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State of Anger: A Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller (Detective Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

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Author: Scott, Thomas
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
As leader of the Major Crimes Unit, Detective Virgil Jones tackles only the toughest cases in the state, and the one he faces this time has the city of Indianapolis on edge, near the brink of panic. When a team of serial snipers begin using their own personal brand of domestic terrorism, it’s up to Virgil to find out who is responsible for the mysterious killings, and why.
But when Virgil gets too close, the hunter becomes the hunted, and one final bullet reveals a truth that will change his life forever.
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Author: Boyd, Jerry
Space Opera Science Fiction
Bob thought he was doing fine on his own. Then the love of his life fell out of the sky. Can he get her back in the air with auto parts and a cutting torch? If he does, will she ever come back?
Nikki took a job before she saw the equipment. Can she keep her passengers alive on a strange planet?
Are the natives friendly?”
John is doing well with his underground medical practice, when his sometime partner Bob calls him with a job. A job that changes everything.
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Author: White, Robert
Traditional Detective Mysteries
Rookie Cop Dave Stewart knew that William Bailey was guilty of murder.
All he had to do to convict him was change one line in his statement.
Detective Chief Superintendent John McCauley loves dirt.
He collects it in secret files to use against his enemies and since Stewart slept with the beautiful Detective Sergeant Anne Wallace. He is the enemy.
Stewart hatches a plan to destroy the evidence against him, but inside McCauley’s files, is evidence of a vile paedophile ring operating under the Chief’s nose.
Now three people are dead and Dave Stewart is the prime suspect.
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Author: Crooks, Adora
Humorous Romantic Comedy

It’s a battle to the final I do…He was supposed to be a simple one-night-stand to get over my ex.

He ticked all the boxes: smoking hot stranger, eyes as dark as his sense of humor, and no strings attached. He took me up to his room and made me forget all about my heartbreak.

But when my wedding planning company assigns me my next case, I find myself face-to-face with my hot stranger yet again.

His name? Braxton West.

His role? The groom’s best man.

His mission? To break up the couple before they say their vows.

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Author: Atkinson, Heather
Crime Fiction

Laura Harrison is terrified. Her boyfriend Darryl is becoming more and more unstable and she’s bearing the brunt of his aggression. Haunted by the horrors she suffered as a teenager at the hands of her stepfather and stepbrother, she recognises the danger she’s in and knows she has to get away. Unfortunately she leaves it too late and Darryl viciously attacks her.

Zak Banks, Darryl’s best friend and officer in the Manchester police force takes her under his wing, having secretly loved her for years. As their relationship develops things get even worse for Laura when the stalking starts and she is attacked. But who can she trust? When Zak’s colleagues begin to suspect that he is behind the attacks on her, Laura is plunged into a nightmare that will force her to confront the many demons of her past.

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Author: Knowlton, Sherry
Psychological Fiction

Three young girls on a blanket in the woods. Decades separate the discovery of these dead bodies, but the lesson they offer is the same. Evil can lurk much closer than you’d ever imagine.

Alexa Williams is a successful lawyer, volunteers weekly at a women’s clinic, and has a sexy weekend boyfriend–not to mention an endearing best friend in her giant English mastiff, Scout. But one autumn day, when Scout takes off into the Pennsylvania woods, Alexa discovers a nightmare she’d never imagined. From that fateful day, Alexa becomes entangled in a murder mystery–one that she tries to unravel by linking it to experiences and symbols in her own life.

Midshipman’s Hope (The Seafort Saga Book 1)

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Author: Feintuch, David
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Hard Science Fiction
In the year 2194, seventeen-year-old Nicholas Seafort is assigned to the Hibernia as a lowly midshipman. Destination: the thriving colony of Hope Nation. But when a rescue attempt goes devastatingly wrong, Seafort is thrust into a leadership role he never anticipated. The other officers resent him, but Seafort must handle more dangerous problems, from a corrupted navigation computer to a deadly epidemic. Even Hope Nation has a nasty surprise in store. Seafort might be the crew’s only hope . . .
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Author: Sussman, Paul
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Historical Thrillers

Over four thousand years ago, the ninety-four-year reign of pharaoh Pepi II ended in chaos. In the dead of night, a party of priests set out into the desert, dragging with them a sled carrying a mysterious object. None of them returned.

In modern Egypt, Freya Hannan arrives for the funeral of her estranged sister, Alex, who is said to have committed suicide. But as Freya goes through her sister’s belongings, she comes to suspect that Alex was murdered.

Soon, Freya realizes that Alex’s life was as mysterious as her death.

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Author: Durant, Judith
Regularly $16.99, Today $1.99
Fiber Art & Textile

From the editor of the bestselling One-Skein Wonders series: “the ultimate reference on shaping . . . An important addition to every knitting bag” (Margaret Radcliffe, author of The Knowledgeable Knitter).

The secret to knitting great-fitting hats and shaping elegant sleeves lies in using the right increase or decrease techniques. Approachable and insightful, Judith Durant provides clear instructions and step-by-step photographs that showcase swatches for each technique. From working shaped lace to adjusting necklines, you’ll soon have a go-to strategy for successfully tackling knitting challenges of all shapes and sizes.

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Author: Turner, Katharine, Waldo, Barry
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Young Adult Zombie Fiction

Anna Shepherd is a straight-A student with a lot going on under the surface: she’s struggling with her mom’s death, total friend drama, and the fallout from wasting her time on a very attractive boy. She’s looking forward to skipping town after graduation—but then a zombie apocalypse majorly disrupts the holidays season. It’s going to be very hard to graduate high school without a brain.

To save the day, Anna, her friends, and her frenemies will have to journey straight to the heart of one of the most dangerous places ever known, a place famous for its horror, terror, and pain…high school.

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Author: Foyle, Adonal
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Personal Money Management

A successful NBA veteran offers essential financial management advice for athletes, their families, and the fans to help them protect and keep their wealth.

Over his sixteen-year career, former NBA center Adonal Foyle has watched other pros burn through their salaries, endorsement, and merchandising money, creating serious financial and legal hardships. While top professional athletes make millions, many have little in their bank accounts soon after hanging up their jerseys. Sixty percent of NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. Nearly eighty percent of NFL players are strapped within two years of retirement.

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