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Author: McKay, Mark
International Mystery & Crime

When a murder case lands on the desk of an experienced cop with an unblemished record, it looks like business as usual. But solving this one will test his principles right to the breaking point …

One sunny summer morning in the City of London, an archaeological researcher just back from India is gunned down as he leaves a coffee shop. Who did it, and why? That’s the question facing DCI Nick Severance as he investigates his latest murder case.

When the answers lead to a conspiracy that could endanger the lives of thousands of innocent people, Nick has his hands full. But when they also threaten to destroy the woman he loves, he makes a choice that changes his life forever.

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Author: Miles, Ava
Women’s Sagas

When famous–and infamous–country singer rock star Rye Crenshaw saunters into the diner where she cooks, Tory Simmons is certain she’s got him pegged. He’s a bad boy Alpha male who indulges himself in all things, women included. But while she couldn’t care less about country music or arrogant men, Rye makes her an offer she can’t refuse when he asks her to be his private chef on his multi-city concert tour. The job is the answer to all her prayers: it will clear out her debt and finance the fresh start she desperately needs.

Rye is certain his sassy new cook is the last woman who’d ever tempt him, but spending time with the wholesome girl next door will do wonders for his damaged public image, whether she likes being forced into the spotlight or not. Her food also happens to be the best he’s ever eaten, both comforting and seductive.

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Author: Sawyer, JT
Action Thriller Fiction

A deadly virus originating in China grips the Eastern hemisphere.

Chaos reigns as the infection spreads throughout the world with alarming speed.

The world’s experts rush to cure it, but are they too late?

CIA agent Will Reisner and his team head to the South China Sea on a mission – find a lost ship loaded with bio-weapons. But as they search, a terrible virus plagues the local population, leaving them worm-ridden and insane. Worse, the sick refuse to be contained and spread the disease by infecting the healthy.

Will joins epidemiologist Selene Munroe in her desperate attempt to keep the virus from becoming an epidemic, but its victims have formed a hive mind that affords them military-level tactics.

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Author: Beckler, David
Vigilante Justice

Byron Mason and Adam Sterling are old comrades, who will always have each other’s backs. Byron receives a call for help from his estranged nephew Philip. Despite a serious rift between him and the boy’s father, Byron rushes back to Manchester.

Recently promoted DCI Siobhan Quinn, keen to prove herself in a new force, is thrown in at the deep end, heading up an investigation into a brutal murder. She meets firefighter Adam at the crime scene, and can’t deny a mutual attraction.

There’s only one problem, Philip is her chief suspect and Adam’s loyalty to Byron means he has to help the boy, whatever it costs him.

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Author: Lilly, Lisa M.
Legal Thrillers

Quille C. Davis looks forward to growing her Chicago law firm and living with the man of her dreams. But the buried heartache from her sister’s unsolved murder comes flooding back when she finds her lover dead. Driven by a lingering mistrust of the police and convinced their finding of suicide is wrong, she vows to uncover the truth no matter what.

With the help of her late boyfriend’s teenage son, Quille follows the clues into a tangled web of malpractice suits and scandalous business dealings. But the deeper she digs into the man’s past, the more she fears someone wants her silenced.

Can Quille catch a killer and clear her beloved’s name before she becomes the next victim?

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Cozy Animal Mystery
Private investigator Dev Haskell’s new lady friend Maddie comes with strings attached: the loosely-knotted tie of her short black silk kimono, and the leash to Morton, her handsome Golden Retriever.
It’s always a sexy mystery when Dev’s on duty, but this caper takes a turn toward buddy adventure when Dev agrees to pet-sit. On their first evening stroll, Dev and Morton are charmed to meet the lovely Princess Anatasia, a purebred Standard Poodle angling for Best In Show title in the Blessington Kennel Club competition the Super Bowl of regional dog competition. But when the princess’ owner gets in a tussle with a local gambling heavyweight, Dev steps in to help, and the prim and proper world of show dog competition is revealed to be, above all, a competition, plus a big attraction for professional gambling!
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Author: Wandrey, Mark
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First Contact Science Fiction

They came from the night sky, lighting the heavens like the promise of salvation. But they didn’t bring deliverance…they brought something far, far worse. Something that turns people into mindless, cannibalistic monsters. And it’s spreading.

A reporter follows her story of unspeakable horror south of the border and finds it’s worse than she imagined.

A wounded fighter pilot finally gets his chance to return to duty but is faced with a mission that could cost him his wings, or his country its chance.

A billionaire with dreams of space finds a crashed alien spacecraft unlike anything mankind has ever seen.

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Author: Carey, Edward
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Dark Humor
In 1761, a tiny, odd-looking girl named Marie is born in a village in Switzerland. After the death of her parents, she is apprenticed to an eccentric wax sculptor and whisked off to the seamy streets of Paris, where they meet a domineering widow and her quiet, pale son. Together, they convert an abandoned monkey house into an exhibition hall for wax heads, and the spectacle becomes a sensation. As word of her artistic talent spreads, Marie is called to Versailles, where she tutors a princess and saves Marie Antoinette in childbirth. But outside the palace walls, Paris is roiling: The revolutionary mob is demanding heads, and . . . at the wax museum, heads are what they do.
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Author: Hart, John
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Suspense Thrillers

Thirteen year-old Johnny Merrimon had the perfect life: a warm home and loving parents; a twin sister, Alyssa, with whom he shared an irreplaceable bond. He knew nothing of loss, until the day Alyssa vanished from the side of a lonely street. Now, a year later, Johnny finds himself isolated and alone, failed by the people he’d been taught since birth to trust. No one else believes that Alyssa is still alive, but Johnny is certain that she is—confident in a way that he can never fully explain.

Determined to find his sister, Johnny risks everything to explore the dark side of his hometown. It is a desperate, terrifying search, but Johnny is not as alone as he might think. Detective Clyde Hunt has never stopped looking for Alyssa either, and he has a soft spot for Johnny.

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Author: Collier, James Lincoln, Collier, Christopher
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Children’s eBooks
The War had no clear-cut loyalties–it divided families, friends and towns. Young Tim Meeker’s 16-year-old brother goes off to fight with the Patriots while his father remains a reluctant British Loyalist in the Tory town of Redding, CT. Tim’s always looked up to his brother, who’s smart and brave. With the war soon raging, Tim knows he’ll have to make a choice — between the Revolutionaries and the Redcoats . . . and between his brother and his father. Over the course of the war Tim learns that life teaches some bitter lessons and does not guarantee clear answers. My Brother Sam Is Dead is a stirring, probing tale full of action and suspense, putting listeners right into the heart of the Revolutionary War.
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Author: Martel, Mary
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Occult Horror
Ariel Kimber is a 17-year-old girl who, thanks to her mother, has had a life full of unpleasantness and abuse. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
After her mother meets a man online, Ariel is forced to move to a different state, leaving all that she has ever known behind. Any teenager’s nightmare. But Ariel isn’t like most teenagers, she’s different, and she has literally nothing to leave behind. No friends, no nothing. They move next door to a house that remains empty all summer long until the day before the first day of school. A school where the other kids treat Ariel like garbage because of who her mother is and the fact that she’s different from them, save for a few – her neighbors. Tyson, his mysterious Uncle, Quinton, and twins, Abel and Addison. They quickly become her only friends, but Ariel soon finds out they are hiding things from her, keeping secrets from her.
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Author: Mack, Dorothy
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Regency Fiction

Regency England

As a practical doctor’s daughter living in the countryside, Chloe Norris has had little experience among the aristocracy.

But when she leaves her quiet existence to act as a temporary social secretary to the Montrose family, Chloe finds herself caught in a whirlwind of wedding plans, star-crossed lovers and unacknowledged family tensions.

Amid the chaos, Chloe is surprised to find solace in intellectual conversation with the intriguing but aloof Lord Ivor Montrose, the family’s eldest son.

And as their connection grows stronger, her cool-headed attitude is soon put to the test…

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Author: Smith, Jen
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Self-Help Short Reads

Jen Smith, creator of the debt freedom blog Saving With Spunk went from not being able to stick to a budget longer than two weeks to paying off $78,000 of debt in less than two years. She shares her experiences and strategies using No-Spend Challenges to change her money mindset and budget like a (mostly) pro.

In The No-Spend Challenge Guide you’ll discover:
– Why budgeting alone isn’t working
– The psychology behind your impulsive spending
– How to pay off debt fast while still having fun
– Ways to do for free what you’ve probably been wasting money on
– Ways to save money on your financial obligations
– How to make the most of your time without spending money
– Discover what you value

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Author: Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss
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Young Adult Detective Story

For twelve-year-old Emily, the best thing about moving to San Francisco is that it’s the home city of her literary idol: Garrison Griswold, book publisher and creator of the online sensation Book Scavenger (a game where books are hidden in cities all over the country and clues to find them are revealed through puzzles). Upon her arrival, however, Emily learns that Griswold has been attacked and is now in a coma, and no one knows anything about the epic new game he had been poised to launch. Then Emily and her new friend James discover an odd book, which they come to believe is from Griswold himself, and might contain the only copy of his mysterious new game.

Racing against time, Emily and James rush from clue to clue, desperate to figure out the secret at the heart of Griswold’s new game—before those who attacked Griswold come after them too.

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