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367 Days (Investigators Book 1)

Private Investigator Mysteries
Author: Jessica Gadziala

367 Days (Investigators Book 1)

I’m not crazy.
It’s not amnesia.
But I somehow lost a year of my life.

When the cops and doctors think you’re out of your mind, but you still need answers, where else is there to turn but a private investigator?

Sawyer is nothing you’d want in a friend- a little detached, cool, sarcastic, cocksure. But he’s everything you’d want in a private investigator- calm, capable, experienced, and just jaded enough by the darkness he’d seen to take a chance on some random girl who insists something more sinister must have happened to her than simple memory loss.

The Vampires of Shadow Hills Series: Book 1-3

Paranormal Vampire Romance
Author: Willow Rose

The Vampires of Shadow Hills Series: Book 1-3

Robyn can’t picture life without her childhood best friend Jayden. And now that they’re in high school in the sleepy town of Shadow Hills, she’s hoping they can take their friendship to the next level. But when their parents suddenly forbid them from seeing each other because of a centuries-old family quarrel, the few blocks between them might as well be worlds apart.

She also can’t help but wonder if the flirty new girl in their neighborhood with her sights set on Jayden has put another nail in the coffin.

While her parents keep her under lock and key, they let her older brother roam free late into the night… even after a local girl is found murdered. Between her brother’s nighttime excursions and her parents’ odd behavior, Robyn starts to worry that the killer may be living under her own roof.

2050: Psycho Island (Book 1)

Action Thriller
Author: Phil M. Williams

2050: Psycho Island (Book 1)

The American dream is a mirage. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is wider than ever before. The haves live a life of opulence, with robotic domestics and self-driving vehicles. The have-nots struggle to survive, their jobs long since replaced by automation, with only Universal Basic Income standing between them and starvation.

Crime is nearly nonexistent, thanks to the surveillance state and the test. Ubiquitous cameras and facial recognition software deter and detect would-be criminals, and the test identifies psychopaths with 99.59% accuracy. Citizens who test positive receive a one-way ticket to US Penal Colony East. The have-nots call it Psycho Island.

The Czar’s Egg: Being a detective in a city of superheroes can be hell. (The Jack Stories Book 1)

Men’s Adventure Fiction
Author: W.H. Lock

The Czar's Egg: Being a detective in a city of superheroes can be hell. (The Jack Stories Book 1)

In a city full of superheroes there is only one man trying to balance the scales of justice.

Private Detective Jack Story.

A former superhero wants Jack to find her husband. A husband that is a former supervillain and disappeared chasing a Faberge egg rumored to have mystical powers.

But as Jack investigates, he uncovers the Egg’s long sinister history and the trail of bodies left in its wake. A history of sudden shifts in fortune followed by brutal deaths going back to the original owner, Nicholas II the Last Czar of Russia. Even a professional cynic like Jack has to admit that perhaps those powers aren’t just an urban legend.

Nobody’s Perfect (Masters and Green Book 1)

Crime Thrillers
Author: Douglas Clark

Nobody's Perfect (Masters and Green Book 1)

The chairman of Barugt Pharmaceutical, Adam Huth, is found murdered at his desk in his office.

Called to investigate Huth’s sudden death, Detective Chief Inspector Masters and Inspector Green of Scotland Yard, find Huth slumped in his chair. Initial observations conclude that one of the company’s employees murdered Huth.

Faced with the prospect of eight hundred suspects, Masters and Green have their work cut out.

When all signs suggest the cause of death was an overdose of drugs, not self-administered the investigation’s complexity increases. In a company that has unlimited access to drugs, and with drug experts working within the company, Masters and Green find themselves searching for a needle in a haystack.

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries: Books 1-3

Cozy Animal Mystery
Author: Susan Kiernan-Lewis

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries: Books 1-3

Save on the first 3 books of the Mia Kazmaroff Suspense Series! This sexy romp through Atlanta’s underworld is a spine-tingling, page-flipping thrill ride from one book to the next! Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She’s able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when she solves cases with her partner, ex-cop Jack Burton. Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries–which half the time they are—all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

Hiking & Camping
Author: David Miller
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AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

In 2003, software engineer David Miller left his job, family, and friends to fulfill a dream and hike the Appalachian Trail. AWOL on the Appalachian Trail is Miller’s account of this thru-hike along the entire 2,172 miles from Georgia to Maine. On page after page, readers are treated to rich descriptions of the valleys and mountains, the isolation and reverie, the inspiration that fueled his quest, and the life-changing moments that can only be experienced when dreams are pursued. While this book abounds with introspection and perseverance, it also provides useful passages about safety and proper gear, with a view into a professional hiker’s preparations and tenacity. This is not merely a travel guide, but a beautifully written and highly personal view into one man’s adventure and what it means to make a lifelong vision come true.

Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle

Author: Mary J. MacLeod, Claire Macdonald
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Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle (The Country Nurse Series, Book One)

Tired of the pace and noise of life near London and longing for a better place to raise their young children, Mary J. MacLeod and her husband encountered their dream while vacationing on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides. Enthralled by its windswept beauty, they soon were the proud owners of a near-derelict croft house—a farmer’s stone cottage—on “a small acre” of land. Mary assumed duties as the island’s district nurse. Call the Nurse is her account of the enchanted years she and her family spent there, coming to know its folk as both patients and friends.

Birthday Girl

Contemporary Romance
Author: Penelope Douglas
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Birthday Girl


He took me in when I had nowhere else to go.

He doesn’t use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn’t treat me like I’m nothing, take me for granted, or make me feel unsafe.

He remembers me, laughs with me, and looks at me. He listens to me, protects me, and sees me. I can feel his eyes on me over the breakfast table, and my heart pumps so hard when I hear him pull in the driveway after work.

I have to stop this. It can’t happen.

My sister once told me there are no good men, and if you find one, he’s probably unavailable.

Only Pike Lawson isn’t the unavailable one.

I am.

Rock Chick Reawakening

Romance Anthologies
Author: Kristen Ashley
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Rock Chick Reawakening

A flashback in Kristen’s Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloan—one of Denver’s most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground’s most feared crime bosses—into finally making his move to win the heart of the woman who stole his.

Book 9 of the Rock Chick Series is a story that travels back in time to share the story of beloved character, Daisy and her honey bunches of love, Marcus…

Gallows Court (Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mysteries Book 1)

Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Author: Martin Edwards
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Gallows Court (Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mysteries Book 1)

London, 1930

Sooty, sulphurous, and malign: no woman should be out on a night like this. A spate of violent deaths—the details too foul to print—has horrified the capital and the smog-bound streets are deserted. But Rachel Savernake—the enigmatic daughter of a notorious hanging judge—is no ordinary woman. To Scotland Yard’s embarrassment, she solved the Chorus Girl Murder, and now she’s on the trail of another killer.

Jacob Flint, a young newspaperman temporarily manning The Clarion‘s crime desk, is looking for the scoop that will make his name. He’s certain there is more to the Miss Savernake’s amateur sleuthing than meets the eye. He’s not the only one.


Occult Suspense
Author: Ania Ahlborn
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With nothing but the clothes on his back—and something horrific snapping at his heels—Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy. Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker’s rearview mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever. But years later, the bright new future he’s built suddenly turns pitch black, as something fiendishly familiar looms dead ahead.

When Jack, his wife Aimee, and their two small children survive a violent car crash, it seems like a miracle. But Jack knows what he saw on the road that night, and it wasn’t divine intervention.

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