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Author: Testa, Dom

Eric Swan can be killed – but he can never die. For a government agent hunting the most dangerous domestic terrorists, that comes in handy.

But Swan is beginning to question his own humanity. Is technology turning this Q2 secret agent into a monster himself?

Now villainous brother-sister twins, fueled by a lust for power and revenge, have set their sights on taking down the power grid. And they’ve hired an army of mercenaries to protect them.

The clock is ticking with millions of lives at stake, and Swan must battle an army of killers while questioning the authenticity of his own soul. If he fails, the country will slip into a dark age of chaos and anarchy.

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Author: Isherwood, E.E., Kraus, Mike
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

A radical new mission. A devastating disaster. Survival is no longer guaranteed.

The Tikkanen Kinetic Mining corporation has perfected the science of asteroid mining – or so they say.

When they bring an asteroid in from the asteroid belt and try to put it into orbit around the Earth, though, it turns out things aren’t as perfect as they’d like us to believe.

The 1600-meter rock gets loose and plummets down, bringing death and chaos across the entire continental United States. Along with this chaos comes opportunity, though, for those who know where to find it.

Trillions of dollars of valuable minerals locked inside the asteroid are now scattered across the country, fueling even more conflict and destruction as everyone tries to grab a piece of the pie – all while fighting to survive.

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Author: Graf, Mitche
Small Businesses

If you are thinking about starting a business, have a new business, or have been around the block a few times, this comprehensive book will give you the tools needed to not only succeed in the daily battle but also to winning the war!

Chapters will cover…

How to find the balance between your personal and professional life
How to develop a new “24-7” mentality
How to live every day like it was Saturday

How to implement the elements of a successful brand
How to identify if your brand is “broke” and simple ways to fix it
How to understand the “5-Second Image Challenge”

… and much more …

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Author: Eckelberry, Alex
Writing Skill Reference

Written in simple English, this is a book on writing made for the rest of us.

In today’s online world, you need to write well — whether for sending an email, posting on Facebook, chatting on a dating site, or writing a business letter. Writing Well for the Rest of Us is a practical book on how to write better English. Perfect for anyone, it’s also useful for junior or high school students, and foreign language students.

In fact, you don’t even need to know grammar rules. The author leads you through tips on writing better English in a fun, relaxed and entertaining style. Take your first step toward better writing with Writing Well for the Rest of Us!

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Author: Clover, Leena
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Cozy Craft & Hobby Mysteries

Recently divorced Jenny King is forced to be a bridesmaid at a posh country club wedding. When a dead body drops from the sky and lands on the cake, the famous groom comes under the spotlight.

Jenny uncovers a web of lies and deceit in a world where popularity and fame are the only path to success. Almost everyone from the wedding party has a reason to kill. Jenny talks to a host of colorful characters in her search for the truth.

Can she pinpoint the real killer and save the innocent in time?

Meanwhile, Pelican Cove is a finalist in the Prettiest Town in America contest. Jenny is busy settling down in her new life, getting friendly with the locals (some more than the others).

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Author: Mayer, Bob
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Military Thrillers

A deadly weapon, built by the Japanese during World War II, has been hidden and forgotten about at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Lake, a covert operative for the US is now on a race with time against rogue militia terrorists to find and destroy this weapon before the terrorists in order to prevent a nuclear disaster of epic proportions.

In Manchuria in 1945 a German U-Boat delivers the dying Reich’s processed uranium. As Russian forces close in on the infamous Unit 731 Concentration Camp, the Japanese load one of the two bombs they’ve developed on a submarine bound for the United States. They detonate the other to destroy all evidence.

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Author: James, Glynn, Thorn, J.
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Dystopian Science Fiction
In a ravaged clan on the edge of humanity, the suspicious death of a chief thrusts a man into a dark realm for which he is unprepared. When Jonah inherits leadership of the Elk Clan from his father, many in the old man’s inner circle question his son’s ability to lead the tribe to their winter shelter at the ruins of Eliz. A dark stranger, a journey over hundreds of miles of dangerous highway and clashes with feral gangs will push Jonah to the edge.
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Author: Sayers, Dorothy L.
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

The iron staircase at Pym’s Publicity is a deathtrap, and no one in the advertising agency is surprised when Victor Dean tumbles down it, cracking his skull along the way. Dean’s replacement arrives just a few days later—a green copywriter named Death Bredon. Though he displays a surprising talent for the business of selling margarine, alarm clocks, and nerve tonics, Bredon is not really there to write copy. In fact, he is really Lord Peter Wimsey, and he has come to Pym’s in search of the man who pushed Dean.

As he tries to navigate the cutthroat world of London advertising, Lord Peter uncovers a mystery that touches on catapults, cocaine, and cricket. But how does one uncover a murderer in a business where it pays to have no soul?

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Author: Charles, Elizabeth, Hale, Deborah
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Biographical Literary Fiction

This historical novel is based on the improbable but true rags to riches story that culminated in the greatest romance of the Georgian era…

Left without the protection of family or fortune at a young age, Lizzie Cane learns the hungry, brutal reality of life on the streets of 18th century London. She is rescued by a handsome young man and loses her heart to him, only to discover he is not what he appears. This experience teaches Lizzie that if she is to make her way in the world, she cannot rely on anyone but herself. Her only option is to barter her youth and beauty in one of London’s exclusive brothels. The luxurious life she finds there has a sordid, even dangerous, side but she quickly discovers what men want and what they can give her in return.

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Author: Lockhart, Zelda
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Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals
Growing up during the Depression in the segregated coal town of Slab Fork, West Virginia, Doris Payne was told her dreams were unattainable for poor black girls like her. Surrounded by people who sought to limit her potential, Doris vowed to turn the tables after the owner of a jewelry store threw her out when a white customer arrived. Neither racism nor poverty would hold her back; she would get what she wanted and help her mother escape an abusive relationship.

Using her southern charm, quick wit, and fascination with magic as her tools, Payne began shoplifting small pieces of jewelry from local stores. Over the course of six decades, her talents grew with each heist. Becoming an expert world-class jewel thief, she daringly pulled off numerous diamond robberies and her Jewish boyfriend fenced the stolen gems to Hollywood celebrities.

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Author: McGinnis, Mark Wayne
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Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction

A wicked snowstorm had blown in from the north and the roads were a mess. Recently split from his one-time girlfriend, there was now nothing holding Cameron Decker here in the little backwater mountain town of Larksburg Stand. Time to get back to college, back to Stanford. Seeing a guy knee-deep in slush at the side of the road, he pulled to the curb and waved him over. The guy smacked his head getting in—knocked his watch cap askew. Only then did Cameron notice—noticed that the individual couldn’t possibly be human.

Cameron decided to help his stranded passenger—a decision he’d soon come to regret. Along with his rust-bucket of a pickup truck, he was soon heading deep into space aboard an interstellar spacecraft. After the vessel crash-landed onto an alien world, he would now have to contend with a murderous droid and a slew of strange alien life forms. But it is the forty-five-foot tall killer beast—a Minal Loth—that will impact his life the most.

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