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The Blackwell Files: Volumes I, II, & III

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Author: Freeman, Steven F.
International Mystery & Crime

RUTHLESS: Alton and Mallory strive to identify the culprit behind a series of perplexing homicides, racing to unravel the mystery in time to avoid becoming the killer’s next victims. But will their growing relationship survive the presence of the beautiful Chelsea Mancini, who seems to lie in the center of the chaos?

T WAVE: FBI agent Mallory Wilson begins investigating the potential theft of narcotics at a local hospice, but the case quickly escalates as she and boyfriend Alton Blackwell uncover a series of questionable patient deaths. Can they unravel the mystery in time to stop a potential killer?

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Author: Chastain, Rebecca
Women’s Fantasy Fiction

Mika Stillwater is a mid-level earth elemental with ambitions of becoming a quartz artisan, and her hard work is starting to get noticed. But when a panicked baby gargoyle bursts into her studio, insisting Mika is the only person she’ll trust with her desperate mission, Mika’s carefully constructed five-year plan is shattered.

Swept into the gritty criminal underworld of Terra Haven, Mika must jeopardize everything she’s worked so hard for to save the baby gargoyle from the machinations of a monster—and to stay alive…

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Author: Lingam, Ash
Western Fiction Classics
Chicago newspaperman Harold Stampede is sent to find the seven most nefarious killers in the closing days of the Old West. The man who will help him is U.S. Marshal One-Eyed Jack Black, a one-time famous gunslinger with an unquestionable reputation who has realized the times are changing and the need for his kind is dwindling – that is until outlaw Steele Hellstrom turns up on the scene. Action-packed with a dash of romance and humor, Seven Killers is Amazon’s bestseller author Ash Lingam’s best novel to date.
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Author: Irvine, Ian C.P.
Western Fiction Classics

If you have ever sat on a train, or a bus, or even an airplane, and looked at the people around you and wondered what jobs they did, or what lives they led, then this book is for you!

If you have ever wondered, what it would be like if you had lived your life differently, taken another job, lived in a different city, or even married another person, then…this book is also for you!

And if you are happily married, but perhaps just once, maybe even twice… wondered if the grass was ever greener elsewhere, …then, you’ve guessed it,… this book is for you too!

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Author: Collins, Laura E.
Science Fiction
The Earth is dying. The Great Impact of 2079 has rendered the Earth uninhabitable. It is now hundreds of years later.
After the sudden death of her husband, all Ava Amherst wants is to begin a peaceful new life away from Earth on the space station Orionis. Or so she thought. After arrival she discovers life is much more difficult than she was led to believe by the Intergalactic Transport Organization. People are unfriendly, they keep to themselves, and food is much more expensive than she anticipated.
Practically starving, Ava nearly faints walking home from work. She is startled by a powerful electric shock radiating through her when handsome starship captain Wesley Robinson, and his crewmember Naomi, surprisingly come to her aid.
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Author: Oshiro, Mark
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Young Adult Fiction

Moss Jeffries is many things—considerate student, devoted son, loyal friend and affectionate boyfriend, enthusiastic nerd.

But sometimes Moss still wishes he could be someone else—someone without panic attacks, someone whose father was still alive, someone who hadn’t become a rallying point for a community because of one horrible night.

And most of all, he wishes he didn’t feel so stuck.

Moss can’t even escape at school—he and his friends are subject to the lack of funds and crumbling infrastructure at West Oakland High, as well as constant intimidation by the resource officer stationed in their halls.

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Author: Bohrman, Barbie
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Women’s Romance Fiction

Sabrina Chandler has had a rough go at love: just before her high school graduation, she found her boyfriend in the arms of her so-called best friend.

Tyler Anderson, the town’s sexy bad boy, stepped out of the shadows then to save her pride. Drawing strength from him, she left everything behind and sought a new life for herself, far away from the pain and shame.

Fast forward ten years: Sabrina is settled in Miami, happy at last—until her best friend urges her to attend her high school reunion and face her painful past once and for all.

And…maybe meet the mysterious Tyler once again.

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Author: William, Anthony
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Alternative Medicine Healing
Anthony William, the one and only Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated or that doctors can’t resolve. He’s done this by listening to a divine voice that literally speaks into his ear, telling him what lies at the root of people’s pain or illness and what they need to do to restore their health. His methods achieve spectacular results, even for those who have spent years and many thousands of dollars on all forms of medicine before turning to him. Now, in this revolutionary book, he opens the door to all he has learned in over 25 years of bringing people’s lives back.
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Author: Choma, Anne
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Gay & Lesbian Biographies & Memoirs

In 1834, Anne Lister made history by celebrating and recording the first ever known marriage to another woman. Now the basis for the HBO series Gentleman Jack, this is her remarkable, true story.

Anne Lister was extraordinary. Fearless, charismatic and determined to explore her lesbian sexuality, she forged her own path in a society that had no language to define her. She was a landowner, an industrialist and a prolific diarist, whose output has secured her legacy as one of the most fascinating figures of the 19th century. Gentleman Jack: The Real Anne Lister follows Anne from her crumbling ancestral home in Yorkshire to the glittering courts of Denmark as she resolves to put past heartbreak behind her and find herself a wife.

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Author: Ribay, Randy
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Young Adult Law & Crime Fiction

A powerful coming-of-age story about grief, guilt, and the risks a Filipino-American teenager takes to uncover the truth about his cousin’s murder.

Jay Reguero plans to spend the last semester of his senior year playing video games before heading to the University of Michigan in the fall. But when he discovers that his Filipino cousin Jun was murdered as part of President Duterte’s war on drugs, and no one in the family wants to talk about what happened, Jay travels to the Philippines to find out the real story.

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Author: Money-Coutts, Sophia
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Friendship Fiction

After eight years together, Lil Bailey thought she’d already found ‘the one’ – that is, until he dumped her for a blonde twenty-something colleague. So she does what any self-respecting singleton would do: swipes right, puts on her best bra and finds herself on a first date with a handsome mountaineer called Max. What’s the worst that can happen?

Well it’s pretty bad actually. First Max ghosts her and then, after weeing on a stick (but mostly her hands), a few weeks later Lil discovers she’s pregnant. She’s single, thirty-one and living in a thimble-sized flat in London, it’s hardly the happily-ever-after she was looking for.

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Author: Huntington, Parker S.
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Crime Thrillers

Ten years ago, I crushed Damiano De Luca’s heart,
vowing false promises I never delivered.

The revenge? Didn’t happen.
The destruction? As if I could.
Betrayal? Not. A. Chance.

We were 18 when I left, taking my secrets with me.
Now at 28, there’s no trace of the jaded mafia prince with the protective streak.

He’s crueler. Colder. More calculated than ever.
And he’s glaring at me from a funeral pew,
looking at me and my wedding ring like we should be the ones buried six feet under.

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