A Dangerous Seduction (Bow Street Brides Book 1)

Regency Historical Romance
Author: Jillian Eaton

A Dangerous Seduction (Bow Street Brides Book 1)

When Lady Scarlett Sherwood’s husband is killed in a riding accident that turns out to be no accident at all, she becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation that takes the ton by storm. Her accuser? None other than the dark, ruthless Sir Owen Steel, Captain of the Bow Street Runners… and the only man Scarlett has ever loved.

Owen was just the poor son of a baker when Scarlett spurned him for a highborn lord. Now he is one of the most powerful men in England, but he never forgot the woman who left him humiliated and heartbroken. He always vowed he would make Scarlett pay for her treacherous betrayal, and what better way to seek revenge than to see her imprisoned for murder?

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Classic and Modern Indian Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking, Food & Wine

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Classic and Modern Indian Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker. Try Healthy and Easy Asian Meals for Everyday (Asian Instant Pot Cookbook)

Have no time to make slow-cooking but totally delicious Indian meals?

Is your trashcan overflown with delivery boxes?

Don’t want to overpay at expensive restaurants?

Forget about it with Instant Pot. The electric pressure cooker breaks all the rules of traditional Indian cooking making it a way easier, faster, and healthier. Cook with our book, which offers you 105 authentic recipes of Indian cuisine for Instant Pot: from Rava Dhokla to Chicken Biryani Rice.

For Steam And Country (The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle Book 1)

Private Investigator Mysteries
Author: Jon Del Arroz

For Steam And Country (The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle Book 1)

Zaira’s overwhelmed. Living as an orphan on a farm is hard enough, but unnatural earthquakes are ravaging her home.

Her life turns upside down when an attorney shows up at her door with harrowing news.

Her missing father’s been pronounced dead, and Zaira is the heir to his airship.

The kingdom needs her to take command of the airship and help stave off an advancing enemy army. To make matters worse, the invaders have tapped into supernatural forces to aid in Rislandia’s destruction.

But how can Zaira fight when her father might still be alive behind enemy lines?

Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Sarah Woods Boxset)

Mystery Anthologies
Author: Jennifer L. Jennings, Kate Johnston

Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Volume 4) (Sarah Woods Mystery Series Boxset)

Blackmail, Revenge, and Murder

Sarah Woods is a rookie private eye who is learning the ropes of the business. Carter, her partner, is an ex cop from Boston who has no problem bending the rules to solve a case. Together they create a perfect crime fighting duo.                                                                                
  • A Witness in Disguise
  • The Ties that Bind
  • A Flight of Fantasy

Long Way Home (A Mangrove Island Novel Book 1)

Romantic Comedy
Author: Neve Cottrell

Long Way Home (A Mangrove Island Novel Book 1)

Tyler Barnes can’t believe his eyes when Alexis MacAdams walks back into his life. His high school crush left Mangrove Island seventeen years ago and never looked back. He’s held on to the memory of her, even though she never gave him a second glance. Now Alexis is back for the holidays and Tyler is determined to make a lasting impression before she slips away again. He soon learns, however, that her broken heart needs to heal before he has a chance to win it. Can Tyler convince her to risk her heart for a second time?


Contemporary Romance
Author: Samantha Towle


Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate.

On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard.

The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.

The Complete Intrepid Saga (Aeon 14 Collection Book 1)

Hard Science Fiction Space Opera Epic
Author: M. D. Cooper
Regularly $9.99, Today $0.99

The Complete Intrepid Saga - A Hard Science Fiction Space Opera Epic (Aeon 14 Collection Book 1)

Right after she finishes her BLT, disgraced Major Tanis Richards is off to save the day one more time.

Tanis is looking forward to a long journey in stasis before arriving at the newly terraformed world of New Eden. New Life. New Start. Getting a berth on the Intrepid is her ticket out of the Sol System.

But nothing proves easy for Major Tanis Richards. Nothing is at it seems. What should be a simple trip is fraught with danger and filled with adventure. An array of forces seek to stop the Intrepid—no matter the cost, or lives lost. From competing corporations, to stellar eco-terrorists, no one wants the Intrepid to arrive at New Eden.

Through their journey, the crew of the Intrepid will face rival stellar governments, civil war, and the most wanted serial killer known to the galaxy. Pivoting their role from colonists to saviors.

Winter Wind

Paranormal Suspense
Author: J.R. Rain
Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99

Winter Wind

Five years ago, Lee Jordan was nearly killed on the job. Now deaf, blind, and mute, he’s recovered enough to live a routine but silent life.

However, now, the LAPD needs him back…

When the cases of many missing persons are tied together with the same M.O., Lee Jordan is called in to help locate people who seemingly walked away from their everyday lives. But did they? Lee’s only assets are his guide dog, fourteen years of experience as a homicide detective—and an intriguing American Sign Language translator named Rachel.

Just as Lee begins to discover something remarkable about himself, he must engage in a battle of wits with a murderer he can’t see or hear.

Needing Moore Series Boxed Set

Romance Anthologies
Author: Julie A. Richman
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Needing Moore Series Boxed Set

What happens when you send a Friend Request to the one who got away?

There were no cell phones, internet, or Google when she walked away from our relationship. If you wanted to disappear back then, you could. And she did. Walking out on me at the end of our freshman year in college, without even a goodbye, destroyed me.

And I never knew why she left…

But, I just got quite a surprise gift the other night at my 43rd birthday party. An old college friend casually mentioned he saw her on Facebook. And now I know how to find her.

Best present I’ve received in long, long time…

The Sweet By and By (A Songbird Novel Book 1)

Contemporary Christian Romance
Author: Sara Evans, Rachel Hauck
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

The Sweet By and By (A Songbird Novel Book 1)

It begins with a little red envelope . . . the one Jade doesn’t want to send. The envelope that invites her mother, Beryl, to her wedding—and opens up more of her past than she cares to deal with. Jade has worked so hard to put her hard-scrabble childhood behind her.

And she’s found everything she wanted in the beautiful green hills of Whisper Hollow, Tennessee. A thriving vintage shop all her own. A lovely one-eyed shepherd dog named Roscoe. And Max, the almost-too-good-to-be-true man she plans to marry in just a few weeks. For the first time in her life, her heart feels at home, and she can’t wait to step out into their beautiful future.

How to Be Loved: A Memoir of Lifesaving Friendship

Biographies of Medical Professionals
Author: Eva Hagberg
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

How to Be Loved: A Memoir of Lifesaving Friendship

Eva Hagberg spent her lonely youth looking everywhere for connection: drugs, alcohol, therapists, boyfriends, girlfriends. Sometimes she found it, but always temporarily. Then, at age thirty, an undiscovered mass in her brain ruptured. So did her life. A brain surgery marked only the beginning of a long journey, and when her illness hit a critical stage, it forced her to finally admit the long‑suppressed truth: she was vulnerable, she needed help, and she longed to grow. She needed true friendship for the first time.

How to Be Loved is the story of how an isolated person’s life was ripped apart only to be gently stitched back together through friendship, and the recovery—of many stripes—that came along the way. It explores the isolation so many of us feel despite living in an age of constant connectivity; how our ambitions sometimes pull us apart more than bring us together; and how a simple doughnut, delivered by a caring soul, can become the essence of what makes a life valuable.

THE HOSTAGE (The Chicago Fire Trilogy Book 1)

Historical Romance
Author: Susan Wiggs
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

THE HOSTAGE (The Chicago Fire Trilogy Book 1)

Deborah Sinclair is a beautiful, accomplished young heiress with a staggering dowry. But her fortune does her no good when, one horrible night, Chicago is engulfed in flames.

Tom Silver will walk through fire to avenge a terrible injustice—and he may have to. But when he makes Deborah a pawn in his revenge, the heat of the inferno fades next to the attraction he feels for his captive. And the further he takes her from everything she’s known, the stronger their passion grows, until it threatens to consume them both.

Deborah Sinclair is a beautiful, accomplished young heiress with a staggering dowry. But her fortune does her no good when, one horrible night, Chicago is engulfed in flames.

Stepping Forward: A Positive, Practical Path to Transform Our Communities and Our Lives

Social Classes & Economic Disparity
Author: Richard C. Harwood
Regularly $2.99, Today $0.99

Stepping Forward: A Positive, Practical Path to Transform Our Communities and Our Lives

How do we bring people together when our society is breaking apart? What will it take to bridge our divides, overcome mistrust, and restore our belief that we can get things done together as Americans? How do we bring out the best in us? In Stepping Forward, Richard C. Harwood gives us a new and inspiring blueprint to rediscover what we share in common and actively build upon it. As a trusted civic voice, he argues that to get the country moving in the right direction, these efforts must start in our local communities.
Harwood shows us how we can reach within and beyond ourselves to address our shared challenges and create more purpose and meaning in our lives.

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