels, her father was exiled, and her brother has an unlucky habit of flirting with death. But Claren has a rare skill, and once the government identifies her as an Empath, she finally sees a chance for a brighter future.

Placed in a training facility closer to the Center, Claren finds herself straddling two worlds–the luxurious Leaders begging her to work for “The Greater Good,” and a wild group of rebels threatening to tear it all apart.

With the help of a mysterious, handsome Outsider and a house full of other bright-eyed Empaths, Claren must discover the truth in order to save her brother and countless other lives.

Trackers: A Novel (paid link)

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Author: Meyer, Deon
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Espionage Thrillers
Lemmer’s first rule is “Don’t get involved.” A highly skilled bodyguard with a violent, criminal past, he has settled into a quiet life in Loxton, South Africa. But when a wealthy farmer asks him to help save a pair of rare black rhinos by smuggling them out of Zimbabwe, Lemmer can’t say no. Now he’s on a small airplane, zipping across the border with a military-grade shotgun at his feet—sensing that he’s about to regret breaking his own rule.

City (paid link)

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Author: Simak, Clifford D.
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Action & Adventure
Thousands of years have passed since humankind abandoned the city—first for the countryside, then for the stars, and ultimately for oblivion—leaving their most loyal animal companions alone on Earth. Granted the power of speech centuries earlier by the revered Bruce Webster, the intelligent, pacifist dogs are the last keepers of human history, raising their pups with bedtime stories, passed down through generations, of the lost “websters” who gave them so much but will never return. With the aid of Jenkins, an ageless service robot, the dogs live in a world of harmony and peace. But they now face serious threats from their own and other dimensions, perhaps the most dangerous of all being the reawakened remnants of a warlike race called “Man.”
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Author: Levine, Laura
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

Love is in the air as freelance writer Jaine Austen begins a new job at the Dates of Joy matchmaking service . . .

When Jaine lands a job writing web copy and brochures for matchmaker Joy Amoroso, she’s excited for a chance to help the lovelorn—until she realizes Joy is a ruthless taskmaster who screams at her employees for the smallest infractions, pads her website with pictures of professional models posing as clients, and offers up convincing but empty promises of love. So it’s no surprise when the chiseling cupid turns up dead at a Valentine’s Day mixer. Now, finding the culprit may prove harder than spotting that elusive caramel praline in a box of chocolates . . .

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Author: Sayers, Dorothy L.
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Historical Mysteries

A gentleman needs hobbies. For Lord Peter Wimsey—a Great War veteran with a touch of shell shock—collecting rare books, sampling fine wines, and catching criminals help pass the time.

In Whose Body?, a dead man wearing nothing but a pince-nez is found in the bathtub of an architect’s London flat—and Wimsey encounters a bizarre puzzle.

Clouds of Witness brings Lord Wimsey to the family’s shooting lodge in Yorkshire. Humans are not meant to be targets, but Wimsey’s sister’s fiancé has been felled by a bullet—and his brother accused of the crime. The investigation will bring him into contact with a socialist agitator, a hot-tempered farmer, and a host of unseemly secrets.

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Author: Hjortsberg, William
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Horror Suspense
Big-band frontman Johnny Favorite was singing for the troops when a Luftwaffe fighter squadron strafed the bandstand, killing the crowd and leaving the singer near death. The army returned him to a private hospital in upstate New York, leaving him to live out his days as a vegetable while the world forgot him. But Louis Cyphre never forgets. Cyphre had a contract with the singer, stipulating payment upon Johnny’s death—payment that will be denied as long as Johnny clings to life. When Cyphre hires private investigator Harry Angel to find Johnny at the hospital, Angel learns that the singer has disappeared. It is no ordinary missing-person’s case. Everyone he questions dies soon after, as Angel’s investigation ensnares him in a bizarre tangle of black magic, carnival freaks, and grisly voodoo.
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Author: O’Brien, Flann
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Classic Humor Fiction

The Third Policeman follows a narrator who is obsessed with the work of a scientist and philosopher named de Selby (who believes that Earth is not round but sausage-shaped)—and has finally completed what he believes is the definitive text on the subject. But, broke and desperate for money to get his scholarly masterpiece published, he winds up committing robbery—and murder.

From here, this remarkably imaginative dark comedy proceeds into a world of riddles, contradictions, and questions about the nature of eternity as our narrator meets some policemen with an obsession of their own (specifically, bicycles), and engages in an extended conversation with his dead victim—and his own soul, which he nicknames Joe.

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Author: Gleason, Colleen
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Young Adult Steampunk
Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you’re the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood. And when two society girls go missing, there’s no one more qualified to investigate. Now fierce Evaline and logical Mina must resolve their rivalry, navigate the advances of not just one but three mysterious gentlemen, and solve murder with only one clue: a strange Egyptian scarab. The stakes are high. If Stoker and Holmes don’t unravel why the belles of London society are in such danger, they’ll become the next victims.
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Author: Nevo, Eshkol
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Literary Sagas
On the first floor, Arnon, a tormented retired officer who fought in the First Intifada, confesses to an army friend with a troubled military past how his obsession about his young daughter’s safety led him to lose control and put his marriage in peril. Above Arnon lives Hani, known as “the widow,” whose husband travels the world for his lucrative job while she stays at home with their two children, increasingly isolated and unstable. When her brother-in-law suddenly appears at their door begging her to hide him from loan sharks and the police, she agrees in spite of the risk to her family, if only to bring some emotional excitement into her life. On the top floor lives a former judge, Devora. Eager to start a new life in her retirement, Devora joins a social movement, desperately tries to reconnect with her estranged son, and falls in love with a man who isn’t what he seems.

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