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Author: Clarke, Alexandria
Crime Fiction

In spite of a dark secret still haunting her, detective Jacqueline Frye, is trying to move on. Until a one hundred year old case gives her a new purpose.

When Jacqueline, a self-professed detective with a dark secret, arrives in Whitechapel, she becomes embroiled in one of London’s greatest mysteries.

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Author: Kane, Remington
Private Investigator Mysteries

The Calibers are on the hunt for the B-Girl killer, as Gail struggles with guilt feelings over B-Girl Selina Clayton’s murder.

Meanwhile, the old man has gained an admirer with romantic intentions, while Gail grows closer to former cop, Jim Tate.

Christopher, Velma, and Rayne travel to Atlantic City to stop a sly killer, as secrets are revealed about one of the women’s past.

Will the B-Girl killer be stopped before he strikes again, or will the murderer strike closer to home, causing a devastating loss to the Calibers?

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Author: Moore, Addison
Psychic Mysteries
It’s January, and this month brings two special birthdays that the entire town is looking forward to celebrating: Eve Hollister and Nell Sawyer’s. Well, in truth, not many people are looking forward to celebrating Eve Hollister’s birthday. In fact, the way the people at her party are acting, you’d think she were the most hated woman on the planet. Add one ornery black bear who is well past his earthly prime, along with the Grim Reaper, and poor Eve’s birthday turns into a supernatural catastrophe. One thing is for sure—no one in Honey Hollow will ever be the same.
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Author: Stephens, Robert W.
A gruesome murder. A friend framed. One detective races to stop another bloody masterpiece…
Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford just lost his job, his girl, and his chance at a relaxing island vacation. When the brutal murder of a celebrity artist is pinned on his friend, Poe refuses to lose his best buddy to the Maui penitentiary. As he works his way down the gallery guest list, he navigates through bloated egos, heated rivalries, and more than a few eccentric personalities along the way. But he never expected the hunt for truth to reveal a second chance at love…
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Author: Herman, Dick
Supernatural Thrillers

Six skilled retirees are meeting up for a sailing trip, a break from their action-packed former lives. These aging giants, calling themselves the ‘freakin’ old guys’ are hard-working leaders in their respective fields and have a menagerie of skills to show for it.

But what starts out as a dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

With these guys, the action never stops.

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Author: Chester, Karen
International Mystery & Crime

Bed and breakfast with a side of murder!

A sea change to Pelican Bay is just what Jennifer Frost, ex-journalist, needs. Operating a bed-and-breakfast isn’t always easy, but she enjoys the challenge. The only hiccup is Addison, her next door neighbour, who’s determined to make life hard for everyone around her, including Jennifer.

When Addison is found dead in her pool, Jennifer’s journalistic instincts tell her it was no accident. But with so many people who had a grudge against Addison, can she track down the killer before she becomes the next victim?

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Author: MacLeod, Charlotte
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Each December, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with holiday decorations. The entire campus glitters with Christmas lights, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. But after years of resisting the school’s Illumination festival, Shandy suddenly snaps, installing a million-watt display of flashing lights and blaring music perfectly calculated to drive his neighbors mad. Then the horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer. It’s not long before he feels guilty about his prank and returns home to find his lights extinguished—and a dead librarian in his living room.
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Author: Maitland, Barry
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

When the Daily Mirror called The Chalon Heads “one of the best-crafted, best-plotted, and most convincing British thrillers for decades,” you knew it had to be good. David Brock and Kathy Kolla are summoned to Cabot’s, a venerable dealer in rare stamps on the Strand, and at first they expect a simple case of theft and a pleasant digression from the usual sort of murderous wrongdoing they encounter in the Serious Crime Branch of Scotland Yard. But the case they confront is twistier and far more unsettling than they could have imagined.

An unsavory figure from Brock’s past, slippery East-Ender Sammy Starling, aka Sammy China, is in deep trouble and asking for Brock’s help.

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Author: MacLeod, Charlotte
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
If she weren’t so fabulous, the Countess Lydia Ouspenska might be considered a gangster’s moll. The last time she met Max Bittersohn, Boston’s famed art-fraud investigator, she was forging minute Byzantine masterpieces to make ends meet. But when Max bumps into her on the Common, the Countess is back on her feet. She has taken up with Bartolo Arbalest, a master forger currently masquerading as an art restorer. And as Bittersohn knows all too well, even the most genteel fraudster cannot be trusted. With the help of his wife, Sarah, Max looks for the secret lair of Bartolo’s supposed restoration guild.
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Author: Reus, Katie
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Vampire Romances

Years ago he ended things between them to protect her…

As leader of one of the fiercest werewolf packs in the south, Finn Stavros is in full battle mode 24/7. He has no choice—he’s one of the few beings strong enough to fight the Akkadian demons, whose mysterious escape from hell threatens the entire world. With the battle turning bloodier by the second, Finn is ready for anything…until his vampire long lost love shows up on his doorstep in desperate need of his help, sending his heart into a tailspin. He agrees to help her, unaware that she carries a shocking secret that will turn his life upside down.

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Author: Hedges, Chris, Sacco, Joe
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Economic Policy & Development
Two years ago, Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges and award-winning cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco set out to take a look at the sacrifice zones, those areas in America that have been offered up for exploitation in the name of profit, progress, and technological advancement. They wanted to show in words and drawings what life looks like in places where the marketplace rules without constraints, where human beings and the natural world are used and then discarded to maximize profit. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt is the searing account of their travels.
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Author: Ozner, Michael D.
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Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer—all diseases that have been scientifically linked to diet—are at an all-time high. But there’s a way that’s been successful for millions of people for thousands of years: the Mediterranean diet.

In The Complete Mediterranean Diet, top cardiologist Michael Ozner offers the traditional Mediterranean diet—clinically proven to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and numerous other diseases—with the latest scientific findings in health and nutrition to create a diet that’s easy to follow.

Author: Appel, Jacob M.
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Health Policy
Drawing upon the author’s two decades teaching medical ethics, as well as his work as a practicing psychiatrist, this profound and addictive little book offers up challenging ethical dilemmas and asks readers, What would you do?
A daughter gets tested to see if she’s a match to donate a kidney to her father. The test reveals that she is not the man’s biological daughter. Should the doctor tell the father? Or the daughter?
A deaf couple prefers a deaf baby. Should they be allowed to use medical technology to ensure they have a child who can’t hear?
Who should get custody of an embryo created through IVF when a couple divorces?
Or, when you or a loved one is on life support, Who says you’re dead?
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Author: Kaye, Laura
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Military Romance

Tall, dark, and lethal…

Trouble just walked into Nicholas Rixey’s tattoo parlor. Becca Merritt is warm, sexy, wholesome–pure temptation to a very jaded Nick. He’s left his military life behind to become co-owner of Hard Ink Tattoo, but Becca is his ex-commander’s daughter. Loyalty won’t let him turn her away. Lust has plenty to do with it too.

With her brother presumed kidnapped, Becca needs Nick. She just wasn’t expecting to want him so much. As their investigation turns into all-out war with an organized crime ring, only Nick can protect her. And only Becca can heal the scars no one else sees.

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Author: Sharp, Mary Jo
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Christian Theology

Why would anyone be a Christian when there is so much hypocrisy in the church? Mary Jo Sharp shares her journey as a skeptical believer who still holds to a beautiful faith despite wounding experiences in the Christian community.

At a time when de-conversion stories have become all too common, this is an earnest response – the compelling conversion of an unlikely believer whose questions ultimately led her to irresistible hope. Sharp addresses her own struggle with the reality that God’s people repeatedly give God’s story a bad name and takes a careful look at how the current church often inadvertently produces atheists despite its life-giving message.

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