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Gemini’s Crossing: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 1)

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Author: Adams, Arlo
Science Fiction

After learning he has only months to live, Gemini Fowler is granted one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm using a technology that could end death as we know it.

The catch:

The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence.

Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.

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Author: Mitchell, D. M.
Psychological Thriller

It began with a funeral…

Mickey Craddick had long been the town of Overthorpe’s Mr Big – a man with his dirty finger in all sorts of dirty pies, from drug-pushing to extortion and blackmail. But now he is dead and the residents of Overthorpe start to breathe a sigh of relief.

None more so than three men, close friends since childhood. They gather each Friday to enjoy a quiet game of dominoes. Duncan Winslade is a retired police officer; Barry Stocker is unemployed and down-on-his-luck; Alfie Parker runs his own business. All three of them are united by the fact they’re more than glad to see the back of Mickey Craddick.

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Author: Amman, Gaia B
Travel Biographies & Memoirs

The opportunity of a lifetime…

Can she leave her life behind?

Her boyfriend. Her family. Her band.

It’s only for one year, to chase a career in cancer research. Italian scientists Leda Balni is smart, flawed, and deeply emotional. This is just about work, most definitely not about running away from her problems, again…

Desire, friendship, a new start?

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Author: Nash, Nola
Paranormal Suspense

How do you fight an enemy you can’t see that can kill on a whim? In 1820s New Orleans, on the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Zéolie Cheval discovers the mangled body of her father murdered in his bed and a maniacal voice haunting the recesses of her mind. When the priest sent to comfort her is killed while the house is swarming with police, Zéolie becomes entangled in a web of mystery that takes her from the French Quarter, to the Ursuline Convent in the Ninth Ward, and deep into the Louisiana swamps.

Officer Louis Saucier, who is losing his heart to Zéolie and his grip on logical reality, helps her find the pieces to her puzzle.

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Author: Baxter, Cole
Domestic Thrillers

Waking in the hospital with zero memories after a car accident that killed her mysterious passenger and the other driver, Hannah finds herself suddenly thrust into a life she doesn’t recognize.

Doting husband. Two beautiful daughters. PTA meetings…it all feels foreign, and while her husband and doctors assure her she’s recovering well and the memories will return, she’s not so sure.

As she struggles to search for herself, she discovers strange inconsistencies—things that make her question everything she’s been told.

When her memories finally return, will Hannah’s past spell disaster for her future?

Special Ops 1 (Special Operations)

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Author: Mayer, Bob
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Conspiracy Thrillers
Mayer’s Green Beret hero, Chief Warrant Officer Dave Riley, returns to take on the mob and corrupt government officials in a well-paced but didactic tale about the compromising of the Federal Witness Protection Program. When Philip Cobb, former mob money launderer and current government informer, is murdered just as he is about the enter the Program, his wife, after calling an emergency Program number only to be nearly gunned down herself, turns for help to her brother, who contacts his old girlfriend, Donna Giannini, now a Chicago cop. Giannini in turn asks her old pal Riley to keep Lisa alive while she finds out what went wrong.
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Author: Lem, Stanislaw
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Humorous Science Fiction

Set in the not-too-distant future, when space flight has evolved to the point where humanity is ready to colonize the solar system, Tales of Pirx the Pilot follows one somewhat-hapless explorer as he struggles though his training as a cadet, his career as a pilot, and his tenure as captain of a merchant ship.

In these collected stories, Pirx stumbles his way through various exploits: traveling to the moon; battling mechanical malfunctions; encountering robots; and confronting questions of ambition, evolution, exploration, experimentation, and the nature of humanity itself. And in classic Pirx fashion, he faces down each dilemma with charm, curiosity, courage, and intuition.

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Author: Eckhart, Lorhainne
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Contemporary Western Fiction

Thrill of the Chase: He stopped for an accident and stumbled upon the one woman he’d been looking for all his life.
The Dating Game: Twenty Six year old Ivy Parker is a Nurse by day, but an unlikely attraction with a mysterious man will turn her world upside down as she finds herself in, The Dating Game.

The Dating Game: Twenty Six year old Ivy Parker is a Nurse by day, but an unlikely attraction with a mysterious man will turn her world upside down as she finds herself in, The Dating Game.

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Author: Plath, Sylvia
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Classic Literary Fiction

Sylvia Plath’s shocking, realistic, and intensely emotional novel about a woman falling into the grip of insanity

Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going under—maybe for the last time. In her acclaimed and enduring masterwork, Sylvia Plath brilliantly draws the reader into Esther’s breakdown with such intensity that her insanity becomes palpably real, even rational—as accessible an experience as going to the movies. A deep penetration into the darkest and most harrowing corners of the human psyche, The Bell Jar is an extraordinary accomplishment and a haunting American classic.

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Author: Groff, Lauren
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Literary Short Stories
Groff brings the reader into a physical world that is at once domestic and wild—a place where the hazards of the natural world lie waiting to pounce, yet the greatest threats and mysteries are still of an emotional, psychological nature. A family retreat can be derailed by a prowling panther, or by a sexual secret. Among those navigating this place are a resourceful pair of abandoned sisters; a lonely boy, grown up; a restless, childless couple, a searching, homeless woman; and an unforgettable, recurring character—a steely and conflicted wife and mother.

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