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Author: Davies, Martin
Traditional Detective Mysteries

What if Baker Street’s most gifted resident wasn’t called Sherlock Holmes?
An evil stalks London, blown in from the tropics. Stories of cursed giant rats and malign spirits haunt the garrets of Limehouse. A group of merchants are, one by one, dying. The elementary choice to investigate these mysterious deaths is, of course, Holmes and Dr Watson.

Yet the unique gifts of their housekeeper, Mrs Hudson, and her orphaned assistant Flotsam, will be needed to solve the case. Can she do it all under the nose of Sherlock himself?

From the coal fire at Baker Street to the smog of Whitechapel and the jungles of Sumatra, from snake bites in grand hotels to midnight carriage chases at the docks, it’s time for Mrs Hudson to step out of the shadows.

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Author: Bondurant, Aubrey
Romantic Comedy

He’s neat, always on time, and a professed workaholic. I’m chaotic, always running late, and looking for more from life than just my job. Yet our mutual attraction is undeniable.

The last thing I expected after our first date was to have Simon show up at my office. The warm and funny guy I’d met was now gone, replaced by the cold and calculating man in an impeccable suit. While my professional future is in his hands, I can’t stop thinking about how his hands felt on my body.

Whatever had started between us can’t possibly happen now, but that’s easier said than done. Because the more I try not to think of his sexy smirk or delicious accent, the harder it is to stay away.

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Author: Dearie, Lacey
Cozy Animal Mystery

Leger McInnes has a comfortable life. He sleeps, chases tabbies and plays with Bob, his Labrador room-mate, when nobody is watching. His life with elderly couple Annabella and Hugh in Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is enviable, but he craves excitement and a creative outlet. When Hugh is horrifically attacked and robbed, the purpose in life he sought presents itself and he turns detective in a bid to solve the mystery of who mugged Hugh.

Will he succeed? Will anyone take him seriously as a sleuth? Will his artistic flair help in his quest to find the culprit? And can he stay away from the catnip long enough to focus on the job in hand?

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Author: Maxwell, Elle
Romantic Comedy

Graham Wyatt is 6’2” of muscled, tattooed, angsty Alpha male (don’t forget the man bun) …but sorry, ladies! He’s a one-woman man. Specifically, Mackenzie Thatcher, the love of his life whose heart he broke 5 years ago. Now that he’s out of prison (yes, prison…it’s a long story) he’s determined to redeem himself and prove he’s reformed his bad boy ways so she’ll give him a second chance.

Mackenzie Thatcher has vowed off love forever. She’s already experienced excruciating heartbreak, and she has no intention of ever getting near that particular fire again…especially with the very man who burned her in the first place. She’s perfectly happy being a badass independent woman, thank you very much.

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Author: Jacobsen, Paul
Financial Thrillers

While at his wilderness cabin, lawyer-turned-fishing guide Karl Boyd overhears a phone conversation revealing the vote-selling plot of Senate aide Iva Richter. He tries to ignore what he heard because law and politics drove him to the bottle and to divorce. But loyalty to his old friend, Senator Miles Ramsey, forces him to uncover Iva Richter’s political scheme.

To save her plan, Iva Richter brutally tries to silence Boyd, forcing him to use his wilderness skills to battle the harsh Ontario wilderness, and she later uses her political power to thrust him into the crosshairs of Canadian organized crime and the FBI.

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Author: Hayes, Samuel
Acupuncture & Acupressure
Foot reflexology is gaining worldwide attention as more and more people discover its astounding benefits for their health and in their everyday lives. It’s also being introduced into almost all fields of treatment as an inexpensive and convenient method to prevent and cure various diseases. With the rising cost of therapeutic drugs and doctors’ fees, foot reflexology is a perfect alternative that you can use conveniently at home. It doesn’t require gadgets or lengthy training to perform massage or reflexology on your own feet. It only requires your knowledge on what focal points must be massaged to cure or prevent illnesses in certain parts of your body.
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Author: Shrum, Kory M.
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Humorous Fantasy

On the morning before her 67th death, it is business as usual for agent Jesse Sullivan: meet with the mortician, counsel soon-to-be-dead clients, and have coffee while reading the latest regeneration theory. Jesse dies for a living, literally. Because of a neurological disorder, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death surrogate, dying so others don’t have to.

Although each death replacement is different, the result is the same: a life is saved, and Jesse resurrects days later with sore muscles, new scars, and another hole in her memory. But when Jesse is murdered and becomes the sole suspect in a federal investigation, more than her freedom and sanity are at stake. She must catch the killer herself–or die trying.

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Author: Cornwell, Bernard
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Military Historical Fiction
When Richmond landowner Washington Faulconer snatches young Nate Starbuck from the grip of a Yankee-hating mob, Nate is both grateful and awed by his idealistic rescuer. To repay his generosity, he enlists in the Faulconer legion to fight against his home, the North, and against his abolitionist father. When the regiment joins up, ready to march into the ferocious battle at Buff Run, the men are prepared to start a war . . . but they aren’t ready for how they—and the nation—will be forever changed by the oaths they have sworn for their beloved South.
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Author: Fluke, Joanne
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Cozy Culinary Mysteries

Folks in Lake Eden, Minnesota, may have had their doubts, but at long last, Hannah Swensen is getting married! And her excitement only grows when she learns the man of her dreams will be able to join her on her trip to New York City for the Food Channel’s dessert chef contest. They get a taste of the Big Apple before Hannah wins the Hometown Challenge—and the producers bring all the contestants to Lake Eden to tape the remainder of the show.

It’s nerve-wracking enough being judged by Alain Duquesne, a celebrity chef with a nasty reputation. But it’s even more chilling to find him stabbed to death in the Lake Eden Inn’s walk-in cooler—before he’s even had a chance to taste Hannah’s Butterscotch Sugar Cookies! Now Hannah has not only lost her advantage, she’ll have to solve a mystery with more layers than a five-tiered wedding cake…

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Author: Eliot, Marc
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Movie & Video History & Criticism

As he did in his bestselling biographies of Jimmy Stewart and Clint Eastwood, acclaimed Hollywood biographer Marc Eliot digs deep beneath the myth in this revealing look at the most legendary Western film hero of all time; the man with the distinctive voice, walk, and demeanor who was an inspiration to many and a symbol of American masculinity, power, and patriotism.

Eliot pays tribute to the man and the myth, identifying and analyzing the many interesting contradictions that made John Wayne who he was: an Academy Award-winning actor associated with cowboys and soldiers who didn’t like horses and never served in a war; a Republican icon who voted for Democrats Roosevelt and Truman; a white man often accused of racism who married three Mexican wives.

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Author: Missen, Belinda
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Friendship Fiction

A second chance at love…

When globe-trotting Emmy first fell for first-aider William on a freezing New Year’s Eve, she really believed that their love would go the distance.

But when she returns to Australia, her letters start to go unanswered and her emails bounce back unread, Emmy decides it’s time to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and start afresh in London.

So she’s shocked when William walks in on her very first day at her new job! Even worse, he’s hotter than ever. But why did he disappear for so long? What has he been hiding? And could this really be their second chance at falling in love…?

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Author: Rabb, Margo
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Young Adult Fiction about New Experiences
In the two years since her father died, sixteen-year-old Eva has found comfort in reading romance novels—118 of them, to be exact—to dull the pain of her loss that’s still so present. Her romantic fantasies become a reality when she meets Will, who can relate to Eva’s grief. Unfortunately, after Eva falls head-over-heels for him, he picks up and moves to California with barely any warning. Not wanting to lose the only person who has been able to pull her out of sadness—and, perhaps, her first shot at real love—Eva and her best friend, Annie, concoct a plan to travel to the west coast. As they road trip across America, Eva and Annie confront the complex truth about love.
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Author: Andrews, Colman
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Italian Cooking
Following the success of their 2010 James Beard Foundation Best Cookbook of the Year, The Country Cooking of Ireland, Colman Andrews and Christopher Hirsheimer achieve the formidable feat of illuminating the world’s most beloved cuisine in an entirely new light. Drawing on more than 40 years of experience traveling and eating in Italy, Andrews explores every region, from Piedmont to Puglia, and provides the fascinating origins of dishes both familiar and unexpected. This gloriously photographed keepsake depicts an ingredient-focused culture deeply rooted in rural traditions, in which even the most sophisticated dishes derive from more basic fare.
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Author: Calder, Laura
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Special Occasion Cooking
The French cooking of everyday life is lighthearted, accessible, and suited to modern tastes. Whether it’s getting weeknight dinners on the table fairly fast (Basil Beef, Rhubarb Chops, or Carrot Juice Chicken) or leisurely cooking for dining at a slightly slower pace (Lamb Tagine, Holiday Hen, or Fennel Bass), Laura Calder shares recipes she’s created at home in her own French kitchen.

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