Escape, A New Life

Action & Adventure Romance
Author: David Antocci

Escape, A New Life

Trapped in a tropical paradise with no memory of how she got there, Abby is thrust into a fight for her life. Hunted by a madman, and chased by unsettling dreams of her past, she meets up with Eric. Together they set out to escape. Yet, they discover this deceptive paradise is harder to leave than they ever imagined. Can they escape their hunter, or are they only pawns in his game of life or death?

One mystery leads to another until their escape throws them into even greater danger as Abby’s frightening past finally catches up with her.  Her escape is only the beginning.

Tea With Emma (The Teacup Novellas Book 1)

Contemporary Christian Romance
Author: Diane Moody

Tea With Emma (The Teacup Novellas Book 1)

Fresh from a Jane Austen tour in England, Maddie Cooper returns home to Texas, determined to bring a touch of “Austen to Austin.” She dreams of opening an authentic English tea room and, like Austen’s Emma, put into practice her self-proclaimed gift as a matchmaker. But an airport mishap with a cranky Englishman gets her off on the wrong foot (quite literally), especially when he moves into the university guest house across the street.

Can Maddie find a love for her unapproachable new neighbor, or has she finally met her match?

Clover Park Boxed Set Books 1-3

Romantic Comedy
Author: Kylie Gilmore

Clover Park Boxed Set Books 1-3

Ex-cop Ryan O’Hare takes one look at buttoned-up control freak Liz Garner and just itches to loosen the woman up. Not that he’s into her. Because a woman like that comes with way too many expectations. Not to mention, she practically works for him, and he didn’t hire Liz to watch after his beloved Harley-stealing Gran so he could turn Liz loose in his bed. Still, there’s something about her, a hidden wild side, that makes him wonder what it would take.

Perfume Girl

Multicultural & Interracial Romance
Author: Vanessa Fewings, Debbie Kuhn

Perfume Girl

A sizzling new standalone from USA Today Bestselling author Vanessa Fewings.

True passion can’t be bottled.

A stolen formula. A seductive suspect. A dangerous romance.

Raquel Wren’s world has fallen apart. Her husband has divorced her. Close friends have abandoned her. The money has run out. The pieces of a once idyllic life have completely crumbled. And now, the only thing that can save Raquel from total ruin…

…has been stolen.


Humor & Entertainment
Author: Breaking Burgh


Are you upset about Trump? Do you have a cat? Then this book is for YOU.

Also for people who would have a cat but don’t because of apartment rules or allergies, and people who don’t like cats but dislike President Trump even more.

Contents: Introduction; Is Your Cat A Secret Trump Supporter?; My Bastard Cat Is A Fan Of Trump – What Now?; Signs You Have A Nice Liberal Cat; Reassure Your Cat That Donald Trump Is Not Going To Grab It; Emphasize That None Of This Is Your Cat’s Fault; My Cat Is A Persian – Should I be Worried?; What About Kitlers And Demonic Cats?

Art Hound (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 16)

Satire Fiction
Author: Mike Faricy

Art Hound (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 16)

Nominated for a Minnesota Book award. Art Hound is the 16th title in the award winning Dev Haskell series. Private Investigator Dev Haskell makes the mistake of having a compassionate side when he attempts to help out starving artist and sometime acquaintance Demarcus Cantrell for ‘just’ a couple of days after his girlfriend has thrown him out. In short order Dev’s home is overflowing with ugly paintings, boxes of books, tubes of paint, cans of turpentine, rolls of canvas, no beer left in the fridge…and Dev begins to see things from the girlfriends point of view. Add to that the sudden appearance of disgruntled Farrell Finley, subject of Dev’s ongoing investigation and things start to get more than a little crazy.

War of Thieves Trilogy Box Set: An Adriana Villa Thriller

Financial Thrillers
Author: Ernest Dempsey, Jason Whited, Anne Storer
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War of Thieves Trilogy Box Set Edition: An Adriana Villa Thriller

Could you steal a priceless work of art to save your father’s life?

Adriana Villa is a master thief who specializes in recovering stolen art from World War II. When her father is abducted, Adriana is thrown into a deadly race against time to locate and steal three of the most valuable paintings of all time. If she succeeds, her father’s life will be spared. But if she fails….

Follow Adriana on her impossible mission as she unravels the clues, chases down leads, and fights off a slew of henchmen in this white-knuckle thrill ride! But another thief lurks in the shadows and Adriana must stay one step ahead of this reckless villain who has her own reasons for finding the paintings…millions of reasons.

The Cooked Seed: A Memoir

Culinary Biographies & Memoirs
Author: Anchee Min
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The Cooked Seed: A Memoir

In 1994, Anchee Min made her literary debut with a memoir of growing up in China during the violent trauma of the Cultural Revolution. Red Azalea became an international bestseller and propelled her career as a successful, critically acclaimed author. Twenty years later, Min returns to the story of her own life to give us the next chapter, an immigrant story that takes her from the shocking deprivations of her homeland to the sudden bounty of the promised land of America, without language, money, or a clear path.

It is a hard and lonely road. She teaches herself English by watching Sesame Street, keeps herself afloat working five jobs at once, lives in unheated rooms, suffers rape, collapses from exhaustion, marries poorly and divorces.

The Asylum: A Novel

Historical Thrillers
Author: John Harwood
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The Asylum: A Novel

Confused and disoriented, Georgina Ferrars awakens in a small room in Tregannon House, a remote asylum in England, with no memory of the past few weeks. The doctor, Maynard Straker, tells her that she admitted herself under the name Lucy Ashton, then suffered a seizure. When she insists he has mistaken her for someone else, Dr. Straker sends a telegram to her uncle. The reply is chilling: Georgina Ferrars is safe at home with him in London.

Suddenly her voluntary confinement becomes involuntary. Who is the woman in her uncle’s house? Which woman is the imposter? From a cliffside cottage on the Isle of Wight to the secret passages of the asylum, the perilous quest for answers draws Georgina only deeper into a web of hidden family ties on which her survival, and her sanity, depend.

No Lesser Plea (Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi Series Book 1)

Legal Thrillers
Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum
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No Lesser Plea (The Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi Series Book 1)

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp has been around New York long enough to realize that the judicial system can be dirty and cynical. But he still believes in justice. So when a vicious sociopath tries to dodge a brutal murder charge by convincing the court he is incompetent to stand trial, Karp teams up with firecracker Assistant DA Marlene Ciampi to unleash the full force of their relentless energy, hardboiled wit, and passion for the truth to put the killer away for good. They will accept no lesser plea.

Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers

Gardening & Horticulture
Author: Louise Riotte
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Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers

From the beloved gardening author of Carrots Love Tomatoes comes a companion planting how-to guide full of flower lore and other secrets for your garden.

From deterring insect pests with hot peppers to encouraging strawberries by bordering them with chrysanthemums, Louise Riotte shows you how to use the natural qualities of common plants to increase your garden’s productivity. Roses Love Garlic profiles hundreds of plants, features sample garden designs, and includes recipes for using your harvest to make herbal cosmetics, medicinal mixtures, and plant-based dyes.

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Young Adult Holocaust Historical Fiction
Author: Han Nolan
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Hilary hates Jews. As part of a neo-Nazi gang in her town, she’s finally found a sense of belonging. But when she’s critically injured in an accident, everything changes.
Somehow, in her mind, she has become Chana, a Jewish girl fighting for her own life in the ghettos and concentration camps of World War II.
Han Nolan offers powerful insight into one young woman’s survival through the Holocaust and another’s journey out of hatred and self-loathing.

Eat to Beat Diabetes: Stop Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes: 175 Healthy Recipes

Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking
Author: Diabetic Living Editors
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Diabetic Living Eat to Beat Diabetes: Stop Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes: 175 Healthy Recipes to Change Your Life

So much more than a cookbook, Eat to Beat Diabetes is a lifestyle guide for losing weight, balancing blood sugar, and controlling diabetes for good. The book features the 10 research-based, evidence-proven healthy habits you should adopt to gain control over type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Each chapter presents a new habit and gives simple strategies and expert tips to make it stick. One chapter, Eat More Fruits and Veggies, includes beautifully photographed features on blending fruit and veggie smoothies and creating easy, produce-packed lunches. A second, Get to Know Portions, offers smart tricks for stretching portions (stir nonstarchy cauliflower into mashed potatoes to double the serving). Lending encouragement throughout are profiles of people who have managed their diabetes and turned their lives around.

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