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Author: Vezina, Jordan
Pulp Thrillers

Jack Bonafide thought being a founding member of Delta Force would be the most important thing he ever did – but he was dead wrong.

Now the Soviets have a gun to America’s head and only he can stop them from pulling the trigger!

Even within the intelligence community, the Black Tsar was considered to be a myth – the most powerful hydrogen bomb in human history, secretly constructed by the Soviets and capable of near-Biblical levels of human destruction.

Only, the Black Tsar was never a myth – and twenty years after the weapon went missing from a darkened warehouse in Sarov, Russia, it’s now been tracked to somewhere within the United States.

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Author: Mitchell, Caryn Thomas
Cozy Animal Mystery
Ivy Bloom wants to believe you can go home again and so she does, leaving her work as a writer in NYC and returning to Hydrangea Bay on Cape Cod to start the next chapter of her book-loving life.
She and her sister Gigi work to turn the rambling old mansion they have inherited into a bookstore. Baby books in the nursery, entertaining books in the dining room and romance reads in the ladies boudoir. It looked like it would work out great right up until the moment that the leader of a local religious cult turned up dead in the driveway. Soon his wife is dead as well.
Through no fault of her own, Ivy feels she has to meddle…uh help, investigate. It’s not at all because the lead investigator is her high school crush. It’s because her livelihood is at stake. After all, who wants to shop at a bookstore where people keep dying?
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Author: Finch, Marissa
Psychological Thrillers

From the first moment single mother Nicolette Winchester held her daughter in her arms, she knew she’d do everything in her power to keep her safe. Now eighteen years old, Ella is bright, kind and a cello prodigy headed for Juilliard. Nicolette can’t help but feel proud of the young woman her daughter’s become.

Then Ella calls home one night. There’s been an accident. A classmate is dead. And Ella is the only one on the scene. To protect her daughter, Nicolette makes an unthinkable decision: hide the body, and ensure her daughter is kept out of the ensuing scandal.

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Author: Harman, Dianne
Bed & Breakfast Travel Reference

An unlikable guest
Who was abusive to his wife
A marriage in trouble
Someone thought he should be murdered
And he was

Brett reminds Linc of a time when he could have prevented an abusive spouse from hurting his wife, a close friend, and he’s always regretted it. Did he regret it enough to do something about it years later?

Could it have been the B & B guest who found Amanda irresistible and her husband’s treatment of her frightening? Or even her loving father, worried about his only daughter?

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Author: Turner, Laina
Cozy Mystery

The exciting first day of school turns to murder!

Olivia and Polly get to Spencer University ready for the first day of fall classes. They are excited about meeting new students and kicking off a fantastic year when instead, one of their co-workers, David, is found hanging in the academic building.

David wasn’t always the most well-liked colleague, but Olivia and Polly can’t even imagine who would kill him. Is one of their co-workers a murderer? If so, was campus safe or should they be worried about what might happen next time there was a difference of opinion at a faculty meeting?

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Author: Bell, Kate, Suzette, Kathleen
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Ever decide to do a good deed and it ends up making people suspect you of murder? No? Just me, then?

I blame my best friend, Lucy Gray. She encouraged me to ask Henry Hoffer to sell my pies in his restaurant, so I brought him an apple pie to try, on the house. Unfortunately, after trying my pie, Henry ended up dead. I didn’t do it, I swear.

It’s bad news for me. Turns out the police chief had recently hired a Detective, and although he’s tall, dark, and handsome, he’s also determined to find the killer and slap the cuffs on them. And he’s looking in my direction.

Can Lucy and I find the real killer before I wind up in an orange prison jumpsuit? Orange clashes with my red hair. And I didn’t do it.

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Author: Gill, Jonathan
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African-American Studies

Harlem is perhaps the most famous, iconic neighborhood in the United States. A bastion of freedom and the capital of Black America, Harlem’s twentieth-century renaissance changed our arts, culture, and politics forever. But this is only one of the many chapters in a wonderfully rich and varied history. In Harlem, historian Jonathan Gill presents the first complete chronicle of this remarkable place.

From Henry Hudson’s first contact with native Harlemites, through Harlem’s years as a colonial outpost on the edge of the known world, Gill traces the neighborhood’s story, marshaling a tremendous wealth of detail and a host of fascinating figures from George Washington to Langston Hughes. Harlem was an agricultural center under British rule and the site of a key early battle in the Revolutionary War. Later, wealthy elites including Alexander Hamilton built great estates there for entertainment and respite from the epidemics ravaging downtown.

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Author: Gelman, Judy, Zheutlin, Peter
Regularly $16.99, Today $2.99
Gastronomy History

Those who love Mad Men or midcentury style can now enjoy this unauthorized cookbook with more than 70 recipes from the kitchens, bars, and restaurants seen on the addictive TV show. Ever wish you could prepare Oysters Rockefeller and a martini like they did at one of Roger Sterling’s favorite haunts, the Grand Central Oyster Bar? Ever wonder how Joan Harris manages to prepare a perfect crown roast in her tiny apartment kitchen? Or about the connection between Jackie Kennedy’s 1962 White House tour and Betty Draper’s Valentine’s Day room service order?

From the tables of Manhattan’s legendary restaurants and bars to the Drapers’ Around the World dinner, this is your entrée to the culinary world of Mad Men–era New York. Packed with photos and period detail, it includes such authentic recipes as:

* Playboy Whiskey Sour
* Sardi’s Steak Tartar
* Connie’s Waldorf Salad
* Sal’s Spaghetti and Meatballs
* Pat Nixon’s Date Nut Bread
* Lindy’s Cherry Cheesecake

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Author: Cane, Emma
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Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Valentine Valley, where the cowboys have many talents and love is waiting around every corner . . .

Ever since a heated late-night kiss—that absolutely should not have happened—cowboy Josh Thalberg makes former Hollywood bad girl Whitney Winslow’s pulse beat faster. But when she decides to use his gorgeous leatherwork in her new upscale lingerie shop, Leather & Lace, she’s determined to keep their relationship strictly professional . . . even if she wants so much more.

Josh has never met a challenge he isn’t up for. Which is probably why he allowed Whitney to persuade him to take the sexy publicity photo that went viral—and now has every woman in America knocking down his door . . . every woman except the one he can’t get out of his head.

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Author: McKevett, G. A.
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

Wedding planner to the stars Madeline Aberson has orchestrated some of the most exclusive soirees in Hollywood. But when Madeline becomes embroiled in a nasty divorce, rumors swirl that her parties have become total duds. Desperate for work, Madeline finds herself planning far less glamorous affairs, including plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid’s wedding to Dirk Coulter.

It doesn’t take long for the opinionated Madeline to get on Savannah’s last nerve, and when the big day finally arrives, Savannah can’t wait to send Madeline packing. But when the bride finds Madeline’s body face down in the pool, floating among an elegant array of rose petals, it’s clear that someone has already hastened the diva’s departure. For better or for worse Savannah and Dirk put their wedding on hold, vowing instead to find out who killed Madeline and why. . .

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Author: Kingsbury, Karen
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Holiday Fiction
Every year Sarah Lindeman celebrates Christmas the same way, placing one special ornament on her tiny tree on each of the twelve days of Christmas. It is her time to remember where she came from, who she is today, and how long ago a song gave her another chance at love.. But this year the ritual is different. This year a desperate young woman is listening, a nurse who cares for Sarah at the Greer Retirement Village. Sarah senses a familiar struggle in the woman’s soul and shares the story of her song in hopes that it will help her find healing, as it did Sarah so long ago.
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Author: Kanon, Joseph
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Espionage Thrillers
Seventeen years after the fall of the Third Reich, Max Weill has never forgotten the atrocities he saw as a prisoner at Auschwitz—nor the face of Dr. Otto Schramm. He was the camp doctor who worked with Mengele on appalling experiments and who sent Max’s family to the gas chambers. As the war came to a close, Schramm was one of the many high-ranking former-Nazi officers who managed to escape Germany for new lives in South America, where leaders like Argentina’s Juan Perón gave them safe harbor and new identities. With his life nearing its end, Max asks his nephew Aaron Wiley—an American CIA desk analyst—to complete the task Max never could: to track down Otto in Argentina, capture him, and bring him back to Germany to stand trial.
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Author: Wright, Candice
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Humorous Science Fiction
My whole life has been defined by my illness
And after twenty-four years of trying to fight it,
I’m about to lose.
That’s when The Phoenix group approached me with a devil’s bargain.
They will pay my family one million dollars, leaving them a lifetime of choices instead of a legacy of debt.
And all they want in return is me.
But the thing about a devil’s bargain is that there is inevitably a price to pay.
I go from being a human to being a commodity. A test subject to be poked and prodded, broken and put back together again until my body finally fails me.
The only way out is to die.

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