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Haunted House (The Konrath Dark Thriller Collective Book 6)

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Author: Konrath, J.A.
Occult Horror


It was an experiment in fear.

Eight people, each chosen because they lived through a terrifying experience. Survivors. They don’t scare easily. They know how to fight back.


Each is paid a million dollars to spend one night in a house. The old Butler House, where those grisly murders occurred so many years ago. A house that is supposedly haunted.

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Author: Schroeder, JB
Romantic Suspense
Tori Radnor’s future is looking brighter after scoring a big break with her start-up venture. Mega-successful Aiden Miller has agreed to help. Although her job isn’t the only thing drawing Tori to her new partner, she is determined to keep it strictly business. She owes that to her teenager, after letting her almost-ex nearly destroy them. When she and her son become an elusive villain’s target, her carefully constructed plans begin to unravel. Is Aiden somehow involved—or is he the safest bet?
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Author: Mack, Lia
Coming of Age Fiction
This story is the result of many long years of traveling down my own personal road of healing from sexual assault, plus the many survivors I interviewed and spoke with along the way. From our collective journeys, I created the fictional story of my character, Matty Bell, who learns one simple truth: run from something long enough, it can consume your life.
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Author: Wolfe, Carole
Women’s Humorous Fiction

A lawsuit, an ex-husband, and a hotel full of men. Just another crazy day in the life of a single mom…

Tasha Gerome tries to find the funny side of her everyday disasters. It’s just about the only thing that gets the single mother of twins through her chaotic life. Well, that and a comfy pair of piggy slippers. But not everyone appreciates her brand of humor…

Her deadbeat ex-husband certainly doesn’t get her jokes as he returns to town to bother her and the twins. A famous doctor threatens her with legal action over a misunderstanding. And her mother is more concerned with Tasha’s single status than her humor, dragging her kicking and screaming back into the dating game…

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Author: Fuller, Levi
International Mystery & Crime

There’s a thirsty murderer stalking in the darkness… and it knows your fears.

Recently joined the force, Detective Violet Turner finds herself in the craziest situation, she thinks she can escape the craziness of a sleepy town, but she now finds herself in the action against the monster.

She can see your fears. She’s spent years honing her craft.

This is no ordinary killer; she seems to stalk her prey. More importantly Violet can’t shake this feeling, that this killer can sense fear, and uses it against the victims.

Will Violet be able to stop the killer in time before he strikes? 
Can she save her friends? Can save the town’s people?

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Author: Shireman, Cheryl
Contemporary Romance

It is often said that the course of true love never runs smooth. This is certainly the case in the love affair of Cooper and Sally Moon. From the moment she fell in love with Cooper Moon, Sally learned that holding onto the most attractive man in town is never easy. Now, despite a long history of infidelity, in a life-altering moment, Cooper suddenly vows to change his ways. His decision will not only change Sally’s life, but will also have wide-ranging consequences for the entire town.

Filled with an unforgettable cast of characters you are sure to love (and maybe a couple to hate), the story of Cooper Moon will capture your heart from the first page. It is a story about undying love, the many faces of faith, and the many consequences of a single decision.

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Author: Thomas De Quincey
Biographies of Authors
“Confessions of an English Opium-Eater” is an autobiographical narrative by English author Thomas De Quincey. First published in The London Magazine in two parts in 1821, then as a book, with an appendix, in 1822.
The avowed purpose of the first version of “Confessions of an English Opium-Eater” was to warn the reader of the dangers of opium, and it combined the interest of a journalistic exposé of a social evil, told from an addict’s point of view, with a somewhat contradictory and seductive picture of the subjective pleasures of drug addiction. The book begins with an autobiographical account of the author’s addiction. It then describes in effective detail the euphoric and highly symbolic reveries that he experienced under the drug’s influence and recounts the horrible nightmares that continued use of the drug eventually produced.
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Author: Hutchins, Pamela Fagan
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Amateur Sleuths

Emily Bernal may have traded the fast-paced rodeo world for paralegal work but the change hasn’t made her life any simpler. Between romancing her sexy attorney boss Jack and fighting for custody of her foster child, she wonders if riding a bucking bronco would be easier. But when two runaway teens beg for her help after witnessing a truck-stop murder, the former rodeo queen springs into action.

As she follows the clues along the Texas interstate, she can’t help but notice her boyfriend is hiding something from her. When the investigation turns deadly, Emily’s only chance to keep the runaways alive is to stand toe-to-toe with a criminal conspiracy that could make her the next victim?

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Author: Jackson, Steve
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Serial Killers True Accounts
After ten years in prison, Tom Luther was released a far more vicious criminal. Soon, from the Rockies to West Virginia, like Ted Bundy, Luther enticed a chain of women into his murderous trap. In this gripping new edition of a true crime masterpiece, acclaimed author Steve Jackson recounts the intriguing pursuit and long awaited conviction of a charismatic, monstrous psychopath–one who remains a suspect in three other crimes, and has never given up hope of escape.
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Author: Hutchins, Pamela Fagan
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Mystery Romance

Dumped by her husband for a man, ex-rodeo queen Emily Bernal yearns for a fresh start. When a handsome local attorney named Jack offers her a gig, she’s not sure if it’s the right fit. But after a dead body takes a swan dive right in front of her and she learns a missing six-year-old girl is caught in the aftermath, Emily’s heart sends her from barrel racing to paralegal work in a hurry.

As she and Jack interrogate the young girl’s tight-lipped mother, a string of strange coincidences don’t seem to add up. When sparks fly between her and her boss and dead ends start to become dead bodies, the race to save the girl comes down to the wire.

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Author: Fluke, Joanne
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

Preparations are under way for Lake Eden, Minnesota’s annual Winter Carnival—and Hannah Swensen will be extra busy at her shop, The Cookie Jar. Too bad the honor of creating the official Winter Carnival cake went to famous lifestyle maven Connie Mac—a half-baked idea, in Hannah’s opinion. She suspects Connie Mac’s sweet cable-TV image is a cover for something more bitter.

Hannah’s suspicions are confirmed when Connie Mac’s limo rolls into town. Turns out America’s “Cooking Sweetheart” is bossy, bad-tempered, and downright domineering.

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Author: de Botton, Alain
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Romance Literary Fiction
A man and a woman meet over casual conversation on a flight from Paris to London, and so begins a love story—from first kiss to first argument, elation to heartbreak, and everything in between.
Each stage of the relationship is illuminated with starling clarity, as novelist and philosopher Alain de Botton explores young love and its emotions, often felt but rarely understood.
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Author: Elizabeth, Millard
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Gardening & Horticulture
It takes just a few dollars and a few days for you to start enjoying fresh, healthy produce grown indoors in your own home.Imagine serving a home-cooked meal highlighted with beet, arugula, and broccoli microgreens grown right in your kitchen, accompanied by sautéed winecap mushrooms grown in a box of sawdust in your basement. And if you have never tasted microgreens, all you really need to do is envision all the flavor of an entire vegetable plant concentrated into a single tantalizing seedling. If you respond to the notion of nourishing your guests with amazing, fresh, organic produce that you’ve grown in your own house, condo, apartment, basement, or sunny downtown office, then you’ll love exploring the expansive new world of growing and eating that can be discovered with the help of Indoor Kitchen Gardening.
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Author: Elzer-Peters, Katie
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Gardening & Horticulture Reference
Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to Gardening is a one-stop, easy to understand, beautifully designed book with step-by-step instructions and photographs for every important gardening and landscaping technique. New homeowners with no prior knowledge of landscape care will learn how to turn their yards from weedy, overgrown patches to gorgeous landscapes that are the envy of their neighbors. Young gardeners or new gardeners will learn – the right way – how to take care of everything from perennials to shrubs to their vegetable gardens, ensuring success the first time around. This is the one book that every gardener should have on their bookshelf.

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