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The Back Door Man

Cyberpunk Science Fiction
Author: Dave Buschi

The Back Door Man

All credit cards have stopped working. Today. This morning.

What cash you have in your wallet is it. ATMs and bank systems are down. You can’t get gas, groceries… Commerce has essentially come to a halt. Such is the backdrop of THE BACK DOOR MAN.

Our society is computercentric. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We’re plugged in. Managing our finances online. Downloading apps for our iPhone. Reading the WSJ on our Kindle.

There are things out there on the cutting edge we don’t even know we need to fear. THE BACK DOOR MAN takes us there.

We see it through the eyes of James Kolinsky, a simple family man who works in information security. His day goes from bad to worse when he discovers that his greatest fear is his fault and what’s happened to him has happened to millions of others.

Game. Set. Match. (Outer Banks Tennis Academy Book 1)

Sports Fiction
Author: Jennifer Iacopelli

Game. Set. Match. (Outer Banks Tennis Academy Book 1)

Nestled along the North Carolina coast, the Outer Banks Tennis Academy is the world’s most elite training facility. In this pressure-cooker environment, futures are forged in blood and sweat, and dreams are shattered in an instant.

Penny Harrison, a rising female star, is determined to win the French Open and beat her archrival, Zina Lutrova. But when her coach imports British bad boy Alex Russell as her new training partner, will Penny be able to keep her laser-like focus?

Tennis is all Jasmine Randazzo has ever known. The daughter of two Grand Slam champions, she’s hell-bent on extending her family’s legacy and writing her own happily-ever-after…until her chosen Prince Charming gives her the just-friends speech, right before the biggest junior tournament of the year, the Outer Banks Classic.

Rise of the Warriors: A change in football culture that transformed a community

Football Coaching
Author: Mark Esch, Matt Birk

Rise of the Warriors: A change in football culture that transformed a community

Caledonia High School has the longest current winning streak in the nation, but it wasn’t always that way. Learn how a change in football culture transformed a team, school, and community. The book, Rise of the Warriors, follows the journey of culture changes that occurred in the Caledonia Warriors football program from the 1980s until present day. A positive shift in the program culture transformed a small, southeastern Minnesota community. This high school football team has won 5 consecutive state championships with a 68-game winning streak. But it’s more than that. Over time, the Caledonia football program has developed high-caliber qualities that are present in all great teams, which has translated to success on-and-off of the field.

The Hellion and The Heartbreaker

Regency Historical Romance
Author: Jennifer McNare

The Hellion and The Heartbreaker

A master of seduction… seduced by an innocent…

Vowing never to fall prey to something as foolish and impractical as love, the sinfully handsome Duke of Worthe has long been regarded as one of London’s most profligate rakes. However, entering into a scandalous liaison with the sister of his closest friend is not something even he would consider, despite her breathtaking allure and his fierce, overwhelming desire to possess her. Or so he thought…

Raised by four doting older brothers, and possessing a reckless streak as bold as her fiery red curls, Scarlett McPhearson has long been accustomed to getting what she wants. After becoming acquainted with Alec Weston, the most sought-after bachelor in England, she discovers something she wants more than anything she has ever wanted before, to capture the heart of the man she has come to adore.

Bowls Cookbook: 200 Simple Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Meals

Healthy Cooking
Author: Lea Gerard

Bowls Cookbook: 200 Simple Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Meal. Improve your Wellness, Overall Energy, and Start Living Better.

Would you like to have a tool that will give you a massive variety of simple but delicious recipes every time you eat?

What about an amazing Saturday dinner, delicious “Family Sunday” lunch, or a simple Monday breakfast?

Would you like to save time, build energy, and live healthily for the rest of your life?

If your answer is “Yes,” to at least one of these questions, then keep reading…

From tasty Thai Chicken Noodle Salad to Kale-and-Chickpea Grain Bowl, from Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl to Salmon and Veggie Grain Mix, this book has it all. Every healthy and delicious meal recipe you can think of and more.

Murder Over Cocktails: The 2nd Nikki Hunter Mystery

Author: Nancy Skopin

Murder Over Cocktails: The 2nd Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

Private Investigator Nicoli, “Nikki,” Hunter has recovered from a near-fatal encounter with a multiple murderer and is happy to get back to her routine bar and restaurant surveillance jobs. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. One evening, as she’s acting as a decoy/victim to attract a bartender accused of sexual assault, Jack, “The Cat,” McGuire settles on an adjacent bar stool and tells her a story that will change the course of her life.

Murder Over Cocktails is the second mystery featuring PI Nikki Hunter, a thirty-six-year-old, gun-toting, brainy beauty who excels at getting into other people’s business. Hunter’s office is in a marina complex in Redwood City, California, where she also lives aboard a forty-six foot Cheoy Lee sailboat.

The Peacetaker Series – Books 1, 2 and 3

Historical Thrillers
Author: Edita A. Petrick
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The Peacetaker Series - Books 1, 2 and 3

From the US shores to London, France and Spain, death stalks Stella and Carter as they follow the Peacetaker’s bloody trail….

Three months after surviving a deadly riot in Cairo, Timothy Carter is compelled to track down Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic whose book could be the key to deciphering whether the legend of the Peacetaker is more than a dusty myth. She might be a recluse, and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope to find answers to questions he’s been asking himself since receiving the scars that now mar his face.

Death Below Stairs (A Below Stairs Mystery Book 1)

Cozy Culinary Mystery
Author: Jennifer Ashley
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Death Below Stairs (A Below Stairs Mystery Book 1)

Highly sought-after young cook Kat Holloway takes a position in a Mayfair mansion and soon finds herself immersed in the odd household of Lord Rankin. Kat is unbothered by the family’s eccentricities as long as they stay away from her kitchen, but trouble finds its way below stairs when her young Irish assistant is murdered.

Intent on discovering who killed the helpless kitchen maid, Kat turns to the ever-capable Daniel McAdam, who is certainly much more than the charming delivery man he pretends to be. Along with the assistance of Lord Rankin’s unconventional sister-in-law and a mathematical genius, Kat and Daniel discover that the household murder was the barest tip of a plot rife with danger and treason—one that’s a threat to Queen Victoria herself.

Giovanni’s Room (Vintage International)

LGBT Classic Fiction
Author: James Baldwin
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Giovanni's Room (Vintage International)

Set in the 1950s Paris of American expatriates, liaisons, and violence, a young man finds himself caught between desire and conventional morality. With a sharp, probing imagination, James Baldwin’s now-classic narrative delves into the mystery of loving and creates a moving, highly controversial story of death and passion that reveals the unspoken complexities of the human heart.

Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One

Action & Adventure Fantasy
Author: Robert V.S. Redick
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Master Assassins: The Fire Sacraments, Book One

Kandri Hinjuman was never meant to be a soldier. His brother Mektu was never meant for this world. Rivals since childhood, they are drafted into a horrific war led by a madwoman-Prophet, and survive each day only by hiding their disbelief. Kandri is good at blending in, but Mektu is hopeless: impulsive, erratic—and certain that a demon is stalking him. Is this madness or a second sense? Either way, Kandri knows that Mektu’s antics will land them both in early graves.

But all bets are off when the brothers’ simmering feud explodes into violence, and holy blood is spilled. Kandri and Mektu are taken for contract killers and must flee for their lives—to the one place where they can hope to disappear: the sprawling desert known as the Land that Eats Men. In this eerie wilderness, the terrain is as deadly as the monsters, ghouls, and traffickers in human flesh.

Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

Business Teams
Author: Mark C. Perna
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Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

If you’ve ever struggled to motivate the young people in your sphere of influence, Answering Why is the game-changer you’ve been looking for. From the urgent skills gap crisis to the proven strategies to inspire our youngest generations, Answering Why addresses the burning questions faced by educators, employers, and parents everywhere.

Author, CEO, and generational expert Mark C. Perna shares his wide experience and profound success as both a single dad and performance consultant for education and workforce development across North America.

Open, Honest, and Direct: A Guide to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

Business Management
Author: Aaron Levy
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Open, Honest, and Direct: A Guide to Unlocking Your Team's Potential

Building a business requires more than just a good product and talented people; it requires you to take a hard look at how you show up as a leader. Open, Honest, and Direct helps you dive into the heart of your business and your people, identifying changes you can make to transform the way you and your managers lead. Part business book, part personal-development guide, this is a how-to full of practical ways to not only build and lead a high-performance team but also bring out the best in your people.

Being a successful manager is less about staying constantly on top of your team and more about providing clarity and context for people. Levy’s method for creating open, honest, and direct leaders within an organization provides you with tactical tools you can put to use right away.

Math Magic: Human Calculator Shows How to Master Eve

Popular & Elementary Arithmetic
Author: Scott Flansburg, Victoria Hay
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Math Magic: Human Calculator Shows How to Master Eve

Don’t live in fear of math any longer.

Math Magic makes math what you may never have imagined it to be: easy and fun!

Scott Flansburg — “the Human Calculator” who believes that there are no “mathematical illiterates,” just people who have not learned how to make math work for them — demonstrates how everyone can put their phobia to rest and deal with essential every-day mathematical calculations with confidence. This is the book for millions of otherwise successful adults who are afraid to balance their checkbooks and don’t know how to figure interest on savings or credit, and for the millions of students who dread their math classes and live in fear of the SAT math section.

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