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Author: De Maria, Lawrence
Private Investigator Mysteries
Bodies pile up from coast to coast as Jake Scarne probes a reporter’s grisly death. Uncovering a web of murder, sex, fraud and political corruption, he makes the mistake of falling in love with the beautiful, amoral woman who is the power behind the throne of a rogue billionaire. Together, the lovers set off a chain reaction of revenge that puts them in the crosshairs of brutal mobsters.
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Author: Konrath, J.A., Peterson, Ann Voss
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

Wisconsin. Summer. Late at night.

Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys, who invite them back to their place to party.

But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare, where nothing is what it seems…

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Author: Bell, Cindy
Cozy Mystery

Suzie Allen gets a call to inform her that her estranged Uncle Harry has passed away and has unexpectedly left her Dune House, a beautiful house on the beach that was once a Bed and Breakfast. With her best friend, Mary, going through a messy divorce, the two decide to get away and go to the small town of Garber to see the house.

Despite the stunning setting, the house has been neglected for years and is in a terrible state of disrepair. Suzie and Mary make the decision to refurbish the house together.

But then, Suzie and Mary start finding evidence that maybe Uncle Harry didn’t die of natural causes.

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Author: Dowell, Summer
Romantic Comedy

Sometimes dreams really do come true. Ryan Hudson asked me to marry him. Well…temporarily marry him.

Struggling graphic designer Kylee Morgan would do just about anything to help Ryan Hudson, her very attractive friend she’s been harboring feelings for. But, marry him? That might be taking things a little too far for this good girl.

Workaholic Ryan is finally on the cusp of success with his company when things come to a crashing halt. He needs cash fast and his grandparent’s trust fund is the perfect solution. However, there’s one small requirement to get the money, he has to be married.

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Author: Wright, Roger
Job Hunting & Career Guides

How do people really find work? Not thru standing in the “job search line” or tossing resumes into cyberspace. Job search, as all who have had to do it know, is not a rational process. The best resume simply does not win.

Finding Work takes a totally different approach. Instead of offering the same, tired advice; this book prompts individual action by using riveting stories and questions that will prompt the reader to start asking, “What if I did something different in my work search?”

Revolving around “The Five,” five key principles for charting your own unique path, Finding Work delivers attention grabbing stories that are actually fun to read.

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Author: Lawley, Cate
Romantic Comedy

Every girl wants a fairy godmother! But not the kind with a misfiring wand.

Hillary’s been hit by a wonky bit of magic that was supposed to introduce her to her soul mate. That doesn’t happen.

Instead she meets… Brad.

Brad’s been waiting for someone to see him–literally, to see him. That’s no small trick since he’s been invisible to everyone but his friend Walter for three long and lonely years. It’s just his luck that the one woman who does is a knockout with a heart bigger than Texas and completely, utterly unattainable.

The Final Detail: A Myron Bolitar Novel

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Author: Coben, Harlan
Regularly $7.99, Today $2.99
Murder Thrillers
Myron Bolitar’s colleague at MB SportsReps, Esperanza, has been arrested for the murder of a client, a fallen baseball star attempting a comeback. Myron is determined to prove Esperanza’s innocence—even if she won’t speak to him on the advice of her lawyer, who warns Myron to keep away from both the case and his client. But Myron is already too close, too involved, and has too much at stake. And the closer Myron gets to the truth, the more the evidence points to the only viable suspect besides Esperanza: Myron himself.
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Author: Ganshert, Katie
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Women’s Christian Fiction

Snow whirls around an elevated train platform in Chicago. A distracted woman boards the train, takes her seat, and moments later a fiery explosion rips through the frigid air, tearing the car apart in a horrific attack on the city’s transit system. One life is spared. Twenty-two are lost.

A year later, Autumn Manning can’t remember the day of the bombing and she is tormented by grief—by guilt. Twelve months of the question constantly echoing. Why? Why? Why? Searching for answers, she haunts the lives of the victims, unable to rest.

Paul Elliott lost his wife in the train bombing and wants to let the dead rest in peace, undisturbed and unable to cause more pain for his loved ones.

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Author: Williams, Odette
Regularly $12.99, Today $1.99
Cake Baking

Everyone has a favorite style of cake, whether it’s citrusy and fresh or chocolatey and indulgent. All of these recipes and more are within your reach in Simple Cake, a love letter from Brooklyn apron and bakeware designer Odette Williams to her favorite treat.

With easy recipes and inventive decorating ideas, Williams gives you recipes for 10 base cakes, 15 toppings, and endless decorating ideas to yield a treat—such as Milk & Honey Cake, Coconut Cake, Summer Berry Pavlova, and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake—for any occasion.

Williams also addresses the fundamentals for getting cakes just right, with foolproof recipes that can be cranked out whenever the urge strikes.

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Author: Friedman, Milton, Friedman, Rose
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Economic Theory
The international bestseller on the extent to which personal freedom has been eroded by government regulations and agencies while personal prosperity has been undermined by government spending and economic controls.
All who listen to this masterful and lucid polemic for a free market economy will never question Milton Friedman’s Nobel Prize in economics. Friedman and his wife Rose team to write a most convincing and readable guide that illustrates the crucial link between Adam Smith’s capitalism and the free society.
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Author: Ward, H.M.
Regularly $6.99, Today $0.99
Contemporary Romance Fiction

There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people. They make you jaded and hard, irrevocably changing you forever. I wish I could say that I hate her, I wish I could walk away and never look back, but I can’t… I have to save her.

The woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand disappeared from my life 3 years ago. So when I see her at a bachelor party, half naked, rolling around on the floor with another stripper, I’m shocked. I have to know what cracked Cassie Hale’s picture perfect world that landed her in this hellhole, and I hope that I’m not so bitter that I can’t help her escape.

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Author: Bonanno, Margaret Wander
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Space Opera Science Fiction

The planets Earth and Vulcan experience a mysterious first contact in this fascinating Star Trek novel featuring the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Years before the formal first contact between Earth and another planet’s inhabitants, a Vulcan space vessel crash landed in the South Pacific, forcing humanity to decide whether to offer the hand of friendship, or the fist of war. Complicating matters is a second visitation: a group of people from two hundred years in the future, who serve on a starship called Enterprise.

Discover the astonishing truth about this heretofore unknown first contact and the nightmares that plague Admiral James T. Kirk. Dreams of his dead comrades, of his earliest days aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, and of a forgotten past in which he somehow changed the course of history and destroyed the Federation before it began.

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Author: Scullion, Chris
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Antique & Collectible Toys

The NES is one of the most iconic video game systems of all time, and is credited with ‘saving’ the American video games industry in the early 80s when it looked likely to collapse.

The NES Encyclopedia is the first ever complete reference guide to every game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo’s first industry-defining video game system. As well as covering all 714 officially licensed NES games, the book also includes more than 160 unlicensed games released during its lifespan, giving for the first time a definitive history of this important console’s full library. Written by a retro gaming expert with 30 years of gaming experience and a penchant for bad jokes, the NES Encyclopedia promises to be both informative and entertaining.

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