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Dawn of the Assassin: The first kill changes everything. (David Diegert Series Book 1)

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Author: Brewer, Bill
Espionage Thrillers
Kill or be killed is the fatal choice of David Diegert. Having few options in life, Diegert falls into a world of deception, betrayal, and violence. To survive he becomes a reluctant hitman, extinguishing human lives for a man of immeasurable power and wealth. Given a chance to earn his freedom, and protect the one person he loves, Diegert must win a twisted contest to the death known as the tournament of assassins. Trained by his kick-ass mentor, Fatima Hussain, Diegert will face the most deadly men in the world and either emerge victorious or be zipped up in a body bag.
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Author: Winters, A.R.
Cozy Mystery

Tiffany flits between two cases: investigating the missing Van Gogh, and the murder of a Hollywood starlet with a secret life. When her investigation takes an intriguing turn and a man with mesmerizing green eyes comes into her life, Tiffany starts to wonder if this man might be the missing link between both crimes…

When her octogenarian friend Glenn starts dating a very inappropriate woman, and Nanna starts calling a twenty-something-year-old her “boyfriend”, Tiffany wonders if being attracted to a potential criminal might not be so crazy after all.

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Author: Sumner, Tracy
Romance Collections & Anthologies
Historical romance bundle of the award-winning Garrett Brothers series!


He left all he loved behind…
Will he be able to return and win her heart?


She is his greatest temptation.
He is her forbidden desire.
A battle of wills leads to love.


The feisty beauty who imagined a solitary life…
The jaded man who vowed to protect his heart…
An irresistible affair that started with a kiss…

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Author: Bishop Barker, Anna
Romantic Suspense
“I don’t have anything to give a good woman, Laura.”
Jake Beckett is a man frozen in the loss and grief of the past – a man who accepts that the existence that he has is the penance that he must pay.
“My faith died a long time ago, Jake.”
Laura Howard is a woman also mired in the past – a woman who has battled the monsters, but who fears that she may have lost the war.
Two strangers struggling to fight their way out of invisible chains, they must travel together toward safety, freedom and peace.
Faithful, Tennessee is the destination. For both of them, maybe, finally, a home, a sanctuary, a place where they each can find peace.
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Author: Schroeder, Melissa
Romantic Comedy

He is absolutely, completely, and undoubtedly the one man I shouldn’t fantasize about.

Other than being my boss, he’s too rigid, a workaholic with a checkered past when it comes to women. Knowing all that, I shouldn’t think about how his hands would feel on my body, or how his voice would sound when he whispered my name in the dark.

But I can resist him. Mainly because he can’t stand me, and he’s the kind of boss who makes me think about murder on a daily basis. That’s until he shows me his softer side and ignoring my need for him becomes impossible.

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Author: Hinchey, Jane
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

To call Gran eccentric is somewhat of an understatement. She has questionable fashion sense, cough, can anyone say bedazzled Ugg boots and a tutu? But my Gran? She is awesome. So when she suggested I buy The Dusty Attic Bookstore I was all in, after all, what could go wrong?

Try finding my high school nemesis dead on the floor of my newly acquired store for starters. Now I’m on the suspect list! Okay, so I just need to find the killer, clear my name, and pass my witches exam. Oh, didn’t I mention that? Yeah, seems the stunt I pulled on my cheating ex-fiancee cost me not only my job but my magic.

Die Again Tomorrow

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Author: Peikoff, Kira
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Isabel Leon, the star of a survival reality show, thinks she can endure anything. But when she unwittingly gives an unscrupulous mogul a chance to profit from her murder, she becomes the target of a terrifying killer who makes nature seem tame by comparison.

At first left for dead, she is rescued by a medical research team that operates outside the law. She awakens to find she’s the living proof of a breakthrough that can change the world. Some people would pay any price to control it. Others would simply steal the secret–even if it costs Isabel’s life. As powerful rivals pursue her, Isabel must risk everything to protect those she loves–or die again tomorrow.

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Author: Crusie, Jennifer
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Humorous Fiction

Part basset, part beagle, all Cupid…

For Nina Askew, turning forty means freedom—from the ex-husband, freedom from their stuffy suburban home, freedom to focus on what she wants for a change. And what she wants is something her ex always vetoed—a puppy. A bouncy, adorable puppy.

Instead she gets…Fred.

Overweight, middle-aged, a bit smelly and obviously depressed, Fred is light-years from perky. But he does manage to put Nina in the path of Alex Moore, her gorgeous, younger-by-a-decade neighbor.

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Author: Seifer, Marc J.
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Scientist Biographies

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), credited as the inspiration for radio, robots, and even radar, has been called the patron saint of modern electricity. Based on original material and previously unavailable documents, this acclaimed book is the definitive biography of the man considered by many to be the founding father of modern electrical technology. Among Tesla’s creations were the channeling of alternating current, fluorescent and neon lighting, wireless telegraphy, and the giant turbines that harnessed the power of Niagara Falls.

This essential biography is illustrated with sixteen pages of photographs, including the July 20, 1931, Time magazine cover for an issue celebrating the inventor’s career.

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Author: Jackson, Lisa
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Crime Thrillers

Mirror, Mirror . . .

Marquise Walker has vanished without a trace. There are few clues and much speculation on her sudden disappearance. But the truth is more terrifying than anyone can even imagine. . . .

On The Wall . . .

Maggie McCrae would do anything to find her identical twin sister–even if it means stepping into her unfamiliar shoes. Walking through Marquise’s wild, uninhibited life is a revelation for Maggie, proof that she knew very little about her twin’s darker side and her connection to the only man Maggie ever loved, Thane Walker. Now he’s the man she shouldn’t trust, a man who could be her best hope . . . or a cold-blooded killer. . . .

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Author: Painter, Kristen
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Romantic Fantasy

Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a comarré — a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the mortal world…and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.

Now, Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, a chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will threaten to reign.

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Author: Sharma, Nik
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Herbs, Spices & Condiments in Cooking
There are few books that offer home cooks a new way to cook and to think about flavor—and fewer that do it with the clarity and warmth of Nik Sharma’s Season. Season features 100 of the most delicious and intriguing recipes you’ve ever tasted, plus 125 of the most beautiful photographs ever seen in a cookbook. Here Nik, beloved curator of the award-winning food blog A Brown Table, shares a treasury of ingredients, techniques, and flavors that combine in a way that’s both familiar and completely unexpected. These are recipes that take a journey all the way from India by way of the American South to California. It’s a personal journey that opens new vistas in the kitchen, including new methods and integrated by a marvelous use of spices.
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Author: Angier, Bradford
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Outdoor & Nature Reference
A comprehensive, practical, and reliable guide to finding food in the woods and living off the land, by respected wilderness survivalists. With text by wilderness survivalists, the information in How to Eat in the Woods is tried, trusted, and true. One of the most complete books written on the subject, this portable guide includes essential information on how to track, trap, kill, and prepare various types of animals; select bait, land fish, and clean and cook the catch; recognize edible plants, fruits, berries, and nuts; locate bird eggs; catch edible insects; and find potable water. Also included is information on building a fire and preparing food without utensils.

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